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Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Boxes are selling like hotcakes on eBay. Here are the most popular Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Boxes to invest in now. The following list is based on the number of eBay sales.

We will also review the best and most expensive cards to buy as an investment. If you have questions about the price of the Pokemon 151 Scarlet Violet set, please email [email protected].

Pokemon 151 Scarlet and Violet Rarest Cards

Rarest Pokemon 151 Scarlet and Violet cards

  1. Charizard ex 199 (Special Illustration Rare)
  2. Erika’s Invitation 203 (Special Illustration Rare)
  3. Blastoise ex 200 (Special Illustration Rare)

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Top Cards

#1. 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Charizard EX Alt Art 199/16 #201

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Best 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 card is Charizard EX Alt Art 199/165

Gazing at the Charizard EX card, we see the majestic Pokémon soaring with power against a serene sunset backdrop, its silhouette casting a commanding presence. This stage 2 card, evolving from Charmeleon, boasts an impressive 330 HP, signaling its formidable strength in battle.

Notably, Charizard EX exhibits two potent attacks: Brave Wing, starting at 60 damage, gains a devastating extra 100 damage if Charizard bears any damage counters. Conversely, the Explosive Vortex, a fiery maelstrom, delivers a massive 330 damage at the cost of discarding 3 Energy, underscoring a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

The card’s holographic finish shimmers with various colors, lending a sense of awe to Charizard’s fiery form. Additionally, the border maintains a classic design with a modern touch, encapsulating the energy and power of the depicted Pokémon. Moreover, the EX rule at the bottom adds a strategic twist to the gameplay, heightening the stakes for each battle this card enters. Overall, this Charizard EX card is visually striking and a powerhouse for any Pokémon TCG player.

#2. 2023 Pokemon TCG Scarlet Violet 151 Charizard EX 183/165

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Scarlet Violet 151 Charizard EX 183/165

This Charizard EX card is vibrant with its fiery orange palette, capturing the iconic Pokémon in mid-roar, asserting its dominance.

Flaunting a hefty 330 HP, Charizard EX presents two formidable attacks: Brave Wing, starting with a solid 60 damage and escalating with more inflicted upon it, and the explosive finishing move, Explosive Vortex, dealing a massive 330 damage at the strategic cost of discarding 3 Energy cards.

Encircled by a burning red border, complemented by bursts of flame, this card stands out for its battle prowess and dynamic artwork. It’s a must-have for players seeking to incinerate the competition with Charizard’s intense firepower!

#3 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Blastoise ex SAR 200/165

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Blastoise ex SAR 200/165

This Blastoise EX card, swathed in serene shades of blue, showcases the mighty Pokémon submerged in its aquatic element. Evolving from Wartortle, it comes with a hefty 330 HP, and thanks to its Solid Shell Ability, Blastoise EX is a fortress, taking 30 less damage from attacks. Moreover, its Twin Cannons attack is a force to be reckoned with, delivering a staggering 140 damage—multiplied by discarded Energy cards for a strategic edge. The design encapsulates the depths of the sea, making Blastoise appear nearly invincible, a true embodiment of water’s relentless power.

#4. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Venusaur ex SIR 198 #198

Scarlet & Violet Venusaur ex SIR 198/165

Emerging from a lush jungle of vivid greens and vibrant pinks, the Venusaur EX card radiates the essence of nature’s untamed spirit. With an impressive 340 HP, Venusaur is a formidable battlefield presence. Its Tranquil Flower Ability is a beacon of rejuvenation, allowing you to heal 60 damage from one of your Pokémon.

Furthermore, the Dangerous Toxinwhip attack is powerful, delivering 150 damage and leaving the opponent’s Active Pokémon both Confused and Poisoned, showcasing Venusaur’s potent blend of strength and strategy. This card is a verdant force, a testament to the resilience and versatility of Grass-type Pokémon.

#5. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Wartortle Wartortle 171/165  #171

Wartortle 171/165  #171

Captured in the serenity of the deep blue, the Wartortle card shows the Pokémon gracefully navigating the water. With a moderate 100 HP, Wartortle is depicted using Free Diving, a move allowing players to reclaim up to three basic Water Energy cards from the discard pile. This specific move particularly illustrates the card’s strategic recovery potential.

Additionally, Wartortle’s Spinning Attack offers a reliable 50 damage, making this card a balanced choice in the mid-game. Encased in a soothing aquatic-themed border, this card not only serves a practical role in play but also visually celebrates the tranquil power of Water-types.

#6. 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Zapdos EX Special Illustration 202/165 #202

2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Zapdos EX Special Illustration 202/165 #202

Soaring amidst the clouds with a fierce expression, Zapdos EX showcases its powerful 200 HP on a card that crackles with electric energy. Its ability, Voltaic Float, offers a tactical advantage, allowing free retreat when it has any Lightning Energy attached. Moreover, Multishot Lightning not only deals a hefty 120 damage but can also strike an opponent’s benched Pokémon for 90 more damage if they’re already wounded, displaying Zapdos’s capacity to control the battlefield.

The card’s artwork captures the legendary bird in dynamic flight, with electric bolts surrounding it. It is set against a stormy sky, emphasizing its elemental power. And yes, that’s Moltres and Articuno in the backdrop, completing the legendary bird trio!

#7. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Charizard EX Mew #183

Charizard EX Mew #183

With a fiery backdrop, this Charizard ex-card emanates power. Charizard is poised mid-roar, symbolizing its readiness for battle with an impressive 330 HP. The card’s moves, Brave Wing and Explosive Vortex promise heavy damage, with Brave Wing potentially adding 100 more damage if Charizard has been hurt. The card’s vivid orange and yellow hues contrast with the flame accents, indicating the Charizard’s fiery abilities. This dynamic card is a collector’s piece and a significant player in the Pokémon TCG arena.

#8. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Squirte 170/165 #170

Squirtle is showcased in its natural aquatic environment, splashing playfully in clear, blue waters. With a solid 60 HP, this card depicts Squirtle ready to “Withdraw,” a defensive move that can prevent all damage during an opponent’s next turn. Moreover, “Skull Bash” deals a reliable 20 damage, making this card a classic choice for strategic early-game play. Its tranquil blue tones and gentle waves underscore Squirtle’s Water-type essence, while the card’s overall design complements its serene yet capable character.

#9. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Mew Ex Hyper 205/165 #205

2023 Pokemon 151 Mew Ex Hyper Rare 

Bathed in a golden aura, the Mew ex card radiates mystical charm. With 180 HP, Mew ex boasts the “Restart” Ability, allowing players to replenish their hand once per turn. Furthermore, “Genome Hacking” is a tactical move, mimicking an opponent’s attack, exemplifying Mew’s adaptability.

The card’s border glimmers with a cosmic shimmer, matching Mew’s celestial vibe, while stars twinkle around the Psychic-type symbol, underscoring its cosmic power. This card is a beautiful addition to any collection and a versatile asset in battle, potentially turning the tide with its strategic capabilities.

#10. 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Charmander Illustration Rare #168

Charmander Illustration Rare #168

In the Charmander card, we see this beloved Fire-type Pokémon perched within a cavernous glow, flames gently flickering at its tail. With 70 HP, Charmander is ready to unleash “Blazing Destruction,” a move that discards a Stadium in play, reflecting its disruptive potential. “Steady Firebreathing” also deals a reliable 30 damage, showcasing Charmander’s consistent attacking power.

The card’s design, with warm hues and soft lighting, complements Charmander’s fiery spirit, inviting players to embrace the journey from Charmander to Charizard.

#11. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Venusaur ex SIR 198/165

Venusaur EX enters the scene with a striking 340 HP, cloaked in a tapestry of jungle vibrancy. This stage 2 card boasts the Tranquil Flower Ability, a healing power that nurtures your team during battle. Moreover, Venusaur EX’s Dangerous Toxwhip isn’t just potent, dealing 150 damage, but also sows confusion and poison, hindering the opposition.

Additionally, the card’s kaleidoscopic backdrop of flora underscores Venusaur’s symbiosis with nature. This makes Venusaur EX a visually stunning card and a tactical powerhouse in the Pokémon TCG realm.

#12. 2023 Pokemon 151 Scarlet & Violet Bulbasaur Illustration Rare 166/165 #166

Bulbasaur Illustration Rare

Nestled among a lush sea of green, Bulbasaur rests, its 70 HP reflecting its essential yet sturdy nature in the Pokémon world. Furthermore, its Leech Seed move isn’t just for attack; it heals 20 damage from Bulbasaur, showcasing its resilience.

Additionally, the card’s leafy backdrop mirrors Bulbasaur’s Grass-type qualities and blends seamlessly with its design, symbolizing growth and vitality. This Bulbasaur card, therefore, is not only a starting point for evolution but also a token of enduring growth in the game.

Pokemon 151 Scarlet and Violet Card List

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 151 Hobby Box Review

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Booster Bundle

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Booster Box

Join forces with iconic Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle and embrace a new chapter in Kanto! With this booster bundle, you can reconnect with familiar faces, forge new bonds, and strive to collect all 151 original Pokémon.

Moreover, you embark on an enchanting journey with unique versions of Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, and Blastoise ex, showcasing stunning artwork. You will also traverse the rejuvenated landscapes and cities where you may encounter the rare Mew ex. Therefore, the Scarlet & Violet—151 expansion promises to unveil new adventures and broaden horizons!

The expansion includes six booster packs from the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—151, each containing 10 cards and 1 Basic Energy.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box

PCG Scarlet Violet Elite Trainer

With the Elite Trainer Box, you get your hands on the cards that would make everyone envy you. In particular, the box features exceptional versions of Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, and Blastoise ex, with stunning card designs. Additionally, you traverse a revitalized region, anticipating new quests and discoveries in the Scarlet & Violet—151 expansion.

You can expect to find the following in the Elite Trainer Box:

  • 9 booster packs
  • 1 full-art foil promo card featuring Snorlax
  • 65 card sleeves
  • 45 Energy cards
  • A Player’s guide to the Scarlet & Violet—151 expansion
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die
  • 2 plastic condition markers
  • A collector’s box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized
  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Japanese Booster Bundle

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Japanese Booster Bundle

Featuring the loveable mystic Mew on the cover, this booster bundle consists of 20 booster packs. Each pack features 10 cards and 1 Basic Energy.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Mini Tin

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Mini Tin

We love a good tin because it is so handy for storing and carrying those precious Pokemon cards! The Scarlet Violet mini tin is no different in this sense, except it also offers so much more. Featuring Meowth and Hitmonchan on the cover, this easy-to-open tin includes the following:

  • 2 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—151 booster packs
    • Each booster pack contains 10 cards and 1 Basic Energy.
  • 1 coin featuring an Energy symbol
  • A Pokémon art card showing the brilliant illustration on the lid of this mini tin

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Booster Pack

Scarlet and Violet 151 Booster Pack

You know the drill by now – one booster pack features 10 cards and 1 Basic Energy.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Most Valuable Cards

  1. $480 – 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Charizard EX Alt Art 199/165 PSA 10
  2. $255 – 2023 BLASTOISE EX Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Special illustration Rare 200 PSA 10
  3. $235 – 2023 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Squirtle FA Holo Illustration Rare PSA 10

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