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If you want to score big on baseball collectibles, the Adley Rutschman rookie card is the way to go.

The exciting young catcher was the Orioles’ first overall pick in 2019 and a high-value one. His signing bonus of $8.1 million was the highest and spoke volumes about his potential.

Run Down

  • Age: 19 years old
  • Previous Teams: 2019–2021 Nanterre 92 | 2021–2022 ASVEL | 2022–2023 Metropolitans 92 | 2023–present San Antonio Spurs
  • Listed height: 6 ft 3 in
  • Listed weight: 230 lb
  • Position: Catcher
  • Scouting: He is a solid defensive catcher with an incredibly soft glove and power arm that is deadly when runners try stealing on him. He dominates at the plate and is a constant home run threat.

adley rutschman bowman rookie

Since his memorable major league debut, Rutschman has been intent on shattering left, right, and center records. Standing at 6’2 and weighing 220 lbs, the Portland-born is recognized as one of the best pitchers in the league right now.

Baltimore Orioles in 2024

The Orioles are loaded headed into the 2024 MLB season with some of the best young players in the game. These players include Jackson Holliday, Grayson Rodriguez, and Gunnar Henderson.

adley rutschman auto

Will Adley be the best catcher of all time?

That is a tricky question, as Rutschman is only going into his third year of pro ball. Many experts close to the game have already anointed him as the best current catcher playing the game, but it’s way too early to predict in terms of all time.

To be the best catcher of all time, he must pass legendary catchers, including Yogi Berra, Yadi Molina, Johnny Bench, Ivan Rodriguez, and Buster Posey.

Only time will tell.

Adley Rutschman’s Rookie-Year Stats were 13 homers, a .254 average, a .806 OPS, 45 RBI, and a .445 SLUG.

2023 Bowman Adley Rutschman ROY Favorites Orange Refractor

Best Adley Rutschman Rookie Cards Heading Into the 2024 MLB Season

So grab your glove, and let’s catch all the details on why Rutschman’s card is the baseball rookie card to watch. Whether you’re a long-time collector or just stepping up to the plate, this guide’s got the stats to show you why investing in Adley’s card is a major-league move.

#1. 2019 Adley Rutschman Bowman Draft Chrome Refractor #BDC-1

2019 Adley Rutschman 1st Bowman Draft Chrome Refractor #BDC-1

Adley Rutschman is showcased in his batting finesse on this “1st Bowman” Chrome card in this refractor. He’s dressed in the Orioles’ clean white uniform, eyes fixed on the incoming pitch, bat cocked and ready. The card shimmers with a chrome finish, reflecting the bright future ahead of him.

The iconic Orioles logo is placed at the bottom, next to the “1st Bowman” badge, signifying his first appearance in the prestigious Bowman series. The background, a blurred stadium, focuses on Rutschman’s poised figure, ready to hit.

The back of the card is a wealth of accolades and stats detailing Rutschman’s impressive college career. It notes his 2019 titles, including College Player of the Year, and his impressive .411 batting average with Oregon State. Meanwhile, the reverse side also notes his traits, from power and patience at the plate to leadership qualities.

Moreover, his OSU teammates called him “Clutchman,” which is about the most accurate nickname you could give him!

#2. Adley Rutschman 2023 Topps Chrome Update Rookie Debut – Refractor #USC1

2023 Topps Chrome Update Adley Rutschman Refractor

This Adley Rutschman rookie card immortalizes the athlete during a swing, tracking the ball’s flight, the embodiment of focus and power. 

Clad in the Baltimore Orioles’ vibrant orange and white, he stands out against the muted background of the stadium. The bottom of the card celebrates his Rookie Debut on 5/21/2022, marked with the iconic RC logo for Rookie Card and the Orioles’ emblem, alongside Rutschman’s beaming portrait.

The back of the card details Rutschman’s MLB debut stats, “1-for-3,” and recounts the pivotal moment of his first game. 

He paused to take in the crowd at Oriole Park before securing a triple that sent fans into a frenzy. If that doesn’t give you insight into his potential as a crowd favorite, I don’t know what will!

The narrative captures more than a game; it starts Rutschman’s legacy. The Topps Chrome logo crowns the text, while social media icons invite fans to follow his journey. 

#3. 2023 Adley Rutschman Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Base #17

2023 Adley Rutschman Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Base

On this Bowman Chrome card, Adley Rutschman is masterfully captured in his batting stance, poised and ready to strike. 

The vivid blue and speckled background makes it seem like he’s emerged from a sapphire sea, a gem in the rough, ready to shine. The Orioles logo and the RC badge for Rookie Card are prominently placed at the bottom, alongside Rutschman’s name, position, and catcher.

The back of the card is a treasure trove of information, neatly organized for fans and collectors. It lists Rutschman’s impressive statistics, while the Bowman Briefing praises his defensive skills and discerning eye at the plate. This information further proves that Rutschman is as strategic as he is physically capable.

By the way, Rutschman is no stranger to getting accolades for his baseball prowess. After all, he is a two-time MiLB.com Organization All-Star!

This piece of memorabilia provides a snapshot of Rutschman’s early potential. It mainly serves as a promise of the thrilling baseball moments that lie ahead for this star rookie.

#4. Adley Rutschman 2019 Bowman Draft Chrome #BDC-1

Adley Rutschman is in mid-swing on this “1st Bowman” Chrome card, the intensity of the game etched on his face. His Orioles uniform is crisp, detailed with the team’s classic colors, as he stands ready to connect bat with ball.

The Orioles logo anchors the bottom of the card alongside Rutschman’s name. Meanwhile, the card’s border is a sleek black, giving way to a silver sheen that frames the “1st Bowman” badge.

The reverse side of the card is a detailed dossier of Rutschman’s accomplishments. His collegiate accolades, including his stellar batting average and the “Clutchman” moniker, are front and center. 

Like its refractor, this card balances his potential with his proven track record. Therefore, it does an excellent job of setting the stage for a career as promising as the shine of the card itself. It’s a fitting tribute to a player whose skills are equally formidable at the plate and behind it.

#5. Adley Rutschman 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto #CPA-AR

The first autographed Adley Rutschman rookie card on this list is also beautiful.

Rutschman stands out on this Bowman Chrome card while his autograph takes center stage. He’s captured during a swinging action in his black Orioles jersey, showcasing the power and concentration that have become his trademarks. 

The Orioles’ colors are on full display, with black and orange framing the bottom of the card where his name is proudly displayed.

The back of the card is a testament to Rutschman’s potential, detailing his impressive minor-league stats and accolades. It notes his .352 batting average and role as the 2018 College World Series MVP. His skills are present in detail, from his dual power at the plate to his agility as a defender.

In case you didn’t know, Rutschman is more than just a stud on the diamond. As the card also highlights on the back, the maverick loves a bit of golf and fishing. I imagine his powerful swing serves him very well with the golf club in hand!

#6. Adley Rutschman 2023 Topps Chrome Ultraviolet All-Stars #UV-14

This fun little Adley Rutschman rookie card from the Topps Chrome Ultraviolet All-Stars series bursts with color and retro flair. The front features a stylized illustration of Rutschman taking a swing during a game against a vibrant pink and purple halftone backdrop. 

His focused expression and dynamic pose capture a player’s energy in action, while the whimsical rendering of his face adds a pop art twist. The RC logo confirms his rookie status, and the Orioles cap logo crowns the top, symbolizing his team identity.

On the card’s back, Rutschman’s potential is highlighted. It mentions how he looked the part of an All-Star in the second half of his debut season, boasting a .861 OPS.

The card celebrates Rutschman as the rising star, poised to make his mark in the majors. The artwork, credited to Mitch O’Connell, is a fitting homage to the catcher’s early promise and charismatic presence on the field.

Rutschman not only got a spot in the 2021 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game but was brilliant during it. It is especially worth noting that at that point, he was the No. 1 prospect at Orioles and the No. 2 overall prospect in baseball.

#7. Adley Rutschman 2023 Bowman Spotlights #BS-4

If you’re into minimalist designs that still look and feel classy, you can’t pass up this Adley Rutschman rookie card.

Rutschman is enjoying a moment of calm readiness on this Bowman Chrome card, his gaze fixed off-camera, likely eyeing a pitch. Wearing the Orioles’ black and orange, he exudes quiet confidence. 

The RC logo is discreetly placed at the top right, signifying his rookie status. Meanwhile, the Bowman Chrome logo at the top left shines subtly against the dark backdrop.

The reverse side of the card recounts a dramatic moment from Rutschman’s 2022 season. It refers to his clutch performance on Independence Day, where his timely double saved the Orioles from the jaws of defeat!

This narrative cements Rutschman’s reputation as a player who rises to the occasion. The card’s design is a snapshot of the high-pressure moments that define a player’s career.

#8. Adley Rutschman 2019 Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition Chrome #BDC-1

Adley Rutschman’s “1st Bowman” card is a colorful celebration, his focused batting form set against a kaleidoscope of refracted light. 

The Orioles’ white uniform contrasts strikingly with the card’s vibrant, multi-colored background. His name curves along the lower edge, grounded by the Orioles logo, emphasizing his connection to the team.

The back of the card is a compendium of Rutschman’s early career highlights. It details his 2019 accolades, including College Player of the Year, and underscores his balanced skills in power and patience. The narrative also touches on his “Clutchman” nickname, a testament to his ability to deliver under pressure.

This card mirrors Rutschman’s multifaceted abilities on the field, including his versatility as both a hitter and a catcher. It’s a testament to his impact on the game, a player whose talent shines as brightly as the card.

#9. Adley Rutschman 2023 Topps Chrome Update SP Variation #USC1

Adley Rutschman’s Topps Chrome card captures a moment of joy as he sports a wide grin in his Orioles gear. The card radiates with a holographic sheen, giving the image depth and movement.

His name is displayed below, and the Rookie Card (RC) and Gold Glove Award symbols acknowledge his early accomplishments.

The back of the card provides a comprehensive look at Rutschman’s journey through the minor leagues, highlighting his transition to the majors in June 2019. It charts his steady rise, showcasing his hitting prowess and acclimation to big-league pitching in 2022.

His impressive OPS and extra-base hits display his offensive impact and role in the Orioles’ successful run.

Fun fact: did you know Rutschman ranks in the top 20% in the major leagues regarding pitch-framing? Orioles fans have quite the asset on their team!

This card celebrates a moment when potential translates into performance, capturing Rutschman’s infectious enthusiasm for the game.

#10. Adley Rutschman 2023 Topps Chrome Base #1

Adley Rutschman, in the Orioles’ classic white and orange, readies for the hit on this Topps Chrome rookie card. His attention is on the incoming pitch, captured against a background that subtly fades from dark to light, spotlighting him in action. 

The Rookie Card emblem and Gold Glove symbol are prominently displayed, underscoring his status and accolades.

The reverse side of the card chronicles Rutschman’s journey, emphasizing his solid transition to big-league pitching in 2022. 

He clocked a .924 OPS and amassed 32 extra-base hits across a 60-game stretch that started on June 10! Of course, it shouldn’t surprise you that the Orioles prospered immensely during this stretch, going 38-22.

This card is a window into Rutschman’s bright future, marking moments of excellence that define the beginning of his major league story.

Card Values

The most expensive Adley Rutschman rookie card sold via eBay is his 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft 1st Gold Refractor Auto /50 BGS 9.5/10. The card sold for a mind-blowing $2,275 on 2/29/2024 and had 50 bids.

If you would like an estimated value of your Adley Rutschman rookie card, please email [email protected]. Include close-up photos of each corner of the card (8 in total) plus a close-up of the front and back of the card.


An Adley Rutschman rookie card is a wise investment, especially given the catcher’s red-hot form.

As the top pick for the Orioles back in ’19, his cards have this vibe that they will be worth a lot one day. He’s already crushing it with his bat and behind the plate, and everyone’s talking about how he will light up the league for years.

I mean, think about it, if he keeps up this all-star-level play, his cards are only going to go up in value. I’ve seen loads of forums where people can’t stop chatting about snagging his cards now while they’re affordable. 

Plus, the accolades keep coming. From the Golden Spikes Award in 2019 to the AL Silver Slugger in 2023, Rutschman is hungry to keep his milestones growing!

Therefore, if you’re looking for a hot investment, getting your hands on Rutschman’s cards is a killer move.

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