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The 2023 Panini Flawless Baseball series, released on February 7, 2024, promises to be an absolute ripper. With its combo of future superstars and past icons, there are plenty of gems to pull here.

More importantly, though, the Flawless series is back with its luxury branding and gold-on-white theme. The release comes with 10-card hobby boxes, each with seven autographs, a pair of memorabilia cards, and one gem card.

This guide will walk you through what you can expect to find when you dig into the latest in the Flawless series.


In terms of numbers, the 2023 Panini Flawless Baseball set comprises 40 cards in total. There are two hobby boxes per case, with each box consisting of one pack. Meanwhile, each hobby pack has 10 cards.

The base set is where collectors like you will come across the majority of gem cards. Speaking of which, the gem cards are further split into four sections:  Base, Legends, Rookies, and USA.

All of these gem cards come with numbers 20 or fewer, making them a fairly rare find. Of course, as one would expect, this scarcity will result in mindblowing values!

Other notable traits of the latest Flawless set include the presence of a gemstone embedded in each gem card. Autographs are largely present on-card, including on memorabilia cards like Rookie Patch Autographs and Star Swatch Signatures.

However, RPA and Star Swatch aren’t the only autograph variants you will find in this luxe set. Themes like Legendary Scripts, Star Spangled Signatures, and USA Gems Signatures introduce a bit of bling with their autographs!

Let’s not forget about the memorabilia offerings because they are a huge part of the set’s attraction. Items like bat knobs, bat nameplates, and even cleat bottoms spikes are all possible options here.

Finally, the 2023 Panini Flawless Baseball set has super-rare inserts that don’t have autographs or swatch pieces. However, what they do have are multiple embedded gems that pay homage to specific moments and accomplishments in baseball.

For instance, there is a stunning Albert Pujols card that honors his entry into the 700 homerun club. Each digit of “700” features at least three gems, with the overall blue-and-white theme providing the perfect backdrop. The action shot to the left is that of Pujols himself during one of his trademark swings at the ball!


  • Sapphire Dual Gems – /15
  • Yellow Diamond – /10
  • Emerald Dual Gems – /5
  • Pink Diamond – /2
  • Platinum 4.0 Diamond – 1/1

Top Cards

The three best 2023 Panini Flawless Baseball cards each feature an exciting rookie set to make his mark on the game. From the dynamic shortstop Jackson Holliday to the top international free agent Ethan Salas, we are looking at cards that will undeniably soar in value!

1. 2023 Jackson Holliday, Baltimore Orioles /20 #1

2. 2023 Marcelo Mayer, Boston Red Sox /20 #40

3. 2023 Ethan Salas, San Diego Padres /20 #19


Most Valuable

1. 2023 Ken Griffey Jr., Topps Flawless 1/1 bat knob #3

2. 2023 Albert Pujols Topps Flawless Auto #20

3. 2023 Jackson Holliday, Topps Flawless Patch Auto /25 #1


Base Set Checklist

1 Jackson Holliday, Baltimore Orioles /20
2 Druw Jones, Arizona Diamondbacks /20
3 Brooks Lee, Minnesota Twins /20
4 Jack Leiter, Texas Rangers /20
5 James Wood, Washington Nationals /20
6 Diego Cartaya, Los Angeles Dodgers /20
7 Harry Ford, Seattle Mariners /20
8 Hao-Yu Lee, Philadelphia Phillies /20
9 Evan Carter, Texas Rangers /20
10 Noelvi Marte, Cincinnati Reds /20
11 Pete Crow-Armstrong, Chicago Cubs /20
12 Cole Young, Seattle Mariners /20
13 Masyn Winn, St. Louis Cardinals /20
14 Termarr Johnson, Pittsburgh Pirates /20
15 Cade Horton, Chicago Cubs /20
16 Elijah Green, Washington Nationals /20
17 Jackson Chourio, Milwaukee Brewers /20
18 Reggie Crawford, San Francisco Giants /20
19 Ethan Salas, San Diego Padres /20
20 Kyle Harrison, San Francisco Giants /20
21 Sal Frelick, Milwaukee Brewers /20
22 Justin Crawford, Philadelphia Phillies /20
23 Jace Jung, Detroit Tigers /20
24 Austin Wells, New York Yankees /20
25 Tyler Soderstrom, Oakland A’s /20
26 Spencer Jones, New York Yankees /20
27 Luisangel Acuna, Texas Rangers /20
28 Max Muncy, Oakland A’s /20
29 Jordan Lawlar, Arizona Diamondbacks /20
31 Dalton Rushing, Los Angeles Dodgers /20
32 Drew Gilbert, Houston Astros /20
33 Jackson Merrill, San Diego Padres /20
34 Coby Mayo, Baltimore Orioles /20
35 Samuel Zavala, San Diego Padres /20
36 Jacob Berry, Miami Marlins /20
37 Won-Bin Cho, St. Louis Cardinals /20
38 Kevin Parada, New York Mets /20
39 Cam Collier, Cincinnati Reds /20
40 Marcelo Mayer, Boston Red Sox /20


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