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Been thinking about owning a Paolo Banchero rookie card? You’re in the right place.

If you had to bet on any basketball rookie fulfilling their massive potential in this day and age, you’d have to put your money squarely on Paulo Banchero.

The 21-year-old Orlando Magic forward has had a meteoric rise to NBA stardom ever since his progression from college basketball with the Duke Blue Devils.

Measuring in at a good height and weight of 6’10” and 250 pounds, respectively, Banchero has the stature of a guard and already knows how to put his towering figure to good use on the court. Playing with a deadly combination of ball-handling precision, mid-range creation, and power to attack the basket, the Seattle-born athlete draws fouls from the opposition at an elite level.

Paolo Banchero Rookie Cards
Overall Pick: 2022-23 Prizm Paolo Banchero RC #249 (Shop eBay)

He recently scored a career-high 42 points on 16-for-26 shooting against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This incredible accomplishment makes him the youngest Orlando Magic player to score 40 points since Shaquille O’Neal in 1993.

That’s an impressive feat to add to his list of professional achievements, which include being named the ACC Freshman of the Year during his time at the collegiate level, as well as taking home Rookie of the Year honors in his debut 2022-2023 NBA season, and

Anyway, sports trading card collectors will keep a keen eye on Banchero’s career progression because if he manages to elevate himself to the top tier of NBA performers over the next couple of years, the value of his cards should skyrocket.

Top Paolo Banchero Rookie Cards

In this article, we’ll look at the best Paulo Banchero rookie cards that you can pick up today, to stockpile a massive archive or realize a handsome profit in the future.

1. 2022 Paolo Banchero Prizm RC #249

Paolo Banchero rookie cards Prizm 249

First up, we have the Prizm Paulo Banchero rookie card #249.

At first glance, the metallic silver color that wraps around the edges gives this collector’s item a premium feel. The silver outline blends well with the black Orlando Magic jersey and shorts that Banchero wears in the picture.

Panini has plastered its branding right at the top of the card. Below the branding, you get a fantastic snapshot image of Banchero performing a smooth lay-up motion. He appears to be guiding the ball toward the basket with his left hand, in full view of the Orlando crowd in the background.

On the reverse end, the card provides some impressive performance statistics from Banchero’s time in collegiate basketball with the Duke Blue Devils. He racked up 671 points in 39 games, giving him a respectable points-per-game tally of 17.2.

Above that performance overview, the card displays an encouraging snippet of text from the man himself. According to the snippet, Banchero’s ceiling is as high as he wants it to be, which is limitless.

Finally, you’ll spot the Panini and NBA copyright notices at the bottom of the card’s back end. You will also see the organizations’ respective logos on the left- and right-hand corners.

2. 2022 Paolo Banchero Donruss Rated Rookie #201

Paolo Banchero rookie card Donruss Rated Rookie 201

This Panini Donruss-rated rookie card doesn’t showcase a unique design. If you’re a long-time collector, you’ll immediately recognize the white bordering, which incorporates blue elements in square and rectangular shapes.

However, there is a lot I want to say about Banchero’s picture on the card.

First, the image depicts the player casually dribbling the ball with his left hand. You get the sense that Banchero is carefully biding his time, looking for weaknesses in the opposition defense positioned in front of him.

In addition, the photo used accurately captures the detail on Banchero’s right arm, which features tattoos that illustrate the important parts of his upbringing and personal style. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times that describes Banchero’s tattoo work in greater detail:

“The Space Needle and the rest of the skyline of his hometown, Seattle, sit on his right shoulder; ’19th and Spruce’ is written on his inner biceps as a nod to the Boys and Girls Club where he began playing basketball; and on his inner forearm is the logo for his friend’s Seattle-based Skyblue Collective clothing brand, which he sports often and says is a part of him’.”

The reverse design of the card is somewhat similar, as it includes the same image of Banchero that is present on the front side.

Beyond that, you’ll notice a short text describing Banchero as the hope that Orlando Magic will rely on to finally win a playoff series after a decade of waiting. It also alludes to the player’s excellent defensive capability, which is a fine complement to his scoring talent on the offensive side.

3. 2022 Paolo Banchero Crown Royale KABOOM RC #20

Paolo Banchero rookie card Crown Royale KABOOM

Here we have a dazzling Panini collectible that’s part of the sterling Kaboom! Series. This particular card set is likened to the Precious Metal Gems parallels of the 1990s, concerning their visual appeal and popularity.

Kaboom collectibles first appeared in the 2013-2014 Innovation basketball release. They have become highly coveted cards for collectors because of their eye-popping design, bountiful creativity, and extreme rarity.

The front side of this card illustrates a smiling Banchero in mid-air with the ball firmly gripped by his right hand. You could argue that the photo captures him in the thick of a slam dunk moment. His right foot points forward with his opposite leg facing the opposite direction, as it elevates off of the ground.

Panini has also incorporated a bright orange “KABOOM!” lettering in the background, which adds an artistic touch to the card.

On the other side, you’ll notice the plain white background, which is brought to life by the image cut out of Banchero and the vibrant Orlando Magic logo surrounded by orange coloring and black bordering.

Panini’s company logo rests in the right corner, with the NBA one at the bottom. The traditional copyright notices accompany the NBA branding, ultimately adding greater authenticity to the card.

4. 2022 Paolo Banchero Donruss Optic RC #221

2022 Paolo Banchero rookie cards Donruss Optic

Next, we have this classic Paulo Banchero Donruss Optic rookie card #221.

Panini Donruss Optic collectibles come with a signature design for all players, which consists of a white bordering filled with blue squared and rectangular elements that add color to the card’s edges.

Now, this card features a timeless image of the Orlando Magic prodigy in his debut season.

In a moment of extreme focus and concentration, Banchero is seen holding onto the ball with both hands, as he prepares to release its possession to a teammate. The player has a fashionable blue compression sleeve on his left arm, and some eye-catching ink on his opposite arm.

The other side of the card contains the same serious image of Banchero holding the basketball, but there’s a beautifully written description beneath it, explaining how Banchero has a fantastic chance of becoming the fourth player to emerge from Duke University and winning NBA Rookie of the Year, after Grant Hill, Elton Brand, and Kyrie Irving.

Truth be told, this card has an excellent piece of foreshadowing, as Banchero won the prestigious title of NBA Rookie of the Year for the concluded 2022-2023 campaign.

5. 2022 Paolo Banchero Panini One and One Downtown RC #19

2022 Paolo Banchero rookie card Panini One and One Downtown

Here is an illustrious Downtown insert featuring Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero.

This card is part of one of the hobby’s most recognized chase sets, where players are cast against a whimsically depicted background adorned with symbols of the city that each athlete plays in.

On the front side, you’ll notice the towering figure of Orlando Magic’s power forward, jumping with a basketball firmly in hand. What’s interesting is the background behind him, as it paints a picture of a fierce aerial battle between two dragons, each representing the different natural elements of fire and ice.

Conversely, the reverse design has a contrasting black background layout and white bordering.

There’s also a section in white serif font describing Paolo Banchero’s fairy tale story, in which the player transformed the league into a theme park full of fire-breathing performances. The font also points out Banchero’s elite demeanor, balancing his molten touch with an ice-cold mentality.

Furthermore, every logo (i.e. NBA, Panini, and Orlando Magic logos) on this side of the card has precision placement, which makes for a neat overall display.

6. 2022 Paolo Banchero Contenders Rookie/Playoff Ticket RC #112

2022 Paolo Banchero Contenders Rookie ticket

This Rookie Ticket Variation #112 is one of Paulo Banchero’s standout rookie cards, because of its eccentric-looking design.

Its front layout draws inspiration from the look and feel of an NBA ticket, as it includes the seat number in the arena reserved for the ticket owner.

This card offers even greater realism by highlighting the section and row location inside the venue. Also included in the front design is a fantastic shot of Paolo Banchero preparing to make a basket. The action shot shows him holding the ball firmly with both hands, gazing up toward the backboard.

On the reverse end, the card features a well-placed QR code and various barcodes on the top and bottom corners. These codes complement the overall look and feel of the rookie ticket.

In addition, this side of the card contains a small description of Banchero’s performance statistics, spotlighting his ability. More specifically, it mentions his solid lone season at the Duke Blue Devils, where he registered 17.2 points per contest.

7. 2022 Paolo Banchero Silver Mosaic Rookie #231

2022 Paolo Banchero rookie card Silver Mosaic Rookie

Another card that’s worth picking up is Paolo Banchero’s Silver Mosaic Rookie #231.

On the front, it has impressive silver plating around the edges, giving it a premium feel. Additionally, the central area has a well-drawn illustration showing Banchero dribbling the ball whilst screening the players ahead of him.

What’s also interesting about this card is that it shows Banchero wearing compression sleeves on both arms. He is also wearing black leggings that supposedly help with muscle warmth and improved blood flow to his lower legs.

The reverse design also has a few interesting elements worth seeing.

Firstly, there’s the horizontal table towards the bottom, which shows his performance statistics for Orlando Magic in 2022-2023. Banchero completed 72 fixtures in the campaign, amassing 1,437 points for an average of 20 points per game.

You also have the blue bordering and the black background in the center, making the white text describing Banchero stand out.

The text offers some insight into Banchero’s thought process before the NBA draft took place in 2022. The player initially thought he was going to Houston, as it was the most likely destination he had predicted. However, Orlando Magic surprised Banchero by snapping him up as their first pick in the draft, which turned out to be a wise move for the franchise.

8. 2022 Paolo Banchero Panini Select Auto RC #RS-PBC

2022 Paolo Banchero rookie cards Panini Select Auto RC #RS-PBC

The Panini Rookie Select Paulo Banchero autographed card is part of the Purple Pulsar parallel variety, with a card number of RS-PBC. As a collector’s item from the First Off The Line (FOTL) series, it’s a limited edition Super Short Print (SSP) rookie card.

This card would be a valuable addition to any basketball trading card collection. Its value primarily stems from the fact that it features the player’s handwritten signature on the front cover.

Speaking of the front side, it’s pleasing to see the blending of different colors. Plus, I love the cut-out of Banchero holding the ball with both hands as he scans the court.

On the reverse side, Panini has decided to reinforce the card’s authenticity instead of opting to further its artistic appeal.

They achieved this by including a statement guaranteeing that Paulo Banchero’s autograph was personally handwritten. Moreover, the official copyright notices and company logos are present underneath that statement, thus further verifying authenticity.

9. 2022 Paolo Banchero Panini Donruss Optic Fast Break RC #FBSPBC

2022 Paolo Banchero rookie card Panini Donruss Optic Fast Break

Lastly, we have the Paulo Banchero Panini Donruss Optic Fast Break rookie card, which dazzles at first glance.

Beyond the glittery blue backdrop, we see a neat illustration of the Orlando Magic forward in the thick of the action. This fast-break card showcases the player leading a counter, dribbling the ball down the court with his dominant right hand.

The icing on the cake for the front side of this card is a blue ink signature personally written by Banchero. The signature is also quite eye-catching, as it resembles the initials of his name.

On the other side, the card displays an identical camera shot of Banchero aggressively running down the court. He looks to be making a fast break, with the Orlando crowd in rear view cheering him on.

There’s also an inspirational quote about Banchero from the Dallas Mavericks head coach – Jason Kidd – who states that Banchero reminds him of Grant Hill, a past NBA Hall of Famer.

For one, he praises Banchero’s incredible handling ability. Additionally, he talks about his ball progression up the court, along with his middy specialty. Such overwhelming praise from an opposition coach is an excellent endorsement of the Orlando Magic forward’s talent.

Paolo Banchero Rookie Card Values

Let’s take a look at the values associated with Paolo Banchero’s rookie cards. We will explore the most valuable along with some budget buys for thrifty collectors. You can also email Cardboard Nerds to receive an estimated value of your Paolo Banchero RC.

Most Expensive

The most valuable Paolo Banchero rookie card is the 2022-23 National Treasures RPA RC /99 numbered #110.

Best Budget Purchase

Looking to invest in Banchero but not looking to spend a boatload of cash? Consider the 2022-23 Paolo Banchero Mosaic RC #231 at a PSA 10, BGS 9.5, SGC 10, or PSA 9 grade. Mosaic basketball cards hold up well to PSA grading and have a solid long-term ROI.

Another budget P5 card to consider is his 2022 Hoops Base #231. This card can be had for around $10 at a PSA 10 grade and has many high-end parallels.

Pro-Tip: Do not buy NBA Hoops cards unless they are graded as they do not hold up well to grading.

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $10
  • Parallel: Many

Estimated Value

We provide two options to obtain an estimated value of your Paolo Banchero basketball card.

  1. Email us at [email protected]. Include a minimum of 2 photos of the card.
  2. You can also message us on our Facebook page at Cardboard Nerds Facebook.

Please remember this is just an estimate and should not be taken as an exact value, BUT we come pretty darn close!


Paolo Banchero Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2022 Paolo Banchero Panini Select Auto RC #RS-PBC
  • 2022 Paolo Banchero Fast Break RC #249
  • 2022 Panini Hoops Base #231



It’s safe to say that the investment outlook on Paulo Banchero’s rookie cards looks positive.

The player is already on an impressive career trajectory, performing at a high level for the Orlando Magic in the NBA.

Paulo Banchero is a well-disciplined player who also hasn’t suffered any career-threatening injuries. Therefore, considering this fact and his obvious talent, it’s worth adding his cards to your collection.

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