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A Brock Purdy rookie card should be all the rage now that the 49ers QB is eyeing Super Bowl glory!

But which cards should you chase if you are on a budget? What do his most valuable cards look like? Does he have any good RPA cards?

If you have had any of these questions, you have come to the right place. In this ultimate guide, you will find everything you need to know about Brock Purdy rookie cards.

Quick Review

Top Overall Card: 2022 Prizm RC #353 (Shop eBay)
Budget Pick: 2022 Mosaic RC #367 (Shop eBay)
Best Auto: 2022 Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto RC #263 (Shop eBay)

Who is Brock Purdy?

Brock Purdy is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

Coming from Iowa State University, he had a standout college career, becoming the Cyclones’ all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns.


Despite his “Mr. Irrelvant” tag, the Phoenix native skyrocketed to relevancy in his rookie NFL season by leading the 49ers to a division title. Purdy repeated that feat this season, but this time, he will be hoping to win the NFC Championship and make his first Super Bowl appearance.

Purdy is renowned for his accuracy as a passer, with his 95.2 percent completion rate in Week 4 setting a franchise record.

With the highest quarterback rating in the regular season and a Pro Bowl nomination, Purdy is having an epic campaign. He will be hoping his arm can launch the 49ers to victory against the Lions in the upcoming NFC Championship game.

Top 5 Brock Purdy rookie cards

This is a collection of five high-end Brock Purdy rookie cards that you need to look up. Each of them is visually stunning in its way and gets a ton of interest from collectors.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Prizm RC #353

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2022 Brock Purdy rookie card Prizm 353

This card features Brock Purdy of the 49ers, holding the football in his right hand and scanning the field ahead. The “RC” logo, indicating his rookie card, is visible in the top right corner. The prominent Panini Prizm logo at the top marks it as part of the popular series.

The visual is complete with the QB’s name and team name displayed at the bottom.

Purdy, wearing the #14 red-and-white jersey, is set against a backdrop of geometric silver designs with black borders. This particular design adds depth to the card and enhances Purdy’s dynamic action shot.

2022 Brock Purdy Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Card #277

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2022 Brock Purdy Donruss Optic Rated

This rookie card captures Purdy in his white 49ers uniform, clutching the football in his hands and looking off to his left. He looks to be eyeing a receiver or scanning the field. The shot does well to highlight his poise in the pocket.

A backdrop of white and maroon design elements frames the card. The borders are a mix of black and white with sharp geometric shapes. This kind of framing provides a striking contrast that accentuates the image of Purdy ready to make a play.

The Donruss Optic logo is neatly placed in the top right corner, suggesting the card’s brand. The “Rated Rookie” logo adorns the bottom right, indicating Purdy’s rookie status. 

2022 Brock Purdy Downtown Donruss Optic RC #DT-BP

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2022 Brock Purdy rookie card Downtown Donruss Optic DT-BP

This vibrant Brock Purdy rookie card features the QB in an artistic and stylized form. It is an animated tribute to Purdy as well as the city of San Francisco!

The card is a part of the “Downtown” series, known for its unique artwork and city-themed backgrounds.

Purdy is centered in the foreground, depicted in his #13 49ers red and white uniform. He is clutching the football in his signature pose, ready to make a play.

Meanwhile, the stylized waves and sea lions in the background are a nod to the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf. Other elements, like the stylized sunshine, further spotlight San Francisco.

The card is bursting with neon colors and a dynamic, shattered glass background that gives it a lively, electric feel.  At the bottom, the “Downtown” label confirms the series to which the card belongs. Right next to the label, Purdy’s name and franchise are present.

2022 Brock Purdy Kaboom RC #13

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2022 Brock Purdy Kaboom Rookie card

This colorful and vibrant card captures Brock Purdy, mid-throw, with the football in his raised right hand. The QB, clad in the red-and-gold colors of the 49ers, is wearing his #13 jersey.  

The background explodes with a bold “KABOOM” graphic, reminiscent of comic book style, emphasizing action and impact. Vivid yellow, blue, and purple hues form an energetic backdrop.

Meanwhile, a bright red banner at the bottom proudly displays Purdy’s name. 

The “RC” logo on the bottom left indicates that this is a rookie card.

On the other hand, the 49ers’ team logo is present above the name banner in the top right corner. This card is visually striking, with a design that’s meant to stand out and celebrate a moment of athletic prowess.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Select RC #213

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2022 Brock Purdy Panini Select

This card features the 49ers quarterback, ready to pass the ball. He’s poised confidently, his strong right arm cocked back. Once again, he is wearing the white team jersey with the #13 visible in red on the front.

The “Select” logo is prominently displayed at the top, indicating the premium series. Below Purdy, the “RC” symbol denotes his rookie status. 

The card is framed by sleek, metallic designs that mimic the contours of a futuristic interface in shades of black, silver, and the 49ers’ red. 

The lower banner contains Purdy’s name and team, with the design elements adding a modern, cutting-edge feel to the card.

The Select Brock Purdy rookie card does well to celebrate the quarterback with a flair of innovation.

Top 5 Budget Brock Purdy rookie cards

Now, we will focus on a set of Purdy rookie cards that won’t burn a big hole in your pocket! These cards may be budget buys, but they are still spectacular additions to any collection.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Donruss Optic THE ROOKIES #13

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Donruss Optic THE ROOKIES

This card features Brock Purdy in the red-and-gold San Francisco 49ers uniform, holding the pigskin in his right hand. He appears to be mid-motion during a game. 

Above him, “The Rookies” script adds flair, while the bottom of the card shows his name and team affiliation. The Donruss Optic logo is neatly present in the bottom right corner, suggesting the card’s brand and series. 

The card features a lustrous, multi-layered border design that creates a sense of depth and texture. At the bottom, the card utilizes a combination of silver, black, and the 49ers’ signature red and gold colors.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Mosaic Rookie Card #367

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Mosaic Rookie 367

This Brock Purdy card from the Mosaic series showcases him in a throwing stance with the football in his right hand. The quarterback is wearing a black #14 jersey with red detailing.

The “RC” logo, indicating his rookie card status, is visible on the lower left. Mosaic’s signature logo is prominently displayed above the player’s name, which is set against a rich maroon banner that runs along the bottom edge. 

The card, framed by an angular border, features metallic accents and maroon highlights. This blend of colors does well to frame the player’s action shot, giving it an almost industrial feel. The team logo in the upper right further ties the card to the San Francisco 49ers. 

The overall design is bold and captures the player’s intensity, making it a striking piece for collectors.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Chronicles #41

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Chronicles #41

This Brock Purdy card from the Chronicles series showcases two images of him. 

The main one captures him in action, holding the football in both hands as he gets ready to pass it. Meanwhile, the smaller one on the right is a zoom-up portrait version of the main image, focusing on Purdy’s focused expression.

The “Chronicles” header at the top declares the Panini series to which the card belongs. The “RC” logo in the bottom left corner of the main image indicates Purdy’s rookie status. Below, his name and team are present in a classic red font against a white background.

The card design is simple yet elegant, focusing on Purdy’s potential as a quarterback. This is further highlighted by the “QB” symbol in the design. The overall layout is clean and gives prominence to the athletes’ images, making it a favorite amongst collectors.

2022 Brock Purdy Chronicles Luminance-Update Rookies #213

2022 Brock Purdy rookie card Chronicles Luminance-Update Rookies

The card presents the Iowa State product in an action shot, suggesting he is making a run with the rock. The shot highlights Purdy’s agility as a quarterback. He is wearing the red-and-gold uniform with the #13.

The card is part of the Luminance series, which is indicated by the subtle watermark in the background. The “RC” logo right below the Luminance symbol signifies Purdy’s rookie status.

Additionally, the golden tones around the border give the card a distinguished look. 

The team’s name runs vertically along the right edge, with a minimalist design complementing the card’s overall elegance. Brock Purdy’s name is displayed at the bottom in a classic typeface, anchoring his identity on the card. 

The design brilliantly incorporates the San Francisco 49ers’ traditional red and gold colors.

2022 Brock Purdy Select Club Level RC #213

2022 Brock Purdy Select Club Level Rookie card

This Brock Purdy card from the Select series features a design that emphasizes sleekness and modernity. 

Purdy is in his signature pose, ready to throw the football, captured with a sense of motion and focus. He is clad in the white-and-gold colors of the 49ers.

The “RC” logo at the bottom of the image indicates his rookie status. Meanwhile, the stylized “Select” logo at the top adds a premium touch. 

Framing Purdy is a complex, metallic framework with circular and linear elements in red and silver, giving a high-tech vibe. This design, along with the dark background, frames the central image effectively, making Purdy stand out. 

The card’s overall aesthetic is one of futuristic elegance, fitting for a rising star in the NFL.

Top 3 Brock Purdy Autograph Rookie Cards

Autographs just add so much more value to a card. Not only does it feature our favorite athlete, but it also lets us possess a personal touch from him! Therefore, we will take a look at a few Brock Purdy autograph rookie cards, too.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto RC #263

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto

This Brock Purdy rookie card is a Contenders “Rookie Ticket,” which features a style resembling an actual game ticket. It captures Purdy in action as he looks to make one of his signature passes. He is wearing the white #13 jersey with red detailing. 

The top left corner of the card sports the “RC” logo, indicating his rookie status. Below the image is Purdy’s autograph in blue ink on a white background, giving it a standout appearance.

The right side of the card features the Rookie Ticket design with Purdy’s name, the 49ers logo, and ticket details. Specifically, the details include the section, row, and seat numbers mimicking his jersey number and position as a quarterback. 

This design concept is popular among collectors for its unique combo of sports memorabilia and classic ticket visuals.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Flawless Auto

2022 Brock Purdy Panini Flawless Auto rookie card

There are many different parallels to explore here, from the Ruby Relic to the Rookie dual patch. For this review, though, let’s take a look at the gorgeous Gem Sapphire!

This particular card from the Flawless series exudes luxury with its clean and elegant design. Purdy is positioned in the center, poised to throw, with the image framed by striking blue and silver graphics. 

His autograph is prominent in the lower half in blue ink directly on the card’s surface for a personal touch. 

Above the signature, the blue “RC” logo confirms his rookie status, while the top of the card proudly displays “Flawless”. The 49ers logo is subtly included near the bottom.

Overall, the entire design creates a premium presentation of Brock Purdy. The other cards in this series feature a theme and design that make them stunning to look at.

2022 Brock Purdy Panini National Treasures RPA RC (#/99) #200

2022 Brock Purdy Panini National Treasures RC Autograph Patch (#/99) #200

Rounding off the autograph Brock Purdy rookie cards is one from the National Treasures series.

It features a large, eye-catching patch of the San Francisco 49ers jersey, taking center stage on the card. Below the patch, Purdy’s signature is prominent in blue ink against the white backdrop.

To the left, the shot of Purdy showcases him making a run with the football secure in his right hand during a game. His gaze suggests he is scanning the field ahead before he launches the rock forward.

The gold “RC” logo in the top right corner designates this as a rookie card. Meanwhile, the top of the card showcases the National Treasures branding, which is synonymous with high-end sports memorabilia.

The card’s design, in particular, features the 49ers’ traditional red and gold color accents. It is valuable for collectors because it offers both the autograph and the patch.

Most valuable Brock Purdy rookie cards

The most valuable Brock Purdy rookie cards come with quite a price tag. 

Firstly, we have the 2022 Purdy National Treasures RPA /99, which is going for up to $15,000. Once again, the presence of both the autograph and the patch plays a massive role in its value.

Then there is another RPA card – the 2022 Panini Flawless Brock Purdy Laundry Tag Rookie Patch Auto. This clean and minimally designed rookie card costs a cool $23,000.

Finally, we have the 2022 Panini Prizm Brock Purdy Gold /10 – its PSA 10 variant is going for as high as $100,000!

What is the rarest Brock Purdy card?

most rare brock purdy rookie card

The rarest Brock Purdy rookie card is the RPA 2022 Flawless Laundry Tag Auto /3. The manufacturer only ever made three of these, so no wonder it’s on this list!

Another rare Purdy card is the 2022 Panini Prizm Brock Purdy Gold #353 /10, which unsurprisingly features on our most valuable list, too. Again, the manufacturer printed a mere 10 cards of this variant.

It helps to know about the rarer cards because, as every collector knows, the value depends on a card’s scarcity. For instance, both the rare cards sell for over $10,000 at PSA 9 and PSA 10 grades.

Will Brock Purdy win a Super Bowl?

Brock Purdy is just one win away from his first-ever Super Bowl. Can the 24-year-old Iowa State wonder go all the way this time?

Purdy is now 3-1 in the postseason, which is incredible, given he was the last pick in the 2022 draft. Going from the third-string quarterback to leading your team to back-to-back NFC Championship games is already an underdog story.

But now, he has the chance to not only clinch the NFC Championship but go one step further toward being a 49ers legend.

Not that he isn’t already regarded as a legend by the San Francisco faithful. When you start drawing comparisons to Joe Montana, you know you are doing something incredible!

Therefore, his mental fortitude is undeniable. However, can he back it up with his abilities on the pitch?

The truth is that while he isn’t perfect, he continues to mature and come up big when it matters. This past Saturday, against the Green Bay Packers, he wasn’t at his sharpest. The rain did make matters worse, as did the injury to star wideout Deebo Samuel.

But the important thing is that Purdy got the job done with his game-winning drive. He finished with 23 for 39 for 252 yards with one touchdown and an 86.2 quarterback rating.

He delivered the right passes when his team needed it the most, which is all you want from your quarterback. Fans will be hoping his passes can unlock the Lions’ formidable defense in the NFC Championship game.

And after that, he will either face a historic Chiefs side or a Lamar Jackson-led Ravens!

So, while Purdy has serious obstacles left to conquer, 49ers fans have every reason to be hopeful.

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