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Been thinking about investing in a Caleb Williams rookie card?

Maybe the Heisman Trophy winner will be the first overall draft pick in 2024. Or, better yet, maybe he will continue his hot college form in the NFL.

Either way, if you are thinking about playing the long game and investing in his cards, you’re at the right place!

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In this guide, we will explore Caleb Williams’s career so far and what makes him a prodigy in the pocket. We will also take a look at some of his top cards and why he could be the next big thing.

So, if you are a shrewd card investor looking to get ahead of the curve, this is the only guide you’ll need.


Who is Caleb Williams?

Caleb Williams is a junior college football quarterback whose future is brighter than stadium lights on a Friday night.

From torching defenses at Gonzaga College High School to lighting up scoreboards for the Oklahoma Sooners, Williams has been that guy you can’t help but watch.


  • Born on November 18, 2001, in Washington, D.C., this dude has been slinging footballs with the kind of flair that turns heads and wins trophies. 
  • In his first season with the Trojans, Williams simply dominated the field.
  • He nabbed the Heisman Trophy, setting a school record with 52 touchdowns and chucking the pigskin for over 4,500 yards.

During his freshman year at Oklahoma, he rose from backup to starting QB in a matter of six games. He finished the year with a respectable 21 passing touchdowns, six rushing touchdowns, and four interceptions. 

Williams then transferred to USC, where he reunited with head coach Lincoln Riley. Talk about the dynamic duo getting back together!

His stats are like a cheat code: over 10,000 career yards and 120 touchdowns!

And after a 2023 season where he added over 3,300 yards and 42 total touchdowns to his resume, this gridiron prodigy declared for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Caleb Williams Rookie Cards (College)
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Will he thrive in the NFL?

So, how will this impressive young talent fare on the big stage of the National Football League?

Now that the college football season is over, it’s worth thinking about Williams as a possible first-overall pick in the 2024 draft.

Standing at 6-foot-one tall and weighing in at 216 pounds, Williams boasts outstanding playmaker potential. The stats speak for themselves, highlighting his dual-threat ability.

At Oklahoma and USC, he completed 66.9% of his passes for 10,082 yards with 93 touchdowns and just 14 interceptions. Moreover, his 966 rushing yards and 27 scores show that he is a beast both inside and outside the pocket.

When you especially consider how well agile quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson are doing in the league, a clear trend emerges. Dual-threat playmakers are undoubtedly starting to catch scouts’ attention, and Williams is an excellent prospect in this area.

However, he has flaws that he will need to overcome to truly smash it in the NFL. For one, despite excellent arm strength and creativity, his sloppy footwork was an obstacle in college. In addition, he often delays making quick, timed throws and has a tendency to backpedal during these attempts.

The good news is that these issues are very fixable. The important thing is that he has proven to be a certified baller who can execute some big-time plays. Whether it is laser-precision throws that almost always find receivers or heroic scrambles that save the day, Williams’ powers can set the NFL on fire!

Top Caleb Williams Cards

Now, it’s time to take a look at the six best Caleb Williams rookie cards to get your hands on. From stunning visuals to verified autographs, these cards are likely to be hot property sooner than you think!


2022 Caleb Williams Bowman Chrome U Prospects 1st Auto #50

2022 Caleb Williams Bowman Chrome U Prospects 1st Auto rookie card #50

This sports card features Caleb Williams in a dynamic quarterback pose. He appears poised and focused, his right arm extended amid a throw. 

Clad in the striking yellow uniform of the USC Trojans, he is demonstrating his confidence in the pocket. The #13 is visible on his jersey in red font.

The “Bowman University” logo is prominent on the top left, while the “1st Bowman” symbol to its far-right highlights Williams’s first entry. 

The QB’s autograph penned confidently in blue ink, stretches across the center, with his jersey number “#13” added. 

The bottom of the card proudly presents the player’s name above his position, both set against the radiant background. The entire card exudes a high-quality, collectible aura, which will undeniably appeal to collectors.


2023 Caleb Williams Flawless Collegiate Auto

2023 Caleb Williams rookie card Flawless Collegiate Auto

There are many different versions of this Caleb Williams rookie card, but all of them share a few key elements. Particularly, each card is from the Flawless Collegiate series, features an autograph, and has a solid front look.

However, for this review, we will take a closer look at a rare card that only has ten copies!

The 2023 Flawless Collegiate Caleb Williams Star Swatch Signatures features a maroon star swatch as its centerpiece. Below the swatch, a holographic strip contains the player’s bold autograph in blue ink, with his number “#13” present.

Meanwhile, to the very right of the signature, a shot of Williams is present. He is wearing the red-and-yellow uniform of the Trojans with the rock in his hands.

Beneath the signature, the player’s full name is present along with the team name, aligning with his collegiate affiliation.

At the very top of the card, you can see the Flawless Star Swatch Signatures branding in elegant gold print. The overall backdrop of the card is a burst of colors against a white background that makes for excellent contrast.


2022 Caleb Williams Goodwin Champions SP Authentic Future Watch Auto /299 #00TCW

2022 Caleb Williams Goodwin Champions SP Authentic Future Watch Auto /299 #00TCW

I love this Caleb Williams rookie card for its cool and casual portrayal of the Trojans quarterback!

This card features Caleb Williams in a casual pose, dressed in a dark hoodie, as he holds a football. His relaxed stance and smile convey a sense of approachability and charisma. 

The card is part of the “Future Watch” series from The Upper Deck Company. The “Future Watch” text is present at the very top of the card. Meanwhile, the “SP Authentic” logo in the top-right corner highlights the signature’s authenticity.

A unique blue silhouette outlines Williams, giving the card a modern vibe. This blue motif is complemented by pixelated elements that descend along the sides. Even the role “QB” and the athlete’s full name are in pixelated text, which is honestly a cool touch.

If you flip this card over, you will see a congratulatory message from The Upper Deck Company. To the right side, you will see four pieces of information on Williams: height, weight, date of birth, and college.


2023 Caleb Williams Leaf Metal Prizm #BA-CW1

2023 Caleb Williams Leaf Metal Prizm rookie

I would say this is one of the most intriguing designs in this list of rookie cards.

It presents the dynamic quarterback captured amid a throw, ball in hand, and gaze focused forward. He is wearing the red-and-yellow Trojans uniform with the familiar #13 in yellow font on his jersey.

The card is from the “Leaf Metal” series, as indicated by the logo at the bottom of the image.

The background features an intricate, geometric pattern of lines and angles, predominantly in black, with striking metallic accents. Of course, this kind of theme runs across the entirety of this stunning series. 

The backdrop creates a futuristic design element that brilliantly frames Williams and highlights his action shot.

Williams’ autograph is present at the bottom, written in blue ink, offering a personal connection to the athlete. The signature sits on a metallic silver panel, which contrasts with the dark, complex background, ensuring the autograph stands out.

Again, if you flip over this card, you will see congratulatory text assuring you of the autograph’s authenticity. You will be met with another shot of Williams, which is just a zoom-up of the image on the front.


2022 Caleb Williams Bowman University Inception #45

2022 Caleb Williams Bowman University Inception #45

This card captures Caleb Williams in his USC Trojans football uniform, showcasing him mid-throw with intense focus. The card is part of the “Bowman University Inception” series, as indicated by the bold “INCEPTION” title across the top.

The background certainly makes it one of the most gorgeous Caleb Williams rookie cards to look at. Featuring a dazzling array of concentric circles that radiate outward, you get an almost hypnotic, vinyl-record-like pattern!

The holographic effect of the background lends a futuristic and high-tech feel to the card. It almost looks like the young buck is emerging from a portal! 

The “Bowman University” logo is on the bottom left in a metallic style that complements the card’s overall aesthetic. His name is on prominent display in the lower center, with “USC” right below it. Both pieces of text stand out, particularly against the swirling backdrop.

Overall, the card radiates energy and captures the dynamic essence of a breakout player ready to make an impact.


2023 Caleb Williams Prizm Draft Picks Color Blast #CB14

caleb williams color blast rookie card

Rounding off the list is yet another Caleb Williams rookie card bursting with color!

The card showcases Caleb Williams in the USC Trojans’ vibrant red and gold uniform. He is captured in motion, evading a defender on the field with the football securely tucked in his arm.

The card is part of the Panini Prizm series, as can be seen with the logo at the top left.

The background of the card is not only subtle but also artistic. It features a burst of color that resembles a powder explosion in shades of red, yellow, and other colors. 

This colorful mist partially surrounds Williams, creating a striking contrast with the crisp white of the card’s surface.

The player’s name, “CALEB WILLIAMS,” is positioned at the top right, maintaining a minimalist style. The bottom of the card bears the inscription “UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,” anchoring the card’s collegiate affiliation.

Caleb Williams Rookie Card Values

If you would like an estimated value of your Caleb Williams card please email [email protected]. Include a minimum of 2 photos and a return email address. We will not use your email address for any other purposes.

What is the most expensive Caleb Williams card?

most expensive caleb williams rookie cards

  • The most expensive Caleb Williams rookie card is the 2023 Bowman U Chrome Caleb Williams 1/1 RC Auto Big Kahuna #SuperRefractor.
  • It sold for a mind-blowing $3,350 on 12/23/2023, according to eBay.
  • I would not recommend buying this card or any of its parallels.

It’s easy to see why, as it is a one-of-one collectible. In addition, it is simply a visual treat. 

For one, it exudes a cool tropical theme, labeled “BIG KAHUNA” in large, stylized lettering at the top. Williams is featured in his USC Trojans uniform, clutching a football and appearing ready for action.

The background is rich with tropical elements, including lush green palm leaves and geometric patterns. These vibrant details create a lush backdrop that frames Williams, emphasizing the theme and spotlighting his action shot.

The “Bowman Chrome” logo is present in the bottom right corner, while the quarterback’s name is to its left.

On the reverse side, you see bold text that declares Williams’s name, position, and college. Below that declaration, there is a piece of text highlighting his school records. And, of course, the “1/1” print confirms the rare nature of this beautiful card.

Therefore, due to being one of the rarer and more stunning Caleb Williams rookie cards, it has a high value.


What is the best Caleb Williams rookie card?

The best Caleb Williams rookie card has not yet been released. However, I will let you in on a little secret. 

His best card, from an ROI perspective, will be his 2024 Prizm Base rookie card. Therefore, do keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Final Thoughts

If you haven’t been tempted by a Caleb Williams rookie card yet, maybe you need to think again.

The Trojans’ star quarterback is very likely going to be the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. He has the physical traits and the crafty dual-threat persona that the modern-day NFL loves. 

Additionally, he is no scrub, and even though the Trojans had a disappointing year, Williams was the best thing about them. From winning accolades like the Heisman Trophy to smashing school records, his potential to be a football star is incredible!

We have already talked at length about how he might fare in the big league against the big boys. Given his potential, it’s clear that his cards will hold immense value over the coming years.

As a result, you can get ahead of the curve by chasing Caleb Williams rookie cards right now!

Look, the NFL is simply increasing in popularity, with studs like Travis Kelce helping make it a truly global brand. As the sport gains more fans, the demand for exciting rookie cards will skyrocket. 

And, honestly, few talents look as exciting as the Trojans’ #13. Just take a look at how much someone paid for the rare Big Kahuna card – feels like a sign of the times to come!

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