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Five words: Bowman… CHROME… Baseball… Card… Lots…

In the last year 60% to 70% of my sports card investment purchasing has been lots of Bowman Chrome baseball cards.


For a number of reasons but ultimately the return on investment on these purchases have been well into the double digits and in some case they surpass a 100% ROI.

3 Reasons We Love Buying Lots Of Bowman Chome Baseball Cards 

  1. They hold up very well under PSA grading. Over the years I have gotten familiar with PSA grading, very familiar. After sending them thousands and thousands of cards over the years I can 100% say Bowman Chrome baseball cards return the greatest amount of PSA 10 grades. In one case I invested in a lot of 50 Bowman Chrome Prospect cards of a certain MLB prospect. Out of the fifty I sent in 32 came back with PSA 10 grades. That is an amazing amount… try getting that amount back with any other baseball card set… you WILL NOT be able to.
  2. The cards are extremely popular. Being one of the most popular and expensive cards you will have no problem finding Bowman Chrome cards to invest in.
  3. Bowman Chrome baseball cards feature players when they are only prospects. You can find player XYZ when they are only in Single-A ball and have not made their major league debut. We love investing in young prospctes super early in their career. For example, we bought over 200 Wander Franco’s Bowman Prospect cards when he was young, we also did the same with Vlad Jr. We continue to sell both of them for a huge ROI.

3 Tips When Buying Bowman Chome Baseball Cards

  1. Buy lots. For example, when searching for a card enter the following into an eBay search “2017 Ronald Acuna Bowman Chrome Lot”.
  2. Save and buy from sellers who have provided a good amount of PSA 10 grades when buying a lot. Sometimes you will find sellers who simply break open anything under a PSA 10 grade and resell it as a lot on eBay.
  3. As we mentioned Bowman Chrome baseball cards allow you to purchase young phenoms super early in their career. This card-buying strategy has been an absolute gold mine. We have done this with players such as Wander Franco, Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuba, Vlad Jr., and currently Jackson Holiday. Be super careful with this strategy as it can backfire big time if you miss on the player. So far we have been lucky as we only stick to “phenoms” but eventually we will hit a land mine.

If you have any questions regarding this investment strategy please DM us on our social media portfolios.

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