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Proper Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) nerds know there is nothing like pulling a rare beauty from a pack you’ve just bought.

As much as we would love to buy all the card packs worldwide, you can invest only so much in this hobby. So, we’ve decided to become your trusty Pokedex and give you the run-down on the top ten Pokemon TCG packs to consider for your next hunt.

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From cute Eeveelutions to dazzling Charizards, there is something for everyone to look for in this guide!

1. Evolving Skies – Sword & Shield

Evolving Skies Sword & Shield pokemon packs

Target Card: 2021 Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolving Skies Full Art Umbreon VMAX Secret

I have no idea how each expansion of Sword & Shield manages to outdo the previous one. So, it came as little surprise to me when Evolving Skies ended up being the best and most valuable of the bunch. Hint: Eevee fans, you’re in for a treat!

The charm of this pack lies in the 32 gorgeous Eeevveelutions up for grabs. Sylveon is my fave, but regardless of where your Eeevee loyalties lie, there is something for you to hunt. With each Eeeveelution having at least two cards each, there is no lack of representation. 

Look out for Espeon V and Umbreon V in particular, though. These alternate art pieces will be among the best you will ever see.

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Aside from paying tribute to everyone’s favorite cutesy Pokemon (sorry, Pikachu), the pack is brimming with Dragon types. From Dragonite and Salamence to Hydreigon and Rayquaza, the set does well to re-introduce one of the most popular Pokemon types after quite a hiatus.

So, really, what is there not to love about Evolving Skies? Aside from the Eeveelutions and Dragon types, battle styles are very much there. So are iconic Pokemon like Zapdos, Suicune, and Gyrados, and 28 gold and rainbow cards. 

This visually striking pack definitely gives you the best bang for your buck.

2. Crown Zenith – Sword & Shield

Crown Zenith Sword & Shield pokemon pack

Target Card: 2023 Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Zenith Arceus VSTAR Full Art

The Pokémon TCG Crown Zenith pack is a shining finale to the Sword & Shield series, boasting a staggering 240 cards that are sure to dazzle. 

It’s a collector’s paradise with 170 in the primary set and a unique 70-card Galarian Gallery. The Elite Trainer Box is a standout, offering ten booster packs and a special Lucario VSTAR promo.

Special attention is given to the Regieleki V Collection, featuring the loveable Electric/Dragon Type Pokemon from the Sword & Shield game expansion. The upcoming Galarian Moltres tin also promises total art promos and extra booster packs.

The card quality in Crown Zenith is remarkable and has been compared favorably to the Shining Fates set. This pack celebrates the Sword & Shield era, bringing together a diverse array of cards that appeal to collectors and players. 

Whether you’re looking for unique promos or just a wide selection of cards to enhance your gameplay, Crown Zenith has it all!

3. Scarlet & Violet 151 – Ultra Premium Collection

Scarlet & Violet 151 Ultra Premium Collection card packs

Target Card: 2023 Pokemon Scarlet Violet 151 Mew-EN Charizard EX SAR

The Ultra Premium Collection for the Scarlet & Violet 151 set is a standout option, especially for fans nostalgic for the original 151 Pokémon from Kanto. 

It features two stunning foil promo cards of Mew ex and Mewtwo ex and a luxurious gold metal Mew ex card. The collection’s appeal doesn’t stop there. It includes 16 booster packs from the Scarlet & Violet 151 set, a real treat for those looking to expand their decks with a mix of classic and new Pokémon.

But the Ultra Premium Collection offers more than just cards. It comes with a beautifully themed playmat, perfect for setting the stage for epic battles. The metallic Mew coin and damage-counter dice are brilliant additions to the gameplay experience. Two functional plastic status condition counters enhance the set’s overall aesthetic.

Lastly, including a code card for Pokémon TCG Live is thoughtful, as it lets you connect physical and digital play. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, this Ultra Premium Collection is a must-buy with its combo of nostalgia and functionality.

4. Fusion Strike – Sword & Shield

Fusion Strike Sword & Shield pokemon card packs

Target Card: 2021 Pokemon Sword & Shield Fusiin Strike Full Art #245

This one will have fans of the mythical Mew sitting up and paying attention. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if you are into the concept of an alternate battle style!

Fusion Strike in the Sword & Shield series is particularly notable for its focus on Mew. Case in point: SIX cards are dedicated to the first Mythical Pokemon alone! It’s not a Mew frenzy, though, because you get many terrific Alternate Arts for other Pokemon, including Genesect V, Gengar VMAX, Inteleon V, Celebi V, and Espeon VMAX.

However, the Trainer Supporters section is weaker, with few standout cards. The only really interesting one was Elesa’s Sparkle, but you might think differently!

Fusion Strike combines elements from Japanese sets and international promos, resulting in a diverse but less cohesive theme. Despite not reaching the heights of some 2021 releases, it’s definitely worth a look because of its strong focus and stunning art.

5. Lost Origin – Sword & Shield

Lost Origin – Sword & Shield card packs

Target Card: 2022 Sword & Shield Lost Origin 186 Giratina V Ultra

Lost Origin, the eleventh set in the Sword & Shield series, introduces the Lost Zone mechanic. With a focus on Giratina, a continuation of the Radiant Pokémon and Trainer Gallery trends, and an array of stunning card designs, this set packs a punch.

The Trainer Gallery subsets feature 30 cards, including Character Rares, Character Super Rares, Full Art Trainers, and Black & Gold VMAXes that can be pulled in the Reverse Holo slot. With Pikachu, Charizard Character Rare, and the Mew Black & Gold VMAX among the cards, I don’t have to spend too long convincing you of its beauty! Combined with the stunning artwork, I’m confident it is right up there regarding the best Trainer Gallery in the series.

Giratina is the set mascot and features on six cards, including a Pokémon-V, VSTAR, Full Art V, Alt Art V, Rainbow VSTAR, and Gold VSTAR. 

Finally, just a few words on the Lost Zone mechanic show up on the cards in smoky teal, magenta, and purple tendrils. What is particularly remarkable is that when this aura appears on holographic cards, the holo-foil extends beyond the standard border to encompass the Lost Zone smoke for a breathtaking look!

So yes, with its incredible Training Gallery and emphasis on card art, Lost Origin is yet another solid pack worthy of a top-five rank.

6. Pokemon Celebrations Card Packs

Pokemon Celebrations Card Packs

Target Card: 2021 Pokemon Celebrations Charizard Holo Classic Collection 25th

The name says it all. The Celebrations pack, marking Pokémon’s 25-year legacy, features 25 all-holo cards of iconic Pokémon.

It includes a Classic Collection with 25 reprinted cards spanning the game’s history. The main set has 25 cards, with the Shiny Mew Gold card being a rare pull. Its size is small, beneficial for complete collectors, but may lead to repetitive pulls for frequent openers. The set combines modern and classic styles, especially in Pikachu cards. 

The one drawback of the set for me is the holofoil style. Instead of a genuinely patterned holo, we get a flat foil style, which falls flat on its face for me! Going for the Galaxy foil style would have been a better way to pay tribute to Pokemon’s legacy and produce a more visually appealing design.

The Shiny Gold Mew card is the main card to chase in this pack. I find it a fitting choice, given how Mew is the first Mythical Pokemon! Speaking of great choices, including the Classic Collection subset in this pack was also brilliant. What makes this inclusion even better is that the Collection re-prints cards from each era of the Pokemon TCG in premium, velvety quality!

Celebrations succeeds in honoring Pokemon’s fine legacy, but some drawbacks prevent it from ranking higher.

7. Silver Tempest – Sword & Shield

Silver Tempest – Sword & Shield card packs pokemon

Target Card: 2022 Pokemon Sword & Shield Silver Tempest #186 Lugia V Full Art

The final set in Sword & Shield made a strong case for itself, though not nearly as strong as packs like Crown Zenith and Evolving Skies. However, as the finale of a memorable series, it got the job done just fine!

Silver Tempest intriguingly features Alolan Vulpix, a first-stage Pokémon, as a primary mascot over its evolved form. I’m not complaining, though, because I love it when there is a focus on cute Pokemon that don’t get as much love as their evolutions! However, the set could have further celebrated Alolan Vulpix with special Character Rares. 

Lugia and Unown also play significant roles, with Lugia’s V card and Alternate Art being particularly noteworthy, alongside Unown’s art by Toshinao Aoki. Rayquaza’s inclusion in the Trainer Gallery, especially the Character Super Rare VMAX, adds another layer of appeal to the set for me.

While it’s not exactly the best pack in Sword & Shield, Silver Tempest works well with its artwork to be a good investment.

8. Obsidian Flames – Scarlet and Violet

Obsidian Flames – Scarlet and Violet

Target Card: 2023 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Obsidian Flames #179

Obsidian Flames’s introduction of type-shifted Tera Pokemon and a breathtaking array of Charizard ex-cards dazzles. 

The set, part of the Scarlet & Violet era, features 230 new cards blending Paldea favorites and classics like Ninetails and Vespiquen. The highlight is the series of Tera Pokemon ex-cards, offering a strategic twist with altered Energy types but retaining the usual Energy requirements for attacks. 

The coveted Dark-type Tera Charizard ex is my favorite card to hunt from this pack, although its rarity means collectors might face a tricky chase. Besides Charizard, there are adorable and dreamy cards like Fire-type Tera Eiscue ex and Cleffa. 

Overall, Obsidian Flames, while slightly overshadowed by its predecessor and successor sets, stands as a solid addition to the Pokemon TCG universe, offering beautiful artwork and exciting gameplay innovations.

9. Brilliant Stars – Sword & Shield

Brilliant Stars – Sword & Shield

Target Card: 2022 Pokemon Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars Charizard V Full Art #154

What makes Brilliant Stars nail its spot in our rankings? One word: variety.

This Sword & Shield set introduces a groundbreaking card type, a special subset, and an unprecedented number of chase cards, including five ultra-rare Charizards. Yet, these Charizards are just the tip of the iceberg in this thrilling expansion.

The highlight is the VSTAR mechanic, an evolved form of V cards that balances powerful abilities with strategic gameplay, replacing the rotated-out GX cards. This mechanic is a welcome change without being overpowering.

The Trainer Gallery is another captivating feature, bringing back partner cards with Full Art holos and offering the chance of multiple hyper rares in a single pack. The set’s composition is staggering: 92 out of 216 cards are ultra rare or higher, making it a collector’s delight!

Despite previous concerns over the increasing number of ultra rares, Brilliant Stars seems to strike a balance, offering better pull rates and making pack opening more rewarding. This approach could revitalize the trading aspect of the TCG, keeping the game exciting and accessible.

So, if you love variety or are a humble Charizard fan, Brilliant Stars could have something in store for you!

10. Chilling Reign Pokemon Pack

Chilling Reign Pokemon Pack

Target Card: 2021 Blaziken VMAX Alt Full Art

The sixth installment in the Sword & Shield series is rounding off our rankings. Chilling Reign celebrates the Crown Tundra DLC and introduces the Galarian version of our favorite legendary birds.

With its strong winter theme, the pack is represented by Calyrex on the cover. I can’t think of any pack that features its mascot more times than this one – there are a dozen Calyrex cards to look out for. You will likely find at least one Calyrex variant on your first opening of this pack!

However, the stars of this pack are the Galarian legendary birds, each with its own set of V, Full Art, and Alternate Art cards. This inclusion alone makes this set a worthy investment – if you are anything like me, you will be hunting to catch all three birds!

The only let-down for me is the absence of Amazing Rares, but the Shiny Golds somewhat make up for it. If you admire card aesthetics, you will love this set’s Shiny Gold variants of Electrode, Snorlax, and Bronzong.

Chilling Reign is a memorable expansion, distinct in its wintry charm and rich in thematic artwork. There is a lot of value to unearth here, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner.


Pokemon Card Packs Prices

You can find how much one (1) pack costs on average. I have ranked the packs from one to ten based on one being the most expensive Pokemon card pack to buy and ten best the least.

  1. Evolving Skies Sword & Shield pack price – $7.00
  2. Scarlet & Violet 151 Ultra Premium Collection – $6.80
  3. Crown Zenith Sword & Shield – $3.50
  4. Fusion Strike Sword & Shield – $3.50
  5. Silver Tempest – Sword & Shield – $3.50
  6. Chilling Reign Pokemon – $3.10
  7. Pokemon Celebrations Card – $2.25
  8. Obsidian Flames Scarlet and Violet – $2.20
  9. Brilliant Stars Sword & Shield – $2.00
  10. Lost Origin Sword & Shield – $1.10

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