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If you haven’t invested in CJ Stroud rookie cards, now is the time to correct your error. This article will discuss the best C.J. Stroud football cards and their most expensive.

Think about it: Could CJ Stroud RCs be as good as Patrick Mahomes Cards someday?

Pro-Tip: The best time to purchase CJ Stroud cards is between April and July. I’m buying Stroud Autos as long as they have a PSA 10 grade. These cards should sell for 10 to 20% more in the fall during the height of NFL season.

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Who in the world is C.J. Stroud?

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few months, you have heard about the Houston Texans rookie phenom C.J. Stroud. Mr. Stroud has brought the heat to opposing defenses and is not taking any prisoners.

Stroud was a highly regarded quarterback recruit from Rancho Cucamonga, California, and played college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Texans drafted the phenom with the 2nd overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft (Bryce Young was drafted number one by the Carolina Panthers).

Spending $100,000 on Stroud cards.

Watch this kid spend $100,000 on CJ Stroud football cards at the Dallas card show. I love his purchase. I bet he sells these for $140,000 to $200,000 down the road.

What makes him an elite QB?

  1. Arm Strength: Like any QB worth his weight, Stroud possesses tremendous arm strength and can make all the necessary throws on the football field. He can deliver deep passes with accuracy and velocity, which is crucial in a pro-style offense.
  2. Accuracy: Arm strength is meaningless unless you can put the ball on a dime, and Stroud has proven his accuracy on short, intermediate, and deep throws.
  3. Mobility: While not known for his scrambling ability, Stroud showed decent mobility and the ability to make plays with his legs when necessary. He wasn’t a dual-threat quarterback but had enough mobility to extend plays and keep defenses aware of his feet.
  4. Football IQ: One of his most overlooked strengths. Stroud competes to win and does not play video games but instead breaks down film. He has shown the ability to recognize coverages and adjust accordingly early in his career.
  5. Pocket Presence: He demonstrated solid poise in the pocket, often remaining calm under pressure. He goes through his progressions and makes decisions under duress.

Top CJ Stroud Rookie Cards

Best Overall: 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Prizm RC #339 (Shop eBay)

Below are our top picks. Please note this list will be updated throughout the season as more cards are released. If you would like an estimated value of your C.J. Stroud football card, please email [email protected].

#1. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Prizm RC #339

2023 CJ Stroud Panini Prizm #339

  • Raw Average Price: $50
  • PSA 10 Avg. Price: N/A
  • Highest Sale Price: $5,150 2023 FOTL Green Shimmer 4/5
  • PSA 10 Supply: N/A

The CJ Stroud Prizm RC has finally arrived. Panini released the 2023 Prizm Football set on 1/3/2024 with the FOTL product. You won’t find many PSA 10 grades for a few months until collectors receive them back from PSA grading. I would advise buying raw, ungraded lots of this card and sending them into PSA. Prizm cards hold up well under grading, better than almost any other card.

Numbered 339, the card shows Stroud scanning the field for an open wide-out or tight end. His name is centered at the bottom, while the RC logo design is in the top right corner. The card is available in a variety of high-end parallels.

CJ Stroud Prizm parallels

Black & Red Checker, Black & White Checker, Blue, Disco, Green, Green Ice, Green Wave, Lazer, Neon Green Pulsar, No Huddle, Orange Ice, Pink, Press Proof, Purple Pulsar, Red, Red Sparkle, Red/White/Blue, Silver, Snakeskin, White Sparkle, Pandora #/400, Orange #/249, Purple Ice #/225, Blue Wave #/199, Hyper #/175, Red Wave #/149, Purple #/125, Blue Ice #/99, Purple Wave #/99, Blue Sparkle #/96, No Huddle Blue #/95, Green Scope #/75, No Huddle Red #/70, Orange Wave #/60, Purple Power #/49, Red & Yellow #/44, No Huddle Purple #/35, Red Shimmer #/35, Blue Shimmer #/25, Navy Camo #/25, Gold Sparkle #/24, Forest Camo #/15, No Huddle Pink #/15, Gold #/10, Gold Shimmer #/10, Gold Wave #/10, Green Sparkle #/8, Gold Vinyl #/5, Green Shimmer #/5, No Huddle Neon Green #/5, White Knight #/3, Black Finite 1/1, Black Shimmer 1/1, Black Stars 1/1.

#2. 2023 CJ Stroud Donruss Downtown RC #2

Shop eBay

2023 CJ Stroud Donruss Downtown

  • Raw Average Price: $1,000
  • PSA 10 Avg. Price: $1,600 to $2,300
  • Highest Sale Price: $4,050 SSP Downtown
  • PSA 10 Supply: N/A

I love the CJ Stroud Downtown RC. The planets with the spacemen on each side of Stroud is a slick design. If someone can explain why space is the theme for this Stroud card, I would appreciate it. Is CJ Stroud into space or aliens? Please comment if you have inside information.

The base version for Stroud has 999 copies, but there are more limited parallels to track down. If you can own one of these, please email me at [email protected].

#3. 2023 CJ Stroud Rookie Card Panini Prizm Neon Pulsar #339

2023 CJ Stroud Rookie Card Panini Prizm Neon Pulsar #339

Here is a variation of the CJ Stroud base Prizm rookie card. The card’s ROI might not be as high as the base’s, but its looks can’t be beaten. The 2023 Prizm Football Pulsar Iserts are gorgeous.

Pros: Gorgeous card, will have a great ROI.
Cons: Base Prizm ROI is greater, rare, and expensive.

#4. 2022 Select CJ Stroud 2023 XRC Redemption SSP Silver Prizm RC #502

2022 Select CJ Stroud 2023 XRC Redemption SSP Silver Prizm #502

  • Raw Average Price: $700
  • PSA 10 Avg. Price: $1,400
  • Highest Sale Price: $3,45o Tie Dye
  • PSA 10 Supply: 12

Panini Select XRC Redemptions are so rare that they cost in the thousands at high grades. Assuming Stroud produces, it should have a great ROI in the long term.

CJ is decked out in the navy blue Texans away jersey while dropping back in the pocket, looking for an open wideout or tight end.

I sold this card early last month but somewhat regret the sale.

#5. 2023 CJ Stroud Prizm Draft Picks Silver #102

CJ Stroud 2023 Prizm Draft Picks Silver #102

The CJ Stroud 2023 Football Prizm Draft Picks Silver card is numbered #102 and features Stroud rolling to his right while scanning for a receiver downfield.

This card should have a reasonable price tag and one of the top ROI moving forward out of all the cards on this list (until new Stround cards are released). This card also comes in a variety of parallels.

#6. 2023 Panini Mosaic C.J. Stroud Micro Mosaic RC SSP #MM2

2023 CJ Stroud Panini Mosaic

A piece of art or a football card? This is a must-have Stroud card, but it won’t come cheap. Panini is attempting to make the card feel like a mosaic painting, and they have accomplished that.

Look for this rare Stroud rookie in a PSA 10 or PSA 9 grade. I would not suggest purchasing this card ungraded as Mosaics don’t grade well with PSA.

#7. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Prizm Color Blast SSP #CB-6

2023 CJ Stroud Panini Prizm Color Blast SSP #CB-6

It’s a super rare and valuable Stroud RC. The CJ Stroud Color Blast card is one of my favorites. Stroud is about ready to launch the football downfield in the photo. A beautiful blast of powder color sits in the backdrop.

The Prizm logo and the words CJ Stroud are centered at the bottom of the card. The Panini card logo sits in the top left corner. The word Texans is printed in the top right corner.

2023 Panini Black CJ Stroud Rookie Card #154

cj stroud panini black rookie cardCJ Stroud black Rookie Card

The CJ Stroud Black Rookie Card looks gorgeous and is extremely rare. This rare, high-end release has just one base card per box out of only a 200-card shell set.

The CJ Stroud Black Rookie Card comes in various styles with different sayings, such as Prolific, Prizmatic, Vanta, White Knight, Components, and just “Black”.

Parallels: Royal (#’ed/75), Sapphire (#’ed/35), Citrine (#’ed/25), Emerald (#’ed/15), Gold (#’ed/10), Ruby (#’ed/10), Platinum (1/1)

2023 Panini Absolute CJ Stroud Rookie Card #102

Absolute CJ Stroud Rookie Card

The 2023 Absolute CJ Stroud rookie card is done in FOIL, which gives it a slightly upscale feel, but it should be better.

Parallels: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Red/White/Blue Kaleidoscope, Teal, Yellow, Red Squares (#’ed/499), Orange Mosaic (#’ed/299), Spectrum (#’ed/275), Blue Diamonds (#’ed/199), Red Spectrum (#’ed/100), Orange Spectrum (#’ed/75), Blue Spectrum (#’ed/50), Green Waves (#’ed/50), Gold Stars (#’ed/25), Green Spectrum (#’ed/25), Splash Spectrum (#’ed/16), Gold Spectrum (#’ed/10), Purple Rain (#’ed/10), Purple Spectrum (#’ed/5), Black Galaxy (1/1), Black Spectrum (1/1), Printing Plates Black (1/1), Printing Plates Cyan (1/1), Printing Plates Magenta (1/1), Printing Plates Yellow (1/1)

#8. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Instant RPS First Look Rookie Auto /391 #42


Only 391 cards were printed; finding one in a PSA 10 grade is difficult. If you are fortunate to find a 10, be prepared to pay as it is his most expensive card released to date, but he should also pay huge profits down the road.

#9. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini National Silver Packs #2

2023 CJ Stroud Panini National Silver Packs #2

Another tremendous C.J. Stourd RC that looks great and should have a solid ROI over the next decade. We believe the best Stroud RC with a PSA 10 grade will outperform a random stock on the S&P 500 over the next 5 to 10 years. That is how much we love this kid.

The 2023 CJ Stroud Prizm Draft Picks Silver #102 features a ton of parallels. If you have this card and want to sell it, please DM the Cardboard Nerds Facebook page, and we can try to work out a deal.

#10. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Black Vanta Case Hit SSP

2023-24 Panini Black C.J. Stroud Vanta Case Hit SSP

The words “black” and “vanta” sound like it should be an expensive card. And then, when you toss the NFL phenom CJ Stroud’s name into the mix, you have a winner-winner chicken dinner.

The only problem is getting your hands on one. The 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Black Vanta SSP RC is scarce, as only a few have been listed on eBay.

Numbered #V-8, this Stroud football card has CJ decked out in his Texans Deep Steel Blue jersey, which matches the card design to a tee. CJ calmly but cooly attempts to direct his wide receiver in which direction he should go. Stroud is the definition of poise under fire while excelling. Take whatever means are necessary to acquire this stunning football card.

#11. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini National VIP #RC2

2023 CJ Stroud Panini National VIP #RC2

Finally, but by no means least, is the 2023 CJ Stroud Panini National VIP football card. Like many cards on this list, it is available in various apparel and should have an excellent ROI.

We strongly recommend any card on this list and will only add new cards to this list but will not remove any. Consider this card in s PSA 10 or BGS 9.5.

#12. 2023 Donruss CJ Stroud Rated Rookie Card #339

2023 Donruss CJ Stroud Rated Rookie Card #339

The Donruss-rated Rookie CJ Stroud football card is an excellent option for collectors not looking to spend much cash. You will get a great ROI at a reasonable price. Just be sure to buy a PSA 10 grade as Rated Rookie cards do not grade well raw.

#13. 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Mosaic RC #292

2023 CJ Stroud Panini Mosaic

A great card for a low price.


The most valuable C.J. Stroud football card sold is his 2023 Panini Instant RPS First Look Rookie Autogragh /391 with a PSA 10 grade. The card is numbered #42 and sold for a mind-blowing $2,275.00 on 10/15/2020 via eBay auctions.  The card was sold by 225 Breakers and had 55 bids.

CJ Stroud Prizm Rookie Card 339 Value?

Below, you can find the most valuable Stroud Prizm RC sold at eBay auctions. These prices will give you an idea of how much you will have to pay for his base Prizm RC or high-end parallels.

  1. Navy Blue Camo 2023 Prizm Football CJ Stroud Prizm /25 – $3,407 (sold 1/6/2024)
  2. Blue Shimmer 2023 Prizm CJ Stroud /25 RC FOTL #339 – $2,700 (sold 1/4/2024)
  3. Red Shimmer 2023 Prizm FOTL /35 – $2,650 (sold 1/1/2024)

His 2023 Prizm base card (ungraded) sells for $40 to $90. The most recent sale was $86, from $50 to $60 in the past few weeks.

Bottom Line/Recommendation


In our opinion, this kid will be a beast in year one and win an SB ring or two to match a league MVP. Not only should he easily win Rookie of the Year, but he should do wonders for the overall Texans franchise. Stroud is precisely what the Doctor ordered for Houston Texans fans.

  • Ownership disclosure: 1x 2023 CJ Stroud Panini Instant RPS First Look Rookie Auto /391 #42 PSA 10 | 3x 2023 CJ Stroud Prizm Draft Picks Silver #102 PSA 10
  • Long-Term rating: 9.18 out of 10

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