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Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1st round (21st) of the 2020 MLB June Amateur Draft, Jordan Walker possesses incredible power, a keen batting eye, solid speed on the base paths, and is a plus defender.

As you might guess, MLB pundits are already anointing him as a future all-star and the next Albert in St. Louis, and his rookie cards are in high demand.

We usually take this kind of talk with a grain of salt, but in the case of Jordan Walker, we are buying in hook, lime, and sinker. Not only has he already destroyed the minor leagues, but his 2023 MLB spring training stats are jaw-dropping. To date, he is hitting .424 with 3 homer runs, a 1.212 OPS, and a stolen base.

He has power, speed, defense, a high baseball IQ, and a soft-spoken leader. There are no holes in his game, and the Cardinals would be bonkers not to have this guy in the lineup come opening day.

From Decatur, GA, Jordan stands 6’6″ and weighs 220 lbs.  At the plate, Walker has a short, powerful, aggressive approach that produces hard-line drives and lots of extra-base hits while providing a fair amount of pop.

His power is impressive for someone his age, and he shows signs of  25 to 35 home runs as he fills out and gains experience. His arm strength is also noteworthy, as he can easily make throws from deep in the outfield to home plate.

As you can see, his ceiling is unlimited with minimal downside. This makes rookie cards some of the most popular in the hobby among collectors who look at sports cards as an investment.

Best Cards

So which Walker rookie cards should you consider buying?

Below are five of his best rookie card investments released to date. These five cards should quickly see a double-digit return on investment over the 2023 MLB season.

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#1. 2020 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Draft 1st RC #BDC-57

jordan walker 2020 bowman chrome draft 1st rookie card

Not only is this the most popular of all the Walker rookie cards, but it should also have the best return on investment in pure dollar-to-dollar profits.

Don’t get us wrong, the 2020 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Draft 1st RC #BDC-57 won’t come cheap at a PSA 10 grade, but it’s much more affordable than some of this card’s high-end parallels (see list further below).

The card features exquisite detail, showcasing the power and grace of Walker as he strides toward home plate and digs in. The vibrant colors of the Cardinal’s white jersey match perfectly and truly bring out the intensity of Walker’s style.

He perfectly fits in with Arenado, Goldschmidt, and the Cards clubhouse.

The parallels below are an ideal investment for buyers who have money to spend and would buy a couple of super-expensive cards instead of a dozen moderate-value cards. Please note we expect the ROI to be more significant on the base version of this card vs. a parallel, but not by much.

Refractor Parallels: Base Refractor, Asia Edition Mojo, Sky Blue, Purple /250, Sparkle, Blue /150, Green /99, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

#2. 2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor #BCP-236

2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor #BCP-236

The 2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor Baseball Card is a must-have item for any serious Jordan Walker card collector.

With its eye-catching chrome refractor effect and sleek design, this card will surely stand out in any collection. The card features top prospect Jordan Walker, showcasing his defensive abilities as he quickly gobbles up a ground ball.

Turn it over, and the back of the card contains vital stats such as batting average and home runs, giving collectors an insight into how Walker has been performing in the minor leagues.

On top of this, the base version of this card it also includes exclusive parallels from Walker, which makes it even more valuable.

Below, we will list all the parallels associated with the 2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor #BCP-236.

Refractor Parallels: B&W Mini-Diamond, Shimmer, Base Refractor /499, Speckle /299, Purple /250, Purple Shimmer /250, Fuchsia/Pink /199, Fuchsia/Pink Shimmer /199, Blue /150, Aqua /125, Green /99, Green Shimmer /99, Yellow /75, Gold /50, Gold Shimmer /25, Orange /25, Orange Shimmer /25, Red /5, Red Shimmer #/5, Black Shimmer 1/1, SuperFractor 1/1.


#3. 2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Transcendent Superfractor RC #89SV-JW

2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Transcendent Superfractor

Here we have one of the most expensive Jordan Walker rookie cards sold to date selling for $5600 via eBay auctions on 1/8/2023. You will unlikely ever see this card for sale, but we had to list it due to its true beauty and worth.

#4. 2020 Jordan Walker Bowman’s Best Auto #B20-JW

2020 Jordan Walker Bowman’s Best Auto

Although rare with an autograph, the 2020 Jordan Walker Bowman’s Best RC is not as pricey as the Bowman Transcendent Superfractor. The card displays Walker smacking the baseball for what appears to be a line drive.

His autograph is towards the bottom center, with the Cardinals logo in the bottom left-hand corner. The Bowman’s Best logo proudly sets in the top right-hand corner.

#5. 2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor #BDC-187 

2021 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor #BDC-187 

Another Bowman Chrome Draft Jordan Walker card. Although valuable, it is best avoided as you should purchase the 2020 version of this card in a PSA 10 grade.



The most expensive Jordan Walker baseball card sales are shown below. The highest sales to date do not yet include a PSA 10 grade. These sales will continue to grow as more of his high-end cards are graded, and Walker begins to feast on major league pitching in 2023.

  1. Orange 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Autograph /25 #CDAJW BGS 9.5/10 | Buyer Paid $8,601.00 | 36 Bids | Sold on December 20, 2022
  2. Gold 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Autograph /50 #CDAJW BPSA 10/10 | Buyer Paid $7,555.00 | 26 Bids | Sold on December 26, 2022
  3. Superfractor 2021 Bowman Transcendent #89SV-JW Raw/No Grade | Buyer Paid $5.600.00 | 54 Bids | Sold on January 8, 2023

2020 bowman draft gold jordan walker

Above is the 1 of 50 gold parallel sold for $2100 in December 2022 via eBay auctions. We would not be surprised to see this card reach a 5-digit value five years from now.


Final Thoughts

Jordan is a great athlete who has the potential to develop into an All-Star in the major leagues. He has all the tools necessary to succeed, is in one of the best places to play baseball with the Cardinals. This and his superior work ethic should help him reach his full potential quickly.

Not owning at least one of his rookie cards is foolish unless you are allegoric to easy money.

Investment Rating: 8.99 out of 10
Ownership Disclosure: 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft 1st RC PSA 10 x 5
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