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Funko Pop! is a line of collectible vinyl figures created by the company Funko Inc. These figures are known for their distinctive, stylized designs featuring oversized heads and small bodies.

Funko Pop! figures have become extremely popular among collectors and enthusiasts due to their affordability, wide variety of characters, and the nostalgic appeal of iconic pop culture characters. The figures are typically around 3.75 inches tall, although there are variations in size for specific figures and special editions.

Fun Fact: Funko Pop covers a variety of popular culture characters from Marvel movies (The Hulk), TV shows (Ninja Turtles), video games (Sonic the Hedgehog), and comic books.

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Funko Pop! figures are often released in series or collections, and they have become a popular way for fans to express their love for their favorite franchises. The company regularly releases new figures and exclusives, making it a dynamic and continually evolving collectibles market.

Why Sell Funko Pop Now?

Collectibles are selling exceptionally well and have been for the last few years. COVID brought 30- to 40-year-old collectors back into the hobby. Sports cards, Pokemon cards, and collectibles like Funko Pop all broke out in 2021.

Best Selling Funk Pops

  1. Ahsoka Star Wars Limited Edition Funko Pop #464 or #650
  2. Freddy Bloody Rv Walker Funko Pop #17
  3. Marty Mcfly Plutonium Glow Funko Pop $49

3 Best Places to Sell Funko Pops Online

Below are the best places to sell your Funko Pop collection and receive the greatest price. If you have any questions about registering or selling your collectibles, email [email protected].


eBay offers numerous advantages when selling your Funko Pops online. At the same time, you must pay attention to fees and fraudulent activities. It’s crucial to carefully read and understand eBay’s policies and terms before selling on the platform.

Sell Funko Pops on eBay: Sign up for an eBay seller account

Global Reach: You can literally sell to anyone on the planet, assuming eBay is allowed in the country in question. This can be especially beneficial if you sell unique or niche products like these.

Auction Format: eBay’s auction-style listings allow you to get top dollar for your listings. Auctions create competition among buyers, potentially driving up the final selling price. This is an excellent way to maximize profits.

Buyer and Seller Trust: eBay has built a reputation as a trustworthy platform. I have personally sold and bought thousands of items on eBay. The platform also offers buyer protection policies.


Selling Funko Pops on Amazon can be advantageous for various reasons. Sell Funko Pops on Amazon: Sign up for an Amazon seller account.

Massive Customer Base: Like eBay, Amazon has a global reach, which is necessary when selling a niche product like Funk Pops. A vast and diverse audience will increase sales opportunities.

Prime Membership: Many Amazon customers are Prime members, which means they benefit from free and fast shipping on eligible products. Sellers using FBA can tap into the Prime ecosystem, potentially attracting more customers.

Easy Setup and Integration: Setting up a seller account on Amazon is simple. Just provide an email address and some information about yourself. The platform provides tools and resources to help sellers create product listings, manage inventory, and track sales.

Selling on Amazon has numerous benefits, but sellers should also be aware of potential challenges, such as fees, competition, and the need to adhere to Amazon’s policies.


Those looking to unload their Funko Pop collection should consider Mercari. Although not as big as eBay and Amazon, they have a niche market for collectors.

Sell Funko Pops on Mercari: Register for Mercari

How to sell Funko Pops in Bulk

Do you have dozens, if not hundreds, of Funko Pop figures you want to sell?

Piecing them out individually can be a headache and take days, if not months, to sell. If you would rather sell them all at once, the eBay auction platform is your best option.

Bulk Selling Tips

  • Take and upload as many photos as possible; buyers want to see what they are bidding on.
  • Use the product description section to the fullest. List the popular Funko Pops and provide as much information about the others as possible.
  • Use the eBay 7-day auction format and start the bidding at $1. I have used this method for years and continue to get top prices for my collectibles.
  • Remember to report the sale to the IRS. eBay recently started reporting users’ sales to the tax man. So report your Funko Pop sales, as the IRS will eventually discover them.

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