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In 1994, Marvel released a set of trading cards featuring various characters from the Marvel Universe. These cards were part of the “Marvel Universe Series” and were produced by SkyBox International. The set included many characters, including superheroes, villains, and other iconic figures from the Marvel comics.

Each card typically featured artwork of a specific character and information about the character’s abilities, background, and other relevant details. The cards were collectibles and gained popularity among comic book fans and collectors. Some cards even had special holographic or foil finishes, making them more sought after by collectors.

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These Marvel trading cards from 1994 are now considered nostalgic items and are often collected by fans of Marvel comics and trading card enthusiasts. The specific characters and artwork featured in the set can vary, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the Marvel Universe during that period.

1994 Marvel Cards (Shop on eBay)

1994 Marvel Card Values

Below is the Marvel card in question, along with the value and grade. Most of the cards have a PSA 10 grade. Please email questions to [email protected].

1994 Wolverine Marvel Flair Power Blast #8

PSA 10 sold for $534 on 12/17/2023

1994 Wolverine Marvel Flair Power Blast

Wolverine is a superhero/mutant who appears in Marvel comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is often associated with the X-Men.

The above card shows Wolverine lashing out towards his enemy. The backdrop is all green, while the word “Wolverine” is centered at the bottom.

1994 Spiderman Marvel Masterpieces #8

PSA 10 sold for $450 on 12/23/2023

I struggled to find an image for this card as it is rare at high grades. Spiderman is a good guy superhero who can shoot spiderwebs from his hands. Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko created him. He appears in Marvel movies and coming books.

PSA 10 sold for $412 on 12/6/2023

1994 Deadpool Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #16

PSA 10 sold for $316 on 11/15/2023

1994 Deadpool Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #16

Deadpool is a superhero who curses a lot and has a sarcastic sense of humor. He appears in American comic books.

The card shows Spiderman busting out of what appears to be some glass or plastic. A great action photo and worthy of a purchase.

1994 Thor Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #13

PSA 10 sold for $165 on 11/15/2023

1994 Thor Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast

Thor is the man and my favorite Marvel superhero. Numbered #13, the card shows Thor blasting off into the sky. The backdrop shows lighting with a grey sky.

1994 Captain America Marvel Masterpieces Silver Holofoil #1 

PSA 10 grade sold for $154 on 1/3/2024

1994 Captain America Marvel Masterpieces Silver Holofoil

Captain America is one of the more popular Marvel heroes. This Holofoil 1994 Captain America Marvel card is rare at high grades and will fetch over one hundred dollars at auction.

The card shows Captain America jumping towards the card owner with his massive shield in his left hand. The backdrop is a dull cloudy sky.

1994 Spiderman Marvel Universe Flair Part V

PSA 10 sold for $123 on 10/22/2023

1994 Spiderman Marvel Universe Flair Part V

Another Spiderman Marvel card with a terrific green spiderweb backdrop. This card has no number for some reason but is labeled Part V. The only wording on the card is “Spiderman,” which is centered in black cursive at the bottom of the card.

1994 Hulk Marvel Masterpieces Holofoil Silver #4

PSA 10 sold for $148 on 11/18/2023

1994 Hulk Marvel Masterpieces Holofoil Silver #4

My son’s favorite Marvel superhero is the Hulk. This Marvel Holofoil card is numbered 4, showing the Hulf flexing as if getting ready for a rumble.

The word “HULK” is centered in all caps at the bottom of the card. The backdrop appears to be, well, I can’t exactly tell. If these cards have one flaw, all the backdrops could look much better design-wise.

1994 Magneto Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #4

PSA 10 sold for $123 on 12/14/2023

1994 Magneto Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #4

Magneto is a Marvel superhero with a nasty streak. He has been known to attempt to take over the world on more than one occasion.

The 1994 Magneto Marvel Universe card shows Magento casting a spell with his hands with a lighting, swirl backdrop.

1994 Maximum Carnage Marvel Universe ’94 Flair #104

PSA 10 sold for $86 on 12/14/2023

1994 Maximum Carnage Marvel Universe '94 Flair #104

The 1994 Maximum Carnage Marvel Universe card is somewhat confusing. In particular, it’s confusing for those unfamiliar with the Marvel world. It appears there are three characters in the card. I’m assuming one is Maximum Carnage while the others appear to be Spiderman and another Spiderman version?

Please comment if you can explain the characters and card better than I did.

1994 Storm Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #6

PSA 10 grade sold for $83 on 12/14/2023

1994 Storm Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast #6

A sexy Storm is last but not least on this list. If not the best, this is one of the better designs of all the cards mentioned in this article.

Numbered #6, the 1994 Storm Marvel Universe Flair Power Blast card shows her casting an electric storm while lighting engulfs her. It is a great card with a significant discount, as it should clock in at under $100 at a PSA 10 grade.

1994 Marvel Universe Card Values?

The most valuable 1994 Marvel card is the 1994 Wolverine Marvel Flair Power Blast #8 in a PSA 10 grade. Does this card come in a Holofoil version? If so, that card could approach $1,000 at top grades.



1 Spider-Man FF
2 Venom FF
3 Punisher FF
4 Wolverine FF
5 Gambit FF
6 Silver Surfer FF
7 Rogue FF
8 Iron Man FF
9 Ghost Rider FF
10 Exodus & Cannonball FA
11 Siryn / Shatterstar FA
12 Wolverine & Rogue FA FA
13 Rictor, Warpath, Boomer & Feral FA
14 Magneto FA
15 Bishop / Colossus
16 Cable & Sunspot FA
17 Gambit & Quicksilver
18 Professor X & Jean Grey FA
19 Captain America
20 Firestar & Carnage
21 Demogoblin, Cloak & Nightwatch
22 Shriek & Doppelganger
23 Spider-Man MC
24 Dagger, Morbius, Deathlok MC
25 Black Cat
26 Iron Fist MC
27 Venom MC
28 Iceman & Rogue
29 Crystal, Cyclops & Psylocke
30 Exodus & Black Night
31 U.S. Agent BT
32 Gambit & Professor X
33 Beast BT
34 Sersi & Captain America
35 Quicksilver & Fabian Cortez BT
36 War Machine BT
37 Sister Nil
38 Strange
39 Victoria Montesi SOD
40 Morbius SOD
41 Dr. Strange SOD
42 Ghost Rider
43 Blade SOD
44 Blaze
45 Vengeance
46 Hitman SR
47 Desmond Kline
48 Punisher
49 Rapido
50 Payback SR
51 Outlaw SR
52 Lynn Michaels
53 V.I.G.I.L.
54 Yuppunisher
55 Dr. Strange B&T
56 Moondragon
57 Maxam & Pip the Troll
58 Silver Surfer B&T
59 Thor
60 Warlock B&T
61 Thanos
62 Gamora B&T
63 Drax B&T
64 Venom
65 Siege FFG
66 Morbius
67 Crippler & Silver Sable FFG
68 Snakeroot FFG
69 John Garrett & Erynys
70 Hellspawn FFG
71 Elektra & Daredevil
72 Stone & Eddie Passim FFG
73 Rage & Firestar CB
74 Nova CB
75 Iron Man CB
76 Thunderstrike
77 Venom
78 Hulk
79 Speedball & Night Thrasher
80 Iron Man
81 Deathlok
82 Spider-Man 2099 FOH
83 Thor 2099 FOH
84 Ravage 2099
85 Bloodhawk, Krystalin & Meanstreak
86 Heimdall 2099
87 Punisher 2099
88 Loki 2099 FOH
89 Doom 2099 FOH
90 Hela 2099 FOH
91 Banshee
92 Beast SH
93 Bishop
94 Cable SH
95 Chamber SH
96 Colossus
97 Cyclops SH
98 Deadpool
99 Exodus
100 Gambit
101 Gamesmaster SV
102 Haven
103 Husk
104 Jubilee
105 Juggernaut SV
106 M
107 Mondo
108 Mystique
109 Penance
110 Phoenix
111 Polaris SH
112 Psylocke
113 Random
114 Rogue
115 Sabretooth
116 Shadowcat SH
117 Shatterstar
118 Siena Blaze
119 Skin
120 Storm SH
121 Synch SH
122 Warpath
123 White Queen
124 Wolverine
125 Carnage SV
126 Chameleon SV
127 Hobgoblin
128 Nightwatch
129 Solo
130 Spider-Man SH
131 Venom
132 Vulture
133 Warrant
134 Punisher SH
135 Blade
136 Blaze
137 Ghost Rider
138 Morbius SH
139 Salome
140 Strange
141 Vengeance
142 Zarathos
143 Black Knight
144 Black Widow
145 Captain America
146 Crystal
147 Giant-Man
148 Hawkeye SH
149 Quicksilver
150 Thor
151 Thunderstrike
152 Vision SH
153 Legacy
154 Morg
155 Silver Surfer
156 Terrax
157 Thanos
158 Tyrant
159 Warlock
160 Century
161 Iron Man
162 Scarlet Witch
163 U.S. Agent SH
164 War Machine SH
165 Darkhawk
166 Justice
167 Kymaera
168 Night Thrasher SH
169 Nova
170 Sphinx SV
171 Bloodhawk
172 Brimstone Love
173 Cerebra
174 Doom 2099 SH
175 Ghost Rider 2099
176 Hulk 2099 SH
177 Junkpile
178 Krystalin SH
179 Meanstreak SH
180 Metalhead
181 Punisher 2099
182 Ravage 2099
183 Skullfire
184 Spider-Man 2099
185 Xi’an
186 Abomination
187 Blackwulf
188 Daredevil
189 Elektra SV
190 Hulk
191 Human Torch
192 Invisible Woman
193 Lyja SH
194 Namor SH
195 Psi-Lord
196 Silver Sable
197 Thing
198 Trauma
199 Typhoid Mary
200 Checklist CL

Final Thoughts

The value of 1994 Marvel trading cards can vary widely depending on several factors, including the specific cards in the set, their condition, and whether they have special features such as holographic or foil finishes. Additionally, the overall demand for collectibles can influence their market value.

I recommended checking current online marketplaces and auction websites such as eBay or Beckett.com. You can also contact severe collectors and dealers for a more accurate and up-to-date assessment of the value of 1994 Marvel cards. Additionally, you can email us at [email protected] along with a photo of your card, and we will provide an estimated value.

Remember that the condition of the cards is a crucial factor in determining their value. Cards in mint condition, with no bends, creases, or other damage, generally fetch higher prices. Rarity and the popularity of specific characters can also influence the value of individual cards.

If you want to sell or purchase these cards, consider consulting with experts or using online platforms with a reputation for trading collectibles. Always be cautious and verify the authenticity and condition of the cards when buying or selling them.

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