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Sports card breakers are all the rage now, especially in big 2024.

I have compiled this guide to help you navigate the immense—and sometimes confusing—world of card breaking. Before giving you the ultimate round-up of the top sports card breakers in 2024, I will first explain what card breaking is.

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Breaking is an increasingly crowded space, so this guide will help you narrow down the best options. Of course, do your research and due diligence before you buy into a break!

How to do Sports Card Breaks

What a Sports Card Break is is a common question for newbies in the hobby. 

The best way to understand a sports card break is with a familiar example.

Best Overall: eBay (widest selection and best value)

Imagine you and your friends chip in to buy a giant pizza because it’s cheaper than getting individual slices. Now, replace that pizza with a box of sports cards, and you’ve got yourself a sports card break! 

It’s this cool way for collectors to get their hands on some awesome cards without buying a whole box or case themselves. You buy a spot in the break, which could be a team, a player, or just a random shot at whatever cards pop out.

Here’s how it works: A breaker (the person running the show) opens a box or case of cards live online. You can watch it all unfold in real time, which is half the fun.

As they reveal the cards, you keep whatever matches your spot. Say you picked the Chiefs in an NFL card break, and out pops a Patrick Mahomes rookie card. Bingo! That card’s yours.

For example, let’s say you’re super into baseball but don’t have loads of cash to drop on boxes of cards. You join a break and pay a fraction of the price for a spot with your favorite team, the Yankees. The breaker pulls a mint-condition rookie card of Aaron Judge. That’s like hitting the jackpot for you, all for the price of a few movie tickets!

So, sports card breaks are the lottery of sports cards, except your odds are way better. Plus, you get to hang out with people who are just as hyped about it as you are.


Top 10 Sports Card Break Companies Not Named eBay

Now that you understand sports card breakers, here is our 10 best and most reliable ones. Each one has pros and cons, so be sure to read it before making a decision!


#1. Layton Sports Cards

Layton Sports Cards is a big name in sports card breaking. They rip tons of cards daily at fair prices. Their breaks are fast-paced and super professional, and they are shown live on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. 

If you hate waiting, this is your spot because they move quickly with their breaks. They crack cases every day, according to their schedule. But because they move quickly, it might feel less personal!


  • They do many breaks daily, so there’s always something new.
  • You get fairly good value for what you pay.
  • Their streams are top-notch and well-managed.
  • Quick shipping, so you get your cards fast after the break.


  • The speedy breaks can make the experience feel a bit rushed.
  • Newbies might find the pace and volume a bit overwhelming.

Pricing varies based on the break type and product, but they’re known in the community for being reasonable. Generally, prices start from as low as $19 but can go as high as $7500.

In addition, you can contact them through their socials or by emailing them at [email protected]. They’re known for being approachable and willing to work with you, especially if you had a tough break!


#2. Sports Box Breaks

Sports Box Breaks (SBB) is the brainchild of two buddies: a lifelong sports card collector and a web tech whiz. They combined their passions to kick off SBB. 

Jason, who has over twenty years of collecting experience, loves uncovering hidden card treasures. Kevin, on the tech side, has been crafting websites and navigating the tech scene for just as long. 

Together, they’ve built a breaking site about sharing that love for cards and tech with fellow collectors.

They stream their breaks live on Twitch and their YouTube channel, so you can catch them there.


  • Jason’s two decades of collecting and Kevin’s tech skills make for great breaks.
  • With their loyalty program, they reward regulars, giving you more reasons to keep coming back.
  • Missed a live break? Watch it later on their site, thanks to archived broadcasting.
  • Spots in breaks go for $20-$50, making high-value cards accessible.


  • Unlike some sites, they don’t break cards every day.
  • The website needs updating as it looks a bit behind the times.

Spots in breaks range from $20-$50, giving everyone a shot at snagging awesome cards without breaking the bank. Check out their schedule to see when the next break is happening.

You can contact Jason at [email protected] or Kevin at [email protected]. They’re all about keeping the community happy and engaged, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

#3. The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse Breaks is yet another one of the top sports card breakers around. Notably, in their case, they’ve been in the game for 13 years, offering more than just card breaks. 

They promise honesty, fair pricing, top-notch quality, free shipping, deep industry knowledge, and a community that’s cool to be a part of.

Again, you can catch their breaks on their website or on YouTube. Surprisingly, unlike some of the other breakers, they don’t stream on Twitch.

They’ve got a variety of breaking methods, such as Pick Your Price (a new feature), Pick Your Team, Random Team, and Random Hit, catering to all kinds of collectors. 

They stream their breaks live every weekday at 4 PM EST, so you’re always in for fresh content. Plus, becoming a member gets you some pretty handy benefits!


  • Over 10 years in the business means they know their stuff.
  • Free shipping, so no extra costs to get your cards.
  • Unlike other popular breakers, they let you pick the price!
  • Solid community with members getting perks and benefits.


  • Weekday-only breaks mean no breaks on weekends!
  • Popular breaks can fill up quickly, so you must act fast.


Based on their products section, pricing can range from $25 for standard group breaks to $365 for combo breaks (a spot each in a different category).

If you have any questions or concerns or want more information, you can contact them using their form.

#4. MojoBreak

Mojobreak, led by Dan and Doug since 2010, stands as a veteran in the card-breaking scene. They’ve run thousands of breaks, showcasing their passion and the “Mojo” that makes each break exciting. 

Operating out of Santa Clara, CA, they offer a wide price range of breaks from $20 to $1,500, catering to all sorts of collectors. You can find them on all the main socials, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Their break types include Personal, Pack, Box, Pick-Your-Team, and Random breaks across all sports. 

They stream live breaks seven days a week, ensuring there’s always something new for their community. With around 33,000 followers across social platforms and a podcast, their engagement with the community is top-notch.

Therefore, if being part of a legendary and active breaking community sounds appealing to you, this is the place to be!


  • Veteran breakers who offer over a decade of experience.
  • A wide price range means their breaks are accessible to all budgets.
  • There are diverse break types, so there is something for every type of collector.
  • Strong community engagement as they have an active social media presence and a podcast.


  • With varying daily hours, you need to check their schedule regularly.


Break prices range from $20 to $1,500, so there is an entry point for nearly anyone interested in card breaking. For the latest schedule and to browse upcoming breaks, visit Mojobreak.com. Again, you can get in touch with them via their contact form.

The team, including Doug, Dan, and Conrad, prides themselves on excellent customer service, which keeps collectors returning.


#5. Filthbomb Breaks

Filthbomb Breaks, steered by Stephen Michael, is a dynamic addition to our top sports card breakers round-up. Known for its vibrant community and energetic breaks, Filthbomb has been a favorite for several years. 

Offering a range of prices from $20 to over $100, they cater to a broad audience of sports card enthusiasts. Located in Glen Cove, NY, their breaks are live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, ensuring you can catch the action anywhere. 

They run personal, random, box, and case breaks across all sports seven days a week, from 9:00 PM to Midnight EST. The schedule is constantly updated on their website, making it easy to stay in the loop.


  • Accessible price range as there are breaks for every budget.
  • Daily breaks so you never miss out on the action.
  • From “Filthy Swag” to interactive breaks, the community aspect is strong.
  • Entertaining breaking style, especially with Stephen’s radio DJ-like energy keeping things lively!


  • Late-night breaks (9 PM – 12 AM) might not suit everyone.
  • The high energy and community slang can be a lot to take in at first, especially if you’re a newbie!

With breaks starting at $20 and going up, Filthbomb Breaks offers an entry point for collectors of all levels. For queries and concerns, contact them via their form.

#6. Backyard Breaks

Backyard Breaks started in 2021 in a humble garage with a handful of employees. In a short time, it exploded into the largest breaking company globally. Now, it boasts over 80 employees and serves over 50,000 customers worldwide!

With over 25 breakers operating 6 live-stream accounts, Backyard Breaks offers non-stop action, running breaks 24/7. This has allowed them to cultivate a vibrant community that feels more like a family – catch their livestream here!

Their rapid growth and the strong bonds formed with their community underscore their success and their ambitions for the future.


  • Massive card-breaking operation as it is the world’s largest breaking company.
  • Non-stop breaks with live streams running 24/7.
  • Huge community with over 50,000 customers.
  • The experienced team is comprised of 80+ employees and 25+ breakers.


  • Reputation concerns, particularly with some discussion forums labeling them as “shady”!
  • The sheer size and non-stop action might be overwhelming, especially for newbies.

Despite their astronomical growth and the creation of a tight-knit community, Backyard Breaks has faced criticism on some discussion forums over their business practices. 

However, they continue to focus on building their community and expanding their reach in sports card-breaking. The best way to contact them is through their contact form. Meanwhile, you can find more information on the pricing of live breaks here.

#7. Steel City Collectibles Breaks

Steel City Collectibles, founded by Sean Bennett and Ken Amaroso in 2002, has grown into a powerhouse in sports card breakers. Located in McKeesport, PA, their breaks happen in the Steel City Breaking Room, which is equipped with all the latest hobby products. 

They offer a wide price range for breaks, from $50 to a whopping $3,000, ensuring there’s something for every level of collector. Steel City operates seven days a week, offering personal and random breaks across all sports. 

Each breaker, including Brett, Chris, Steve, and Tyler, posts their schedule on the site so you know exactly when to tune in. 

With a strong community of nearly 20,000 followers across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, engagement and interaction stats are also pretty high.


  • Wide range of prices catering to budget and high-end collectors.
  • Personal and random breaks are available.
  • Continuous breaking action throughout the week.
  • Strong community engagement with their active social media presence.


  • Premium breaks have a high price point, so some might be out of reach for casual collectors.
  • Multiple breakers with different schedules could be confusing, especially for newcomers.


Breaks at Steel City Collectibles offer a wide range, making it a versatile collector choice. For the most current break schedule and to see what’s available, visit Steelcitycollectibles.com. Additionally, you can hit them up via their contact form.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a high-value break or enjoy the thrill of the chase with a more modest budget, Steel City has options for you. Plus, with a vibrant community and knowledgeable breakers, it offers an engaging card-breaking experience.


#8. Pullwax

PullWax, based in the vibrant sports card market of South Florida, stands out as a premier name amongst sports card breakers. 

Since starting, PullWax has redefined the breaking scene with its innovative approach to live commerce. Their diverse operations cover retail, merchandise, private labeling, wholesale, and content distribution.

With a forward-thinking mindset, PullWax is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the sports card industry. Their break categories span across NBA, NFL, MLB, F1, UFC, and even Pokemon. Therefore, they manage to cater to a wide range of collectors and fans with their breaking operation.

Check out the break categories page for detailed pricing information on specific categories. 


  • From traditional sports to F1 and even Pokemon, there’s something for everyone!
  • Beyond breaks, they offer merchandise, wholesale, and content distribution, so their offerings are diverse.
  • Always looking to expand and innovate in the collectibles space.


  • The wide array of services and categories could overwhelm new collectors.
  • Focused on the high-end market, so their premium services might not fit all budgets.

PullWax’s commitment to innovation and its broad service offering makes it a standout in the sports card collectibles world. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, PullWax offers an engaging and dynamic experience. Their ambition to continually evolve and enhance their offerings promises exciting developments for the future of sports card collecting.

For more information on their services, you can contact them at [email protected]. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


#9. The Coffee Breakers

The Coffee Breakers, launched in late 2020 by a dynamic trio including DJs Steve Aoki and Skee, alongside investor Dan Fleyshman, quickly made a mark in the sports card-breaking scene.

Operating out of Hollywood, CA, they bring a unique vibe to breaking, streaming live sessions on Twitch and Instagram. With break prices ranging from $45 to $400, they offer a variety of options like Random Team, Pack, Box, Mixer, and Personal breaks. 

Moreover, they keep the excitement brewing seven days a week, ensuring collectors always have something new to look forward to.


  • Owned by well-known personalities like Steve Aoki, so there is an exclusive celeb vibe!
  • Diverse break options are available, from team to personal breaks.
  • Daily breaks, so there is constant action every day of the week.
  • Strong Instagram presence and celebrity visits mean community engagement is solid.


  • Some breaks might be pricey for casual collectors.
  • The celebrity focus can sometimes distract from the card specifics.

To get in on the action, check out Thecoffeebreakers.com. With their strong community vibe and constant updates on Instagram, you’re always in the loop with the latest breaks and special appearances. If you have any questions, message them via their contact form.


#10. Vintage Breaks

Vintage Breaks, founded by Leighton Sheldon in 2017, carved out a niche in the land of sports card breakers for vintage card enthusiasts. They grabbed headlines at the 2018 National by pulling a pack-fresh Mickey Mantle card from a 1955 Bowman baseball pack! 

With breaks ranging from $3 to over $2,500, Vintage Breaks offers something for everyone. Moreover, their offerings include pack, box, set, hit randoms, and personal breaks covering all sports and non-sports categories. 

Their operations span Somerset, New Jersey, with additional breaking locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Additionally, they broadcast live breaks seven days a week across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and their website. Timings are typically 1:00 PM EST – Midnight. The all-week action and the variety of streaming platforms make it easy for collectors to join in from anywhere.


  • It specializes in vintage cards, making it a go-to for certain collectors.
  • The wide price range makes it accessible to all levels of collectors.
  • Daily live breaks run from 1:00 PM to midnight, making tuning in at a suitable time easy.
  • Strong community with over 29,000 “Break-A-Maniacs” engaging with each other and the breakers.


  • Some high-end breaks might stretch budgets!

Best Overall Value

Layton Sports Cards offer the best overall value. With daily card breaks performed professionally, Layton’s streams are an excellent place to be. Additionally, with prices ranging from as low as $19 up to $7500, there is something for every budget bracket!

Best on a Budget

For those on a budget, you can’t go wrong with The Coffee Breakers. In addition to having Steve Aoki himself on-stream, the group offers a perfect price range of $45-400. 

Best for pricing information

For incredibly up-to-date pricing information, consider checking out Sports Box Breaks. Their website may not feel ultra-modern, but it offers comprehensive information on break pricing.

Best for storing card collection

MojoBreak is the best breaker for storing card collections. With its diverse break types, wide price range, and impressive community engagement, it more than deserves its place on this list.


Sports Card Breaker Jobs

Looking to “break” into the industry so to speak?

I suggest visiting all the contact pages regarding the best card breakers websites I mentioned above inquiring about careers.


Visit sites such as Sports Cards Breakers Jobs Indeed.com or Sports Cards Break Jobs (ziprecruiter.com) and apply online.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: our list of the best sports card breakers to trust with your time and money. Look, not all breakers are created equal, and the Internet can sometimes be a wild place. It is also worth noting that you won’t always strike gold with every spot you buy in a break!

With our comprehensive guide (and your homework), however, you will have a good idea of reliable card breakers. If you love the idea of breaking into a box with like-minded people, it is worth experiencing a live break.

Be responsible with your money, enjoy the process, and may you get your hands on a rare gem!