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Gunnar Henderson Rookie Cards should have an excellent 2024, as I expect Gunnar and Baltimore in general to have a monster season.

Start paying attention to the Baltimore Orioles heading into the 2024 MLB season as they are loaded. One of their top offensive threats is Gunnar Henderson. He stands 6-foot-3, plays shortstop, and weighs 220 pounds.

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Gunnar Henderson Rookie Year Stats/Highlights: 28 home runs, 82 RBIs, 6.2 WAR, 100 runs

What’s more impressive is how well-rounded Henderson is due to his ability to play shortstop and third base at a high level, along with being an excellent runner possessing strong instincts at the bases.

However, that’s not all, as the power in Henderson’s arm is equally imposing, best exemplified by having an average throwing speed within the top 26% of all qualified fielders.

Graciously honored with the title of number one prospect in baseball by Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America – two well-regarded sports enterprises known for their extensive focus on analyzing up-and-coming baseball players – Henderson has the talent to become one of the game’s greats.

10 Best Gunnar Henderson Rookie Cards

So, without further ado, let’s break down the top Gunnar Henderson baseball rookie cards out there.


#1. 2019 Gunnar Henderson 1st Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Card #BDC22


GUNNAR HENDERSON 2019 Bowman Chrome BDC22 RC Rookie 1st Refractor PSA 10

Manufactured in 2019, this chrome refractor parallel is highly coveted among collectors because it pays specific homage to the 2019 MLB draft, in which a skinny 17-year-old shortstop named Gunnar Henderson became the second pick for the Baltimore Orioles.

The front side tells a complex story, showing Henderson holding his left hand up to his chest with his opposite arm higher up in the air. At first glance, the player is about to pitch a baseball towards the home plate.

Topps’ use of colors is fantastic. The left and right edges of the front cover incorporate elements of the rainbow, adding a nice shine to the display. The card in the left corner features an Oriole bird icon representing the team logo.

Conversely, the reverse end is all about the player’s information. There’s a small section at the top covering Henderson’s biographical data which includes the players:

  • height;
  • weight;
  • batting hand;
  • throwing hand;
  • date of birth; and
  • MLB draft date


Beyond that, the card details some of his career achievements. A notable one is his 2019 Gatorade Alabama Player of the Year award, which he won for his performances that year, batting .559-11-75 in 131 ABs as a Morgan Academy senior.

There’s also a summary of Henderson’s baseball skills, describing him as a powerful player with “premium arm strength” and “strong hands”.

Finally, the card displays Henderson’s high school batting record above the manufacturer’s copyright notices at the bottom, using a horizontal table featuring an orange-colored background.


#2. 2023 Topps Chrome Gunnar Henderson Refractor RC #2


2023 Topps Chrome Gunnar Henderson Refractor Rookie

The next card is another chrome refractor parallel released in 2023. Its design is quite different from the one previously discussed, as it relays performance statistics about the player in more detail.

On the front side, you’ll immediately spot Gunnar Henderson’s towering figure on the cover. He’s shown preparing to bat for the Baltimore Orioles, with his hands tightly gripping his baseball bat and his gaze firmly focused on the pitcher in front of him.

You’ll also see a small portrait photo of a smiling Henderson in the bottom left corner of this card face, along with the iconic Oriole bird team logo adjacent to his picture.

The reverse design is where things get interesting. Using a traditional black and white color format, it graphically details Henderson’s major and minor league batting record for all the teams he’s represented over the years. You get to see performance data for each season that includes, but is not limited to:

  • the number of games he played;
  • his at-bat record;
  • total runs scored, and
  • his home run total

Above this table, there’s a snippet of text that recounts Henderson’s first game, where he became just the fourth player in Orioles history to homer in his debut. It details that the ball left his bat at an incredible speed of 107.1 miles per hour, screaming 429 feet out to right-center.

Right at the bottom, you’ll notice the standard manufacturer copyrights and competition trademarks, which add greater authenticity to the card.


#3. 2023 Topps Gunnar Henderson Rookie Card #206


2023 Topps Gunnar Henderson Silver Foil 206

Here, we have a base Gunnar Henderson rookie card that looks remarkably similar to the refractor rookie card #2 discussed earlier.

The front face uses the same picturesque display of Henderson preparing to strike the baseball with his bat, although the view of the spectators in the background is much clearer. Another differentiator is the bordering on the front, which uses a distinct off-white color that gives it a unique look.

Meanwhile, the reverse end has a familiar appearance. It includes Henderson’s major and minor league performance data from when he first made his mark with the Florida Complex League Orioles (formerly known as the Gulf Coast League Orioles), all the way to his current Baltimore Orioles MLB team.

You get the standard copyright and trademark notices listed at the bottom of this card face, whilst the top end displays Henderson’s biographical data with full uppercase lettering.


#4. 2023 Topps Now Gunnar Henderson RC #OS-10

This card commemorates Gunnar Henderson’s recent American League Rookie Player of the Year achievement, which is clear from the front design.

As an original, licensed reprint with exclusive features, this card makes a fantastic addition to an existing baseball card collection.

The combination of black, orange and white colors is nice, as Henderson is pictured in his orange Baltimore Orioles jersey and white pants, looking on as a baseball play happens ahead of him. It looks like the player is about to start a run to the next base, although that cannot be confirmed from the image.

On the opposite side, the card documents the Baltimore Orioles’ incredible performance turnaround during the 2023 campaign, highlighting Henderson’s role in winning the American League East Division crown.

It mentions the shortstop and third baseman recording 28 homers, 82 RBI, 100 runs and nine triples in his first full season – leading all American League rookies in the aforementioned statistical categories.


#5. 2022 Topps NOW Gunnar Henderson Call-Up Card # 819

One of the finest Gunnar Henderson rookie cards to add to a collection is this unique call-up card commemorating the player’s splendid performance during his debut game.

The Baltimore Orioles shortstop hit a 429-foot home run and lost his helmet in the process, which you can see on the front side of the card in landscape orientation. It was his first MLB game, and Henderson swung his bat so hard he couldn’t keep his headgear on as he rounded the bases.

On the reverse design, you’ve got a fitting description of Henderson’s debut game that details the player’s impressive display. It reveals that he became the 10th and youngest player in franchise history to make a home run on his MLB debut. The text also mentions that Henderson went on to single for his second hit of the night as the Orioles shut out the Guardians by a 4-0 score line.

Beneath the description, you’ll see the standard copyright notices and trademarks from Topps and the MLB, which give the card more authenticity.


#6. 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Gunnar Henderson Rookie Card #10

The Bowman Chrome Sapphire Gunnar Henderson rookie card is a precious one that many collectors would do well to keep, owing to its incredible design.

Your attention is drawn towards the sapphire blue color on the card face, which evokes a rare feel similar to how sapphire-colored gemstones are difficult to acquire.

The sapphire blue background is accompanied by a fitting shot of Henderson following a shot through after making contact with the ball. His gaze is firmly fixated towards the sky as he attempts to track the aerial trajectory of the ball before committing to a run.

On the other side, a familiar layout details the player’s biographical information and touches on his professional baseball resume, technical skillset and the formative years of his life, such as his family background.


#7. 2023 Topps Holiday Gunnar Henderson Rookie Card #H4

This 2023 Topps Holiday baseball card comes from a set that celebrates the holiday season.

You’ll notice this fact from the card’s appearance on the front side, which neatly incorporates Christmas decorations like the red and white bordering and the snowflake icons wrapping around the edges.

The image of Henderson shows him preparing to strike for the Baltimore Orioles, as he’s got both his hands firmly gripped onto the baseball bat. Another nice touch to commemorate the holiday season on this card is the placement of little white snowball artefacts on the front, which gives the impression that Henderson is batting in cold weather.

Statistical hobbyists will appreciate the design on the back of this card, as it relays various data points about Henderson’s minor league and major league batting record over the years.

This side also features a small text snippet that highlights the proudest moments of Henderson’s playing career so far, such as:

  • becoming the fourth player in Orioles history to homer on his debut; and
  • being the youngest player in the big leagues upon his call-up at 21 years old


#8. 2023 Topps Inception Gunnar Henderson RC #47

This Gunnar Henderson rookie card is part of a First Milestones set from the overarching Topps Inception collection that celebrates the first hit for several top rookies with a game-used base relic from the fixture in question.

In Henderson’s case, the relic shows him in focus, preparing to hit the ball at neck-breaking speed.

Overall, the illustrative design is a nice touch that makes this card stand out from the millions of rookie cards because it uses unique artistry to capture the essence of the player’s baseball talent.

The reverse design of the card is well organized, as it has different sections for the player’s biographical data and major league batting record, with the latter displaying some interesting statistics like his .259 AVG, 4 home runs and 18 RBIs during the 2022 campaign.

In addition, this side of the card includes an “Inception Point”, which supposedly details the starting point for Henderson’s baseball career. It talks about the player being nicknamed “Mr. Baseball” in Alabama, where he averaged a double-double on the hardwoods.


#9. 2023 Gunnar Henderson Topps Inception Patch Auto #IAP-GH

Lastly, the Topps Inception autograph rookie patch card makes for a fine baseball memorabilia piece.

You get to own a piece of baseball history, as this stunning card featuring Rookie Player of the Year Gunnar Henderson was personally signed. It also contains a rookie designation, a chase feature, and serial numbering to make it a limited-edition item.

On the front side, you’ve got a fitting illustration of Henderson before as he strikes the ball for a home run in his debut game, accompanied by a blue ink signature provided by the Orioles shortstop.

Beneath that autograph signing, you’ll see a small cut-out that holds the player-worn memorabilia and a serial number in the bottom right corner.

The other side of the card congratulates the collector for ownership of the autograph patch card, highlighting the fact that a Topps representative witnessed its signing to guarantee authenticity.


Gunnar Henderson Rookie Card Values

[email protected].

What is the most valuable Gunnar Henderson card?

This has to be the 2019 Gunnar Henderson Bowman Draft Gold Refractor autograph card. It recently sold for a staggering $3,339 following an intense auction process comprised of 70 bids.

There’s no surprise for this card selling at such a high price, because several factors come into play, like the gold design, the authenticated autograph signature from the player himself and the fact that it’s been professionally graded by Beckett – who awarded it a 9.5 rating which is close to pristine condition.


Future Investment Outlook

The stars appear to be aligning for Henderson, who’s on the path to becoming a great all-round baseball player who can play a pivotal role at shortstop or third base.

Currently, his young age and inexperience make him a relatively unknown quality among casual baseball viewers

However, with a couple of seasons of pro baseball under his belt and the eventual maturity of his physical stature, Henderson can evolve into a top player known by all fan demographics.

Should this happen, most of his rookie cards would appreciate in value, making collecting even more financially rewarding for those ahead of the curve.

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