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The 2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball is now a full-fledged MLB Hobby product instead of a retail-only release.

Each Hobby box should contain six Base Refractors and three Prism Refractors. With Jumbo boxes, every pack has one base Refractor parallel.

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Release Date: 11/15/2023
Hobby Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 6 boxes per case
Jumbo Configuration: 13 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 8 boxes per case
Breaker’s Delight Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 1 pack per box
Our Rating: 3.2 out of 5

2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Base Refractor Parallels Breakdown

Magenta Refractor /399
Magenta/Purple Lava Lamp Refractor /299
Purple Refractor /250
Aqua Refractor /199
Aqua/Blue Lava Lamp Refractor /175
Blue Refractor /150
Blue/Green Lava Lamp Refractor /125
Green Refractor /99
Green Wave Refractor /99
Yellow Mini-Diamond Refractor /75
Gold Refractor – /50
Gold Mini-Diamond Refractor /50
Orange Refractor /25
Red/Orange Lava Lamp Refractor /10
Red Refractor /5
FrozenFractor /5 (Jumbo only)
SuperFractor 1/1
Printing Plates 1/1


Refractor – 1 in 3 packs
Pink Refractor – 1 in 4
Sepia Refractor – 1 in 4
Prism Refractor – 1 in 6 packs
Negative Refractor – N/A (not often)

Best Cards

What are the best cards from the 2023 Topps Chrome Update Series baseball card set?

Corbin Carroll #USC220

2023 Topps Chrome Update Corbin Carroll #USC220

I’m not exactly sure what Carroll is doing in that photo. Some McGregor walk? With his talent, he can do pretty much whatever he wants.

The card highlights his face and name in the bottom left, while the top right corner contains the Topps chrome logo. Solid long-term investment at a fair price.

Carroll 2023 Stat Highlights: .285 avg, 116 runs, 25 homers, 54 stolen bases

Josh Jung #USC51

2023 topps chrome update Josh Jung #USC51

Josh Jung is a patriot, no doubt. Numbered USC51, this Topps Chrome features Jung standing pregame during the National Anthem.

Jung 2023 Stat Highlights: 23 homers, 70 RBI, 75 runs

Gunnar Henderson #USC208

Gunnar Henderson #USC208

Gunnar Henderson won the Rookie of the Year award in the 2022-23 MLB season and should only improve for the next several years.

His 2023 Topps Chrome Update card shows him giving a post-game interview. I like the unusual photos Topps has captured and used.

Gunnar Henderson 2023 Stat Highlights: 28 homers, 100 runs, 82 RBIs

Grayson Rodriguez #USC98

Grayson Rodriguez #USC98

I have a feeling this kid is going to be a future ACE. Numbered USC98, the card features Grayson hurling the ball toward the plate.

Grayson Rodriguez 2023 Stat Highlights: 4.35 ERA, .9 WAR, 1.336 WHIP

Adley Rutschman #USC1 

Adley Rutschman #USC1

I think Rutschman is the best catcher in the big leagues and should remain that way for quite some time.

Adley Rutschman 2023 Stat Highlights: 28 homers, 100 runs, 82 RBIs

Jordan Walker #USC150

Jordan Walker #USC150

I felt Walker would be the NL Rookie of the Year in 2022. While he didn’t quite accomplish that feat, Jordan still had a decent season. I am looking for him to break out big time in 2023.

The 2023 Topps Chrome Update Jordan Walker’s rookie card is numbered USC150 and shows him slapping a ball down the 1st baseline.

Jordan Walker 2023 Stat Highlights: 16 homers, 100 runs, .276 avg, 51 runs, 51 RBIs

Brandon Pfaadt #USC156

Brandon Pfaadt USC156

Pfaadt had one heck of a postseason. I had this kid on my fantasy team and could see this coming from a mile away, as he also had some sick performances in the regular season.

The Brandon Pfaadt Topps Chrome Update rookie card is numbered USC156 and shows Pfaadt hurling the ball to home plate.

Bold Prediction: The big lefty will dominate the MLB over the next decade.

Brandon Pfaadt 2023 Stat Highlights: 1.406 WHIP, 94 strikeouts

Matt McLain #USC200

Matt McLain #USC200

One of the top pitching prospects in the game. The Reds have one of the better young teams just behind Baltimore.

Matt McLain 2023 Stat Highlights: 28 homers, 100 runs, 82 RBIs

Taj Bradley #USC194

Taj Bradley #USC194


Taj Bradley 2023 Stat Highlights: N/A

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