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Today, we will look at six rookie cards that could surge in popularity and value this year. With athletes who are either eyeing glory or looking to rebound from disappointing seasons, these cards could be the ultimate long-term play for you!

1. 2015 Nikola Jokic Prizm RC #335

Nikola Jokic Prizm 335 double in value

The 2015 Nikola Jokic Prizm Rookie Card #335 exudes a sleek, modern charm. On the front, Jokic is centered perfectly, poised to shoot, basketball in hand, with a look of concentration. He’s clad in the Denver Nuggets’ crisp white uniform, the team’s name embellished across his chest in a bold, reflective font. 

An excellent metallic blue border with a futuristic, prism-like pattern frames the card. On the top left corner, the “RC” logo signifies his rookie status, ensuring the card’s significance in collectibles. The “Panini Prizm” logo sits neatly on the bottom, its silver hue complementing the overall design.

Flip to the back of the card, and you’ll find some insane stats against a deep navy backdrop. The top of the card proudly displays the Denver Nuggets logo, with Jokic’s name printed below. The text provides insights into Jokic’s achievements, including his average stats and MVP status in the Adriatic League.

Nikola Jokic’s card has the potential to double in value for one simple reason: he’s leading the way in the MVP race! Moreover, the Denver Nuggets are sitting pretty in the second spot in the Western Conference and are favorites to win the whole thing. 

Due to Jokic’s exceptional performance (34.7 ppg and 12.2 RPG) and the Nuggets’ on-court brilliance, there is every reason to expect his rookie cards to skyrocket in value.

Fun fact: Did you know the Nuggets star is a fan of hip-hop music? Unsurprisingly, he prefers the Serbian variant more than the U.S. one!

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2. 2020 Justin Herbert Prizm RC #325

Justin Herbert Prizm 325 rookie

Yet another addition to the list of rookie cards with incredible potential is Justin Herbert’s 2020 Prizm. It gleams with the promise of a rising NFL star who will only get better under the guidance of a brilliant football mind. 

On the front, Herbert is captured during a throw with the pigskin in his right hand. The shot perfectly encapsulates the quarterback’s focus and athleticism. Dressed in the Los Angeles Chargers white-and-blue colors, Herbert stands out against the darkened stadium background. The #10 is visible on his jersey in blue font.

The card’s edges are adorned with an intricate, metallic design that adds a touch of elegance to the rugged action shot. The “RC” logo sits proudly on the top left, while the “Panini Prizm” branding anchors the design at the bottom.

Turning the card over, you’re greeted with a zoom-up of Herbert’s main shot, ready to launch the ball. The card details Herbert’s impressive stats and accolades against rich blue and yellow hues.

This card holds the potential for a significant rise in value due to several factors. Despite a challenging last season marred by injuries, Herbert’s resilience and talent remain undisputed. With the legendary Jim Harbaugh taking the reins as one of the best football coaches globally, expectations for Herbert’s performance are sky-high!

Under Harbaugh’s guidance, Herbert’s skill set is expected to be further honed, propelling him to new heights. As a result, we could see the worth of his rookie card elevate for collectors and fans alike. The combination of Herbert’s raw talent and Harbaugh’s proven coaching prowess could soon make this card a hot commodity. 

Therefore, watch the team’s charge (pun intended) under Harbaugh next season!

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3. 2020 Joe Burrow Prizm RC #307

Joe Burrow Prizm 307 rookie card could double in 2024

Continuing our look at high-potential Prizm rookie cards, we will focus on the 2020 Joe Burrow #307. 

This rookie card is a striking piece that captures the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback in a moment of poised determination. On the front, Burrow is depicted looking downfield, the rock gripped firmly in his hands, ready to make a decisive play. His Bengals uniform, a striking contrast of black and orange stripes, is vivid against the card’s smoky background. 

The image is encapsulated in a futuristic, silver framework with dotted details, while the “RC” and “Prizm” logos anchor the top.

The card’s back is equally compelling. It shows a close-up of Burrow in action, eyes fixed on his target. The packed stadium crowd, reflecting the Bengals’ hues, is also in the backdrop. His stats underscore his immense potential despite a rookie year hampered by injuries. The Cincinnati Bengals emblem and the NFL shield are prominently displayed, signifying his official entrance into the professional realm.

This card’s value is expected to climb notably because last season’s injuries only tell half the story. Burrow’s true potential will likely become apparent with a stronger, more improved team scheduled in the upcoming season. The bookies believe so, too, as FanDuel Sportsbook has the Bengals as fourth-favorites in the AFC to win Super Bowl LVIX! 

Therefore, as the Bengals gear up for a more successful run, any card featuring Burrow will be a valuable asset. This particular rookie card is an attractive investment with considerable upside, so keep it near your checklist.

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4. 2019 Topps Chrome Update Vladimir Guerrero Jr. RC #21

Topps rookie card double in value? Chrome Update Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 21

The 2019 Topps Chrome Update #21 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Rookie Card exudes the energy of a budding MLB superstar. 

On the front, Guerrero Jr. is in mid-throw, his form excellent, showcasing the power and focus that has become his trademark. The striking royal blue of his Toronto Blue Jays jersey pops against the card’s chrome finish. With its high-tech, polished feel, this is certainly one of this list’s most stunning rookie cards. 

The iconic Blue Jays logo is subtly present at the bottom, next to Guerrero’s name, ensuring team pride is front and center. A bold red glove contrasts with the deep blues, drawing your eye to the action.

Surrounding Guerrero Jr. is a sleek, modern border, with the “RC” logo stamped prominently in the upper left corner, signifying his rookie status. The Topps Chrome logo, reflective and shining, crowns the top, denoting the card’s premium collection.

The card’s reverse side is information-rich, with a clean, bright design that highlights Guerrero Jr.’s minor league stats. A quote from Toronto pitcher Marcus Stroman emphasizes the high expectations and excitement around Guerrero Jr.’s major league debut.

The value of this card is poised to escalate because of the first baseman’s powerful hitting. In particular, Guerrero Jr.’s performance is projected to rebound to MVP levels in the 2024 MLB season. 

Following a year in which his numbers saw a significant dip, the anticipation for his comeback is even greater. After all, this is the same Guerrero Jr. who led the majors in runs, home runs, and total bases in 2021.

Additionally, with the Jays expected to build on last year’s performance, Guerrero Jr.’s role on the team is pivotal.

5. 2013 Carlos Correa Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP100

Carlos Correa Bowman Chrome rookie

The 2013 Carlos Correa Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP100 card captures the dynamic athleticism of a future star. On the front, Correa, clad in the classic Houston Astros pinstripe uniform, participates in an intense in-game moment. The action shot showcases his defensive prowess as a shortstop.

His determined gaze follows the ball, his body turned with expert precision. The card radiates with the action, set against a backdrop that subtly fades into the dark edges, focusing all attention on Correa.

A rich, earthy brown anchors the bottom of the card, complementing the Astros’ color scheme. Meanwhile, Correa’s name and position are in a clean, sophisticated font. The iconic “Bowman Chrome” logo sits at the top in a reflective blue, signaling the high quality and collectibility of the card.

On the reverse, the card offers a detailed snapshot of Correa’s minor league stats, displaying his batting prowess. The back design features sleek lines and color blocks of red and silver, providing a modern backdrop for his stats. In particular, we see Correa’s minor league record, highlighting his potential with an impressive .400 slugging percentage.

This card holds significant potential for value growth. Now playing for the Minnesota Twins, Carlos Correa is famous for his resilience and talent. Despite everything, expectations are incredibly high for him in the upcoming season. The shortstop will likely improve in most offensive categories in 2024, with a projection of 20 home runs and 70 batted in.

As Correa continues to make his mark in the MLB, this early career card is a tangible representation of his journey. Therefore, if the exciting shortstop rebounds this year, this card will cement its place amongst the rookie cards expected to pop off soon!

6. 2014 Kris Bryant Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP25

Kris Bryant Rookie 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects

Rounding off our guide to high-potential rookie cards is the Kris Bryant 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects card. It presents a striking snapshot of the promising young third baseman who could rebound big-time in 2024.

In the front action shot, Bryant is jogging on the field, his face exuding focus and determination. He’s wearing the Chicago Cubs’ classic blue jersey, which stands out against the card’s monochrome background. The Cubs’ emblem, in bold red, white, and blue, encircles the bottom of the image, capturing Bryant in a wave of team spirit.

The card features a contemporary, curved gray border that frames Bryant’s figure. The “1st Bowman Card” emblem in the upper left corner indicates his premier status in the Bowman Chrome collection. Meanwhile, his name is displayed below in an elegant, white script against a sleek black tab.

Flipping to the back, the card provides an excellent overview of Bryant’s early career achievements and minor league batting stats. The design choice draws attention to the vital statistics forecasting his potential.

This card is ready for a value increase as long as Bryant finally reaches his true potential in the upcoming MLB season. Considering the drastic downturn in Bryant’s performance last year, you realize how out of character it was for the former Rookie of the Year and MVP

However, fans and collectors alike have reasons to be optimistic. His 2024 season promises a significant rebound now that he has addressed his injury issues. Meanwhile, a positional move to first base could alleviate his challenges in the outfield. 

Therefore, this rookie card is an opportunity to invest in a player with a strong chance of returning to form, subsequently increasing the card’s worth.

Final Thoughts

The cards we’ve riffled through — from the MVP-ready Jokic to the diamond kings like Guerrero Jr. and Bryant — are due a boost in value.

We’ve also seen cards of athletes who’ve faced the grind of injuries, like Herbert and Burrow. These talented sportsmen look ready for comebacks that will buzz fans and collectors alike.

So, what’s the outlook on these rookie cards? We’re considering imposing card values if these stars align and our players hit their stride. Ultimately, It’s all about playing the long game, especially when players have a history of turning on the big stage. 

So, stash these cards safely, cross your fingers, and let the game unfold. As the athletes hustle on the field or the court, we ride the wave of anticipation here!