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Stephen Curry hardly needs any introduction. Widely seen as the greatest shooter in NBA history, he has to be up there when discussing the best players in recent memory. He could yet hit the top ten list, and he’s still going strong with the Golden State Warriors as we head into 2021.

Here’s a list containing 13 of the best Steph Curry autograph baseball cards, with lots of info about how and why they’ve managed to make the list.

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Top Autograph Cards

Curry has hundreds of rare autos, and that’s before we factor in for parallels, of which there are many, many more! We’ve narrowed it down to 13, spread throughout the last two decades. (Of course, that’s without considering 2021 options, as there’s sure to be at least a couple of signed Curry cards up for grabs.)

2009 Stephen Curry Crown Royale RC #103


We’ll begin with a signed RC from 2009. The design is the first thing that grabs attention with his ‘09 Crown Royale, thanks to a large chrome logo set against a chessboard backdrop. There’s an image of a young Curry with a ball in one hand, while the auto is found on a name tag at the bottom.

PSA 10 grades are few and far between, so even though there are 399 copies, only 11 have been able to achieve gem mint status. They’ve rightfully earned their place as one of the more expensive signed Curry options overall.

2018 Stephen Curry Immaculate Collection #PP-SCY


A more recent Curry card can be found in the Patch Autographs subset of the 2018 Immaculate Collection release. The design has been switched up from the norm, with the on-card auto and the serial number found at the top, near the middle.

The bottom is devoted to a large player patch, while parallels will correspond with the color of the trim.

Parallels: Jersey Number (/30), Red (/10), Gold (/10), Tags (/3)

Premium FOTL: Premium (/20), Tags (1/1)

2017 Stephen Curry Panini Flawless #2


Next is his 2017 Flawless Patch Autographs Gold card. Another premium edition, it features a great action shot of Curry as he sinks a three-pointer in trademark fashion. The on-card auto is found underneath, filled in blue ink, while the base edition has a print run of just 10 copies.

Another strong choice, the understated design is always a favorite with collectors and investors. There are also a couple of rare parallels, which change the color of the trim around the player patch, and the logos.

Parallels: Green (/5), Platinum (1/1)

2009 Stephen Curry Exquisite Collection #64

One of two Curry autos found in the 2009-10 Exquisite Collection, this is another stylish card. You’ll see an action shot of the player in a square box found at the top, while the auto is located underneath.

It’s serial numbered to 225 copies, and it’s finished off with a silver chrome trim. It’s valuable, condition-sensitive, and incredibly popular. There was no way that it wouldn’t make the list!

2009 Stephen Curry Exquisite Collection #72

From the same set as the card seen above, this one is numbered 72, rather than 64. In practice, it’s similar in most respects, following the same format and overall design. There’s a different image in the box, but it’s also serial numbered to 225, and the auto is found in the same spot.

Together, they make for one of the more valuable combinations of Curry cards, especially as both are ‘09 RCs.

2011 Stephen Curry Preferred Silhouettes Prime #247

The second Crown Royale card to make the list also relies on a gold theme. The edges have been finished with a great metal effect, and the image of Curry is cut out in front of a generous player patch. It’s another viable option from an investment perspective, as there were only 25 copies made of the Prime edition.

As with many of the others, there’s an on-card auto at the base, filled in blue ink against a white backdrop.

2009 Stephen Curry Rookies & Stars Gold RC #136

Curry’s ‘09 Rookies & Stars Gold RC is another rare release which receives a lot of attention when it comes up at auction. We’d look to the beautiful gold parallel which is limited to only 25 copies created.

It features a massive Warriors patch, signed by Curry on a white section. It will have faded ever so slightly over the past decade, as it’s not the best material to write on in the first place. Gem mint copies are almost impossible to find, with only one to be found so far.

2009 Stephen Curry Playoff Contenders RC #106

Sticking with Curry RCs, his Playoff Contenders is another classic. It has a traditional Rookie Ticket design, with stats on the left, and an image of the player in the middle.

The on-card auto is found on top of large 09-10 Rookie lettering. It makes the list as one of the few rookie cards which features the young player in a Warriors uniform, as well as offering an on-card signature.

2009 Stephen Curry Panini Prestige NBA Draft Class RC #7

One of the cheaper signed rookie cards to make the list, it’s no surprise given the cluttered design with this Panini Prestige release. A massive ‘NBA Draft NY ‘09’ logo in the middle was probably a mistake in retrospect, while Curry is relegated to a small image in the top right corner. (They used his draft image, so the player is pictured in a suit and hat.)

No matter the drawbacks, it’s a unique option, and there’s a great on-card auto located at the base.

2018 Stephen Curry Immaculate Acetate Milestones #IML-SC2

Of the 10 cards from the 2018 Immaculate Acetate Milestones set, Curry is found in two. Both are signed, and each has a print run of 25 copies. The reverse notes his tally of 15,000 points, earned in December ‘18. There’s an ascending Milestones logo on the right, next to an image of Curry as he prepares to shoot.

The yellow and blue design fits in well with his Warriors jersey, while the on-card auto is found on the bottom left corner.

2019 Stephen Curry Panini Noir Sneaker Spotlight #SNS-SC

The Sneaker Spotlight subset is all about kicks, so Curry’s shoes are given pride of place on the top section of this release!

It had a print run of just 49 copies so it’s fairly rare, and there’s a great on-card auto found at the base. It’s a bit of a niche pick, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the better signed options from recent years.

2009 Stephen Curry Panini Limited #156

Another RC from 2009, this ‘Phenoms’ card offers a small player patch to go along with a stickered auto at the base. It might not seem that special compared to the others, but it does feature Curry in his Warriors jersey.

There are only four gem mint versions according to the PSA registry, which is significant as it had an original print run of 299.

2018 Stephen Curry Impeccable Victory Signatures #IV-SCY 

The last option to make the list is from the 2018-19 Impeccable Victory Signatures subset. Celebrating the Warriors’ third title in four seasons, this landscape card shows Curry on the right, surrounded by blue smoke. The on-card auto is found on the left, while even the base version is limited to ten copies.

One of the more affordable Curry autos, it offers a great mix of rarity and affordability.

Parallels: Holo Silver (/10), Holo Gold (/10), Platinum (1/1)

Bottom Line

As you can see, there’s a variety of valuable Steph Curry autos, no matter which decade you look to. In fact, some of the later options can match his RCs in terms of pure pricing, so you don’t have to stick with older cards if you’re hoping for a few interesting investment pieces.

Curry is a living legend and not owning a few of his best rookie cards should be a crime in most states.

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