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Tua Tagovailoa is a beast.

Tua Tagovailoa is an American professional football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and broke out in the 2023-34 NFL season. The Dolphins in 2023 had their best season in over a decade, and Tua was a big reason why.

He played college football at the University of Alabama, gaining national attention for his impressive performances. Tua Tagovailoa entered the NFL (National Football League) after being selected by the Miami Dolphins as the fifth overall pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Draft day bust speculation haunted Tua. But boy, did he turn it AROUND in 2023.

2023 Tua Tagovailoa Stats: 29 touchdown passes, 101.1 QB rating, and 4,624 passing yards

Why is he so good?

Here are some reasons why Tua Tagovailoa excelled in the 2023 NFL season.

  • Accuracy: Tagovailoa was known for his accuracy as a passer. He demonstrated that ability very well in 2023.
  • Decision-Making: Tua was praised for his decision-making on the field. He displayed good football IQ and the ability to read defenses, which resulted in a career-high in passing yards.
  • Leadership: Nick Saban has often raved about his leadership ability and character. You don’t win a National title at Alabama without being a good leader at the QB position.
  • Work Ethic: Successful athletes often possess a strong work ethic, and Tua Tagovailoa was no exception. His commitment to improving his game was evident in the 2023 NFL season.

Here are his top rookie cards to invest in.

Top Cards

Top Overall: 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Prizm 339 (Shop eBay)
Most Valuable: 2020 Tua Tagovailoa National Treasure RPA (Shop eBay)

1. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Prizm Orange Lazer Rookie Card #339

Tua Tagovailoa Rookie prizm card 339

  • Ungraded Average Price: $5 to $8
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $35 to $45
  • Highest Sale Price: $4,400 Gold Parallel /10 (SGC 9)
  • PSA 10 count: 3,561

The card features Tua Tagovailoa in a white Miami Dolphins jersey, holding the football and undoubtedly scanning the field before throwing it. The design includes a futuristic, hexagonal pattern border in silver, blue, and black, giving it a dynamic, high-tech look. 

The “RC” logo signifies it as a rookie card, placed at the top left. The player’s name and team are clearly stated at the bottom, and the card’s overall dark color palette highlights the athlete effectively. The Prizm series logo is also visible in the middle of the top border.

2. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Contenders Rookie Card #103

2020 Tua Tagovailoa RC Contenders

  • Ungraded Average Price: $400 to $500
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $800 to $1,000
  • Last sold 1/2/2024: $875 PSA 10

This one will remind you of the first time you saw a football match with your ticket in hand!

The card showcases Tua in a poised stance, ready to pass the football, highlighted against a teal backdrop with a ‘Rookie Ticket’ theme reminiscent of a game day entry pass. 

It features a stylized design with the Miami Dolphins logo and Tua’s signature in blue ink across the front. The top of the card reads “PLAYOFF CONTENDERS,” with various text and number elements suggesting ticket details. 

The “RC” symbol in the bottom right confirms its status as a rookie card, and the player’s name is prominently displayed along the right side.

3. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Kaboom Rookie Card #ktt

2020 Tua Tagovailoa Kaboom Rookie Card #ktt

  • Ungraded Average Price: N/A
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $2,200

Last sold 12/8/2024: $969 PSA 9

This card looks like a scene straight out of a comic book! 

It shows the Dolphins QB in a dynamic throwing pose, wearing his Miami Dolphins number 1 jersey. Behind him is a vibrant, explosive background with the word “KABOOM!” in bold, stylized lettering reminiscent of comic book styles. 

The “RC” logo in the upper right indicates it’s a rookie card. His last name, “TAGOVAILOA,” runs along the bottom. The color scheme is a mix of earthy green, yellow, and red tones, creating a striking visual that gives off vibes of energy and impact.

4. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Donruss Optic RC #152

020 Tua Tagovailoa Donruss Optic Rookie Card

  • Ungraded Average Price: $50
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $100 to $110
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,650 Auto Blue Parallel /75
  • PSA 10 count: 932

This Donruss Optic card features Tua in his Miami Dolphins uniform against a holographic green and blue geometric background. The design includes a network of interconnected lines and shapes, giving it a digital circuit-like appearance. 

Tua is pictured holding the football with both hands, determinedly looking ahead in an in-game action pose. The card is part of the “Rated Rookie” series, as indicated by the label on the top left corner. The series logo is displayed in the bottom right corner, with Tua’s name and team name positioned at the bottom. The overall aesthetic is futuristic and vibrant.

5. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Mosaic RC #203

2020 mosaic tua rookie

  • Ungraded Average Price: $5 to $9
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $30 to $40
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,525 Gold Choice /8
  • PSA 10 count: 2620

This card is easily the most visually appealing one on this list. It features Tua Tagovailoa in his Nautical Aqua Dolphins jersey, set against a background with a bubble-like pattern. The background has various shades of blue, creating a vibrant mosaic effect. 

Tua is depicted mid-motion, holding a football in both hands as if ready to make a pass. The top left corner of the card has the Mosaic “M” logo, while the top right corner features the “RC” logo, indicating that it’s a rookie card. His name is displayed at the bottom against a light background, making it stand out.

Tua Tagovailoa Rookie Card Value?

The most valuable Tua rookie card is his Panini National Treasures RPA /99 RC. Purchase the card as a PSA 10, BGS 9.5, or PSA 9 grade.

On 10/22/23, the 2020 Tua Tagovailoa National Treasures RPA Autograph rookie card sold for $15,800. The card was graded BGS 9.5 and had 43 bids.

On the same day, the Tua Tagovailoa 2020 Contenders Rookie Ticket Cracked Ice Auto rookie card sold for $10,801 and was graded PSA 10.

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