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Got the 2023 Bowman Chrome cards on your mind?

The highly anticipated 2023 Topps Bowman Chrome series unveiled yet another stellar class of athletes from around the world. With stunning card designs and elegant verified autographs, these cards are some of the most exciting chases in the hobby.

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If you’ve been thinking about hunting down the best 2023 Bowman Chrome cards but aren’t sure where to start, read on! We will cover the most exciting prospects and what makes their cards so valuable.

Most Valuable

2023 bowman chrome most valuable cards

The most expensive card sold recently is the 2023 Bowman Chrome Corbin Carroll Superfractor 1/1 RC PSA 10. This card sold for $13,600 on 10/26/2023.

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Most Valuable 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards

We will now take a look at the 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball cards that fetch the most bucks. Each of these collectibles is going for upwards of $4,500, so there is some incredible value here!

  1. 2023 Bowman Chrome Corbin Carroll Superfractor 1/1 RC PSA 10: As can be seen in the previous section, this Superfactor variant recently sold for $13,600. That price tag makes it the most valuable Bowman Chrome baseball card on our list.
  2. 2023 ETHAN SALAS AUTO 2/5 RED WAVE 2023 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto PSA 10/auto 10: The card showcases Ethan Salas in his San Diego Padres uniform, exuding confidence and readiness. The rich, red background shimmers with a metallic sheen, making Salas’s poised figure pop. Meanwhile, Salas’s blue autograph is present at the bottom, right above the Padres’ logo. Of course, the “Topps Certified Autograph Issue” stamp guarantees the autograph’s legitimacy. As a result of the striking design and autograph, the card recently went for a whopping $7,500, according to CardLadder.
  3. 2023 Junior Caminero Bowman Chrome Sapphire Orange Refractor Auto BGS 9.5 /25 – sold for unknown but averages $4,500: This Bowman Chrome card features Junior Caminero, a shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, in an action pose during a game. The warm, fiery orange backdrop enhances the intensity of his focused expression and ready stance. Caminero’s signature, in striking blue ink, flows across the card, affirming its authenticity as a “Topps Certified Autograph Issue.” While it’s unknown what the card last sold for, it is averaging a value of $4,500, according to eBay search results. As a result, it makes it into our top three most valuable Bowman Chrome card rankings.


2023 Bowman Chrome Best Cards

Without further ado here are the top 10 most valuable via recent sales on eBay.

2023 Jackson Holliday Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto #CPA-JH

2023 Jackson Holiday Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto rookie card

This Bowman Chrome card features Jackson Holliday, poised and ready to swing the bat. Dressed in the Baltimore Orioles’ vibrant orange and white, he stands out against the muted background. 

The Bowman Chrome logo is placed in the top-left corner, while the Orioles emblem is displayed at the bottom. His autograph, boldly signed in blue, sweeps across the bottom, undoubtedly adding to the card’s value. 

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Additionally, the “Topps Certified Autograph Issue” declaration confirms the authenticity of the signature.

The card’s border design is sleek, with a futuristic silver frame that encapsulates Holliday’s dynamic pose. In my opinion, the design is excellent at capturing the energy and potential of a promising shortstop.

With the Orioles drafting Holliday as the first overall pick in the 2022 MLB draft, the franchise has immense faith in his abilities. His signing bonus of $8.19 million is the largest ever for a high school player!


2023 Paul Skenes Bowman Chrome Draft 1st Prospect #CDA-PS

best 2023 bowman chrome rookie cards autos

This card showcases Paul Skenes, pitcher, in mid-action for the Pittsburgh Pirates. His focused expression is in view as he prepares to throw. He is wearing the black Pirates jersey with the gold “P” just about visible on it.

Meanwhile, the “1st Bowman” badge highlighting his rookie status is in the top-right corner. 

The logo on the top left tells you that this card is part of the Bowman Chrome series. Skene’s autograph, in bold blue ink, runs across the card’s center. The Pirates’ logo anchors the bottom, matching the gold border that frames the card. 

As always, we have the Topps declaration that affirms the signature’s authenticity. 

This design, with its sharp contrasts and clean lines, highlights the pitcher’s massive potential.

A towering workhorse with a clean and easy delivery, Skenes is already making waves with his performances. The 2022 John Olerud Award recipient was the first overall pick for the Pirates in the 2023 draft.


2023 Ethan Salas Bowman Chrome Auto #CPAESS

2023 Bowman Draft Paul Skenes AUTO 1st Prospect CDA-PS Chrome Pirates

This Bowman Chrome card presents Ethan Salas, a promising young catcher for the San Diego Padres. He is in mid-stance, gripping the bat, ready for action. The top-right corner of the card proudly displays the “1st Bowman” chrome tag, indicating Salas’ entry in the series. 

His autograph, inked in vibrant blue, markedly sweeps across the lower half. The Padres’ iconic “SD” logo centers below his signature, anchoring the design. A golden border outlines the card, complementing the Padres’ gold color scheme.

Ethan Salas, a top prospect for the Padres, showcases skills beyond his years. His ability to manage pitchers and control the game from behind the plate speaks to his baseball IQ. The top international free agent in 2023 signed for the Padres for a $5.6 million bonus.


2023 Max Clark Bowman Chrome Refractor #BDC76

2023 Max Clark Bowman Chrome Refractor #BDC76

The card features Max Clark, a promising young talent in the Detroit Tigers organization. Dressed in the white Tigers uniform, he appears ready for action, bat in hand. The “Bowman Chrome” logo adorns the top left, signifying the card’s premium series. 

The Tigers logo is clearly present at the bottom, right above the athlete’s nameplate. The combination of radiant, bright colors in the background adds to the card’s visual appeal.

Clark is a left-handed outfielder known for his power and speed. As the third overall pick by the Tigers in the 2023 MLB Draft, he signed a lucrative $7.7 million deal. Clark made his professional debut during the same year, displaying a solid performance with a .224 average and 19 RBIs over 23 games.


2023 Joendry Vargas Bowman Chrome 1st Prospect #218

2023 Joendry Vargas Bowman Chrome 1st Prospect #218

The card features a dynamic image of Joendry Vargas, a shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is wearing the white Dodgers uniform, complete with the blue baseball cap. The shot captures him during an active moment on the field.

The “Bowman Chrome” logo sits prominently at the top left, while the “1st Bowman” symbol is to its far right. At the bottom of the card, you can see the Dodgers team logo, followed by the shortstop’s name and his role.

The background bursts with an energetic, orange crystal design that is stunning to look at. Overall, the card design is vibrant and eye-catching, with a sleek, modern feel.

Joendry Vargas is an emerging talent in baseball, making strides within the minor league system. A shortstop known for his agility and defensive skills, Vargas shows promise with his developing offensive game.


2023 Lazaro Montes Bowman 1st Chrome Prospect #CPA-LM

2023 Lazaro Montes Bowman 1st Chrome Prospect #CPA-LM

The card features the exciting Cuban outfielder Lazaro Montes ready to take a powerful left-handed swing. He is wearing the green-and-white Seattle Mariners uniform. His pose looks confident, which is a mark of the ambitious young talent’s desire to make it to the very top.

Right in the middle of the card, Montes’ autograph is present in blue ink. Meanwhile, the Bowman Chrome is prominent at the top left, and the “1st Bowman” symbol is to its far right. The latter, of course, highlights the left-hand batter’s explosive entry into the MLB.

At the bottom of the card, the Mariners team logo anchors the design, with the player’s nameplate right below it.

Drawing comparisons to legendary Yordan Alvarez, Montes signed with the Seattle Mariners as an international free agent in January 2022.


2023 Felnin Celesten Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman #BCP156

2023 Felnin Celesten Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman #BCP156

The card features Felinin Celesten in a dynamic batting pose, dressed in Seattle Mariners gear. His focus is intense as he prepares to swing. The switch-hitting shortstop is wearing the navy blue Mariners jersey as well as the blue baseball cap. His bat is ready to hit one out of the park!

The “Bowman Chrome” logo adorns the top-left corner, marking the card’s brand. A deep blue, almost midnight hue, dominates the card, complementing the Mariners’ color theme. The borders are sleek, with a silvery-white sheen framing the player’s image. 

Finally, the Mariners’ logo and the athlete’s name at the bottom complete the card’s design.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Celesten has shown incredible promise as a future MLB star. He caught the scouts’ attention early on as a five-tool talent with superb arm strength and speed. He signed for the Mariners as the No.2 international prospect for a cool $2.3 million in January 2023.


2023 Rayner Arias Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman #BCP222

2023 Rayner Arias Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman #BCP222

This Bowman Chrome card spotlights Rayner Arias, an outfielder for the San Francisco Giants. He poses confidently, bat resting on his shoulder, sporting the team’s black jersey. The “SF” logo stands out distinctly on his cap, emphasizing his affiliation with the Giants. 

The Bowman Chrome logo, positioned top-left, signifies the card’s brand. The warm yellow backdrop contrasts with the black of his uniform, while the card border features a sleek, reflective design. 

Finally, the Giants logo and Arias’ nameplate are present at the very bottom of the card. 

The Giants’ system needed a power hitter, and they found one in the 6-foot-2 tall outfielder. Signing for the Giants for a $2.7 million bonus in early 2023, Arias particularly impressed scouts with his exploits in the Dominican Summer League.


2023 Ben Brown Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman #CPABBN

best 2023 bowman chrome

This striking card captures Ben Brown, a pitcher, in a poised position, ready to throw. He’s clad in the Chicago Cubs’ iconic gear, with the Cubs’ logo prominently displayed, affirming his team allegiance. 

At the forefront, Brown’s focused expression suggests concentration and readiness. His blue autograph is present in bold signage across the card’s lower half. Particularly, the “Topps Certified Autograph Issue” declaration highlights the authenticity of the signature.

The “1st Bowman Chrome”, present in the top right corner, marks Brown’s initial appearance in this prestigious series. Meanwhile, the Cubs logo and the player’s nameplate are present at the bottom.

The sparkling, speckled background dazzles, giving the card a unique and eye-catching appearance.

A tall righthander with a high 90s fastball and a powerful curve, Brown is an incredible MLB prospect.


2023 Corbin Carroll Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Card #5

2023 Corbin Carroll Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Card #5

The Corbin Carroll Bowman Chrome card captures the athlete in a poised and ready stance. Dressed in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ striking red attire, Carroll exudes focus and anticipation. The cool blue backdrop significantly contrasts with the warm hues of his uniform, drawing the eye to his figure.

Significantly, the “RC” logo marks the card as a rookie collectible, enhancing its value to collectors.

Carroll, known for his swift and skilled play, appears primed for action. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ logo, prominently placed at the bottom, proudly affiliates him with the team. His autograph, potentially an integral element, would elevate the card’s desirability.

A first-round pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, Carroll’s promise as a significant talent is evident. Despite an injury in 2021, his return to the field was highly anticipated. 

Carrol had a batting average of .281 with 29 home runs in the 2023 season, which was good enough to name him National League Rookie of the Year.


Most Valuable

2023 bowman chrome most valuable cards

The most expensive card sold recently is the 2023 Bowman Chrome Corbin Carroll Superfractor 1/1 RC PSA 10. This card sold for $13,600 on 10/26/2023.


2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Checklist

Base Checklist

1 Edouard Julien, Minnesota Twins RC
2 Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers
3 Garrett Mitchell, Milwaukee Brewers RC
4 Nolan Jones, Colorado Rockies RC
5 Corbin Carroll, Arizona Diamondbacks RC
6 Bo Bichette, Toronto Blue Jays
7 Bobby Miller, Los Angeles Dodgers RC
8 Max Scherzer, New York Mets
9 Enmanuel Valdez, Boston Red Sox RC
10 Gunnar Henderson, Baltimore Orioles RC
11 Anthony Volpe, New York Yankees RC
12 Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
13 Javier Báez, Detroit Tigers
14 Drew Waters, Kansas City Royals RC
15 Brett Baty, New York Mets RC
16 Seiya Suzuki, Chicago Cubs
17 Adley Rutschman, Baltimore Orioles (RC)
18 Jordan Walker, St. Louis Cardinals RC
19 Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays
20 Oscar Colás, Chicago White Sox RC
21 Josh Jung, Texas Rangers RC
22 Grayson Rodriguez, Baltimore Orioles RC
23 Ezequiel Tovar, Colorado Rockies RC
24 Francisco Lindor, New York Mets
25 Yordan Alvarez, Houston Astros

26 Brayan Rocchio, Cleveland Guardians RC
27 Xander Bogaerts, San Diego Padres
28 Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres
29 Riley Greene, Detroit Tigers RC
30 Maikel Garcia, Kansas City Royals RC
31 Michael Harris II, Atlanta Braves RC
32 Triston Casas, Boston Red Sox RC
33 Oswaldo Cabrera, New York Yankees RC
34 Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals
35 Francisco Álvarez, New York Mets RC
36 Ben Joyce, Los Angeles Angels RC
37 Vaughn Grissom, Atlanta Braves RC
38 Casey Schmitt, San Francisco Giants RC
39 Pete Alonso, New York Mets
40 Miguel Vargas, Los Angeles Dodgers RC
41 Joey Wiemer, Milwaukee Brewers RC
42 Brice Turang, Milwaukee Brewers RC
43 Mark Vientos, New York Mets RC
44 Oswald Peraza, New York Yankees RC
45 Kris Bryant, Colorado Rockies
46 Esteury Ruiz, Oakland Athletics RC
47 Freddie Freeman, Los Angeles Dodgers
48 Nolan Gorman, St. Louis Cardinals RC
49 Bo Naylor, Cleveland Guardians RC
50 Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

51 Logan O’Hoppe, Los Angeles Angels RC
52 Spencer Steer, Cincinnati Reds RC
53 Jazz Chisholm Jr., Miami Marlins
54 Michael Busch, Los Angeles Dodgers RC
55 Rhys Hoskins, Philadelphia Phillies
56 Miguel Amaya, Chicago Cubs RC
57 Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers
58 Corey Seager, Texas Rangers
59 Gabriel Moreno, Arizona Diamondbacks RC
60 Patrick Bailey, San Francisco Giants RC
61 Jeremy Peña, Houston Astros
62 Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals
63 Aaron Judge, New York Yankees
64 Zach Neto, Los Angeles Angels RC
65 Matt Mervis, Chicago Cubs RC
66 Anthony Rizzo, New York Yankees
67 Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels
68 James Outman, Los Angeles Dodgers RC
69 Hunter Brown, Houston Astros RC
70 Wander Franco, Tampa Bay Rays
71 Christopher Morel, Chicago Cubs RC
72 Liover Peguero, Pittsburgh Pirates RC
73 Manny Machado, San Diego Padres
74 CJ Abrams, Washington Nationals
75 Masataka Yoshida, Boston Red Sox RC

76 Luis Robert, Chicago White Sox
77 Kodai Senga, New York Mets RC
78 Oneil Cruz, Pittsburgh Pirates
79 Bobby Witt Jr., Kansas City Royals
80 Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins
81 Julio Rodríguez, Seattle Mariners
82 Taj Bradley, Tampa Bay Rays RC
83 Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox
84 Matt Olson, Atlanta Braves
85 Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins
86 Joey Ortiz, Baltimore Orioles RC
87 Luis Arraez, Miami Marlins
88 Tanner Bibee, Cleveland Guardians RC
89 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels
90 Eury Pérez, Miami Marlins RC
91 Vinnie Pasquantino, Kansas City Royals RC
92 Bryce Miller, Seattle Mariners RC
93 Ronald Acuña Jr., Atlanta Braves
94 Matt McLain, Cincinnati Reds RC
95 Shea Langeliers, Oakland Athletics RC
96 Juan Soto, San Diego Padres
97 Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies
98 Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees
99 Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees
100 José Ramírez, Cleveland Guardians

Color Run Rookie Variations Checklist

5 Corbin Carroll, Arizona Diamondbacks /23
10 Gunnar Henderson, Baltimore Orioles /23
11 Anthony Volpe, New York Yankees /23
15 Brett Baty, New York Mets /23
17 Adley Rutschman, Baltimore Orioles /23
18 Jordan Walker, St. Louis Cardinals /23
29 Riley Greene, Detroit Tigers /23
44 Oswald Peraza, New York Yankees /23
48 Nolan Gorman, St. Louis Cardinals /23
75 Masataka Yoshida, Boston Red Sox /23

Rookie Short Print Image Variations Checklist

2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Image Variations Christopher Morel

5 Corbin Carroll, Arizona Diamondbacks
10 Gunnar Henderson, Baltimore Orioles
15 Brett Baty, New York Mets
17 Adley Rutschman, Baltimore Orioles
23 Ezequiel Tovar, Colorado Rockies
29 Riley Greene, Detroit Tigers
31 Michael Harris II, Atlanta Braves
32 Triston Casas, Boston Red Sox
35 Francisco Álvarez, New York Mets
40 Miguel Vargas, Los Angeles Dodgers
44 Oswald Peraza, New York Yankees
48 Nolan Gorman, St. Louis Cardinals
71 Christopher Morel, Chicago Cubs
75 Masataka Yoshida, Boston Red Sox
77 Kodai Senga, New York Mets


BCP-151 Juan Benjamin, Cleveland Guardians
BCP-152 Oswaldo Osorio, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-153 Jun-Seok Shim, Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-154 Daiverson Gutierrez, New York Mets
BCP-155 Luis Torres, Los Angeles Angels
BCP-156 Felnin Celesten, Seattle Mariners
BCP-157 Xavier Isaac, Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-158 Deyvison De Los Santos, Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-159 Javier Rivas, Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-160 Gavin Cross, Kansas City Royals
BCP-161 Dangelo Sarmiento, New York Mets
BCP-162 Junior Caminero, Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-163 Enmanuel Bonilla, Toronto Blue Jays
BCP-164 Jesus Caba, Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-165 Colson Montgomery, Chicago White Sox
BCP-166 Anthony Gutierrez, Texas Rangers
BCP-167 Blaze Jordan, Boston Red Sox
BCP-168 Luis Serna, New York Yankees
BCP-169 Edwin Solano, Washington Nationals
BCP-170 Termarr Johnson, Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-171 Ethan Salas, San Diego Padres
BCP-172 Josue De Paula, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-173 Hans Montero, New York Yankees
BCP-174 Drew Gilbert, Houston Astros
BCP-175 Victor Izturis, Cleveland Guardians
BCP-176 Marco Luciano, San Francisco Giants
BCP-177 Elian Soto, Washington Nationals
BCP-178 Spencer Jones, New York Yankees
BCP-179 Miguel Tamares, Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-180 Michael Arroyo, Seattle Mariners
BCP-181 Jacob Reimer, New York Mets
BCP-182 Samuel Munoz, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-183 Carter Young, Baltimore Orioles
BCP-184 Janero Miller, Miami Marlins
BCP-185 Edryn Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners
BCP-186 Camilo Diaz, Houston Astros
BCP-187 Jesus Galiz, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-188 Brandon Mayea, New York Yankees
BCP-189 Sebastian Walcott, Texas Rangers
BCP-190 Nelson Rada, Los Angeles Angels
BCP-191 Keiner Delgado, New York Yankees
BCP-192 Ludwing Espinoza, Chicago Cubs
BCP-193 Bryan Acuña, Minnesota Twins
BCP-194 Luis Almeyda, Baltimore Orioles
BCP-195 Jose Gerardo, Miami Marlins
BCP-196 Jacob Melton, Houston Astros
BCP-197 Jonathan Mejia, St. Louis Cardinals
BCP-198 Raymond Mola, Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-199 Roderick Arias, New York Yankees
BCP-200 Luis Guanipa, Atlanta Braves

BCP-201 Kevin Parada, New York Mets
BCP-202 Yasser Mercedes, Minnesota Twins
BCP-203 Ariel Castro, Minnesota Twins
BCP-204 Cristofer Torin, Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-205 Angel Cepeda, Chicago Cubs
BCP-206 Jadher Areinamo, Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-207 Anderson De Los Santos, Baltimore Orioles
BCP-208 Axiel Plaz, Pittsburgh Pirates
BCP-209 Cristhian Vaquero, Washington Nationals
BCP-210 Marcelo Mayer, Boston Red Sox
BCP-211 Alex Ramirez, New York Mets
BCP-212 Brady House, Washington Nationals
BCP-213 Gabriel Gonzalez, Seattle Mariners
BCP-214 Elijah Green, Washington Nationals
BCP-215 Jace Jung, Detroit Tigers
BCP-216 Jett Williams, New York Mets
BCP-217 Justin Crawford, Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-218 Joendry Vargas, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-219 Adan Sanchez, Chicago Cubs
BCP-220 Roman Anthony, Boston Red Sox
BCP-221 Yosy Galan, Texas Rangers
BCP-222 Rayner Arias, San Francisco Giants
BCP-223 Miguel Bleis, Boston Red Sox
BCP-224 James Wood, Washington Nationals
BCP-225 Jasson Domínguez, New York Yankees
BCP-226 Jaison Chourio, Cleveland Guardians
BCP-227 Jackson Holliday, Baltimore Orioles
BCP-228 Welbyn Francisca, Cleveland Guardians
BCP-229 Kevin Ereu, Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-230 Luisangel Acuña, Texas Rangers
BCP-231 Derniche Valdez, Chicago Cubs
BCP-232 William Bergolla, Philadelphia Phillies
BCP-233 Lazaro Montes, Seattle Mariners
BCP-234 Bladimir Restituyo, Colorado Rockies
BCP-235 Dyan Jorge, Colorado Rockies
BCP-236 Hendry Chivilli, Minnesota Twins
BCP-237 Andy Acevedo, Washington Nationals
BCP-238 Alfredo Duno, Cincinnati Reds
BCP-239 Cam Collier, Cincinnati Reds
BCP-240 Brailer Guerrero, Tampa Bay Rays
BCP-241 Samuel Zavala, San Diego Padres
BCP-242 Arnaldo Lantigua, Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP-243 Jacob Berry, Miami Marlins
BCP-244 Jackson Merrill, San Diego Padres
BCP-245 Brooks Brannon, Boston Red Sox
BCP-246 Jackson Chourio, Milwaukee Brewers
BCP-247 Jordan Lawlar, Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-248 Brooks Lee, Minnesota Twins
BCP-249 Druw Jones, Arizona Diamondbacks
BCP-250 Adrian Pinto, Toronto Blue Jays