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Joel Embiid’s rookie cards could be a hot topic soon, as the 76ers’ power forward continues to make headlines with his performances.

Of course, when I say that, I am especially referring to his incredible 70-point game earlier this week against Wemby and company. Not only did The Process set a franchise record, but he pulled off this feat on the 18th anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game!

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Speaking of records, the effort from Embiid is now the 12th biggest score from an individual player in NBA history.

Therefore, the reigning NBA MVP is hot property. He is still at the top of the MVP rankings, averaging slightly over 35 points and 11.6 rebounds per game.

However, Joel Embiid’s rookie cards have a rocky history. While his cards were supposed to be among the top chases in 2014-15, injury forced the Cameroonian professional to sit out all of that season and the next one.

Joel Embiid Rookie Cards Quick Look

  • Best Overall: 2014 Prizm RC #253 (Shop eBay)
  • Most Expensive: 2014 National Treasures RPA /99 RC #103
  • Budget Pick: 2014 Donruss Rated Rookie RC #203 
  • Top Design: 2014 Panini Noir RPA Black & White RC #206
JOEL EMBIID rookie card worth

The black and white color scheme creates a high-end, striking contrast that makes the patch stand out.

With his debut coming through in 2016-17, it wasn’t long before his prowess got everyone talking again. His stock rose steadily, and he has become a significant part of the hobby since then.

In this article, we will take a look at ten of the most valuable Joel Embiid rookie cards you can own. A few of them feature the valuable autograph and patch combo, while others are just stunning to look at. With Embiid’s stronghold at the top of the MVP rankings and constantly excellent performances, his cards are worth a look.

1. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini National Treasures RPA /99 RC #103

2014 Joel Embiid Panini National Treasures rookie card Auto Patch /99 RC 103

  • PSA 10 Sale Price: $5,879.00 (2020)
  • Most Recent Sale Price: $4,932.00 BGS 9.5 on 12/2/2024
  • PSA 10 Population: 4

When you see a card featuring both an autograph and a patch, you already know it will be valuable. However, when you combine that with only 99 copies of this card exist, you have an undeniably supreme collectible!

This Joel Embiid rookie card from National Treasures features him in the 76ers’ colors. He is holding the basketball and intently focusing on a play. The card boasts a red-and-white jersey patch, which significantly contributes to the card’s value.

His autograph, sweeping across the card in blue ink, adds a personal and authentic touch. 

The “RC” logo, present in a classic inscription at the bottom, confirms its status as a rookie card. The appearance is complete with the power forward’s name and franchise name above and below the “RC” logo, respectively.’

2. 2014 Joel Embiid Immaculate Collection RPA /99 RC #104

2014 Joel Embiid Immaculate Collection Auto Patch rookie

  • Recent Sale Price: $1,499 BGS 9 on 12/18/2024
  • PSA 10 Sale Price: N/A
  • PSA 10 Population: 6

Next up is another Joel Embiid RPA card, but it is certainly cheaper than the first one!

This is a Panini Immaculate collection rookie card of Joel Embiid during an in-game moment. The same action shot from the previous card shows him gripping the ball in preparation for a play.

Embiid is wearing the Philadelphia 76ers’ vibrant blue uniform, which adds a pop of color against the clean white background.

A red and white jersey patch is inset near the top, while his autograph lies neatly below in blue ink. The “Immaculate Collection” branding is on the top left, while the “Rookie Card” logo is on the top right.

Moreover, the jersey patch is contained within a triangular structure with rounded corners. This kind of presentation looks so much better than a basic circle or square!

The card looks stunning with its combo of gold print against a deep red and a minimal white background. Unsurprisingly, it is among this list’s most valuable Joel Embiid rookie cards.

3. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Flawless Rookie Card

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Flawless Rookie Card

  • PSA 10 Sale Price: $2,600 on 11/28/2023
  • Most Recent Sale Price: $1,159 BGS 9 on 11/28/2023
  • PSA 10 Population: 24 (All Flawless Cards Total)

This Joel Embiid card from the Flawless Panini set is one of the more elegant designs on this list. It features Embiid in the 76ers’ blue jersey as he confidently holds the basketball and gazes to his left. 

The card’s background is a soft mint green and white, significantly contrasting with his uniform’s bold blue.

Vintage-inspired designs embellish the borders, while the Flawless Panini branding is gracefully inscribed below the Cameroonian center’s image. The “RC” logo sits right above the branding.

The team name is in elegant print at the very top of the card. Meanwhile, Embiid’s full name is in a similar style and font on the opposite end at the bottom.

This card is so interesting because it bypassed the patch or autograph. Instead, it went with a stunning diamond graphic between the Flawless branding and Embiid’s name print.

With just 20 of these in circulation, you can be extremely lucky if you get your hands on one! Even if you include its black and emerald parallels, there are still 26 cards in total. Therefore, it’s one of the rarest Joel Embiid rookie cards out there.

4. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Spectra Auto RC #103

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Spectra Auto Patch

  • PSA 10 Sale Price: N/A
  • Most Recent Sale Price: $1,108 on 1/6/2023 (no grade)
  • PSA 10 Population: 8

This Joel Embiid rookie card from the Spectra series is the third RPA on this list. It features a striking action shot of the player in the 76ers’ blue uniform and has a distinct metallic finish.

The jumbo red-and-blue patch right below the player’s image stands out against the shimmering silver background. Below the patch, Embiid’s signature is on display in blue ink. 

The “RC” logo at the top right signifies his rookie status, while the Spectra logo on the top left declares the series. 

The angular, metallic design elements give the card a modern, dynamic feel, making it a standout collectible. Again, it is a rare find, with only 99 of the Blue parallel in existence.

Spectra continues its use of chromium branding with this card, giving it a sleek and metallic look. Interestingly, the signature on this card is on a sticker instead of hand-written directly on the card.

5. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Preferred Auto Jersey /99 RC #310

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Preferred Auto Jersey rookie card

  • PSA 10 Sale Price: N/A
  • Most Recent Sale Price: $1,313 BGS 9.5  on 1/15/2024
  • PSA 10 Population: 6

This Joel Embiid rookie card from the Crown Royale Silhouettes series displays him poised to make a move during a game. He holds the basketball in both hands, sizing up his next move.

Thanks to the card’s layered layout, the striking red jersey patch feels like it’s part of the background. Below the image and patch, you can see Embiid’s autograph in graceful blue ink. 

Joel Embiid’s name is in a vertical orientation to the left of the card, while his franchise name is directly opposite on the right in a similar layout.

The “RC” logo is visible in the top left, confirming his rookie status. Meanwhile, the Crown Royale logo, complete with a crown emblem, is present at the bottom. You can spot the “Silhouettes” text in a stylish font at the very top of the card.

With a classic white border framing the central image, this card blends a royal theme with Embiid’s image in a fitting tribute to the MVP.

6. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Gold Standard RC #204

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Gold Standard rpa

This is a good budget option if you want a Joel Embiid RPA but don’t want to spend too much.

This rookie card features a warm golden backdrop with a diamond pattern in the top half, giving it a luxurious feel. Embiid is once again in his 76ers blue jersey, ready to play with a determined look. 

The top right corner showcases the “RC” logo, indicating his rookie status. A red jersey patch is neatly inset right below it, adding texture and color contrast. Below Embiid’s image is a nameplate featuring his name and franchise name against a dark gold background.

The power forward’s signature flows across the bottom of the card in blue ink. You can also see the “Authentic Signature” stamp, which verifies the signature’s authenticity. 

The gold tones, signature, and jersey patch all contribute to one of the most gorgeous Joel Embiid rookie cards.

As far as print runs go, 199 copies of this particular card exist. So, while it’s not as rare as some of the other cards you saw earlier, it’s not exactly the most common pull, either!

7. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Noir Rookie Card /99 #97, #197

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Noir Rookie Card

Like all the rookies in the 2014-15 Panini Noir series, Joel Embiid has two base cards. Both of them feature the 2023 NBA MVP in a black-and-white cinematic shot.

In the first card, Embiid is in a classic action shot that sees him preparing to make a shot. He is wearing the white 76ers uniform with the #21 visible on his jersey. The “RC” logo is in the bottom right, while the Noir branding is in the top left corner.

In the second card, we see him posing for a portrait, holding the basketball in both hands. He is gazing straight into the camera with an intense look. Meanwhile, his jersey and colors are the same as in the first card image. 

However, in contrast to the first card, the placement of logos is different. The “RC” logo is on the bottom left, while the Noir branding is on the top right.

8. 2014 Joel Embiid Panini Prizm Gold Rookie Card #253

2014 Joel Embiid Panini Prizm Gold Rookie Card

This rookie card from the Panini Prizm series captures the intensity of the young star in his 76ers blue uniform. He is in his trademark pose as he grips the basketball during a game. You can just about make out the #21 on his jersey. 

The card conveys a sense of Embiid’s potential against a dark, textured background that suggests both depth and motion.

The Prizm series logo at the top adds a stamp of quality, and Embiid’s name is boldly presented at the bottom, ensuring immediate recognition. Meanwhile, the “RC” logo displayed at the top left corner marks his rookie status.

This card combines the athlete’s early promise with the sleek design synonymous with Prizm cards.

The Panini Prizm is one of the most popular Joel Embiid rookie cards because of the brand and ample supply. In fact, despite way more than enough cards in production, prices are still excellent.

9. 2014 Joel Embiid Select Rookie Card #90

2014 Joel Embiid Select rookie

This Joel Embiid rookie card from the Select series showcases him in his striking Philadelphia 76ers uniform. The shot showcases his impressive physique well. He is handling the basketball as he thinks about his next move.

The “RC” logo, nestled within a graphic element at the bottom that resembles a shield, denotes his rookie status. The card’s background is a sophisticated array of gray tones, creating a textured look that adds visual depth. 

Gold accents frame the photo of Embiid, adding an elegant touch to the card’s design.

The Select branding at the top confirms the card’s premium lineage, while Embiid’s name is clearly stated at the bottom. This card undoubtedly stylishly depicts the big man’s early career.

10. 2014 Joel Embiid Donruss Rookie Card #203

2014 Joel Embiid Donruss Rookie Card #203

Rounding off the list is a “Rated Rookie” notable from Donruss. In the image, Embiid is in his classic crouching pose, holding the basketball and eyeing the basket.

The shot is set against a black backdrop, framed by a white border featuring red detailing. The white stripes and red accents give the card a retro aesthetic.

The Donruss logo is neatly placed at the top right, while Embiid’s name anchors the design at the bottom, framed by the deep red banner. This card captures the essence of Embiid’s rookie season with the Philadelphia 76ers, presented in a design that echoes the heritage of basketball collectibles.

Overall, this rookie card may not be as fancy as the others, but the Donruss branding alone is enough to boost its appeal.

Investment Outlook

I think there is an argument to be made that Joel Embiid’s rookie cards are underrated in the hobby. Maybe it’s because he isn’t as flashy as someone like Steph Curry or as iconic as LeBron James, but his stats speak for themselves.

He is on track to bag his second MVP in a row, which would be an insane feat. And if his recent 70-point game is anything to go by, The Process has no intention of slowing down!

So, yes, I do think his stock will continue to rise. As a result, his rookie cards should experience an increase in demand and value.

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