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The Super Bowl is finally upon us, and so is the prospect of a confident quarterback getting his third ring! Therefore, it’s only natural to talk about the most stunning Patrick Mahomes rookie cards to get your hands on.

Update 3/1/2024: The Cheifs won their third Superbowl in five years, defeating Brock Purdey and the 49ers. For a third time in the past five years, Patrick Mahomes is your MVP. Tom Brady is now the only quarterback ahead of Mahomes regarding GOAT quarterback status in the NFL. 

So many epic clashes await us in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. It’s part deux of Chiefs vs 49ers on the big stage; will it be like last time? 

It’s Andy Reid vs Kyle Shanahan. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle. Isaiah Pacheco vs Christian McCaffrey.

But all eyes will undoubtedly be on the signal callers on either side. Who comes out on top between “Mr. Irrelevant” Brock Purdy and two-time champ Patrick Mahomes?

Speaking of which, check out our guide to the best Brock Purdy rookie cards to invest in for big gains!

If Mahomes can unlock yet another defense with his canon arm, he will undeniably etch his name amongst the GOATs of the game. He hasn’t thrown an interception in six consecutive postseason starts now, which is an incredible streak!

So, the omens look good for “The Grim Reaper” ahead of what promises to be an entertaining clash. His rookie cards are always in high demand, but we can expect their value to take off if he can clinch that third ring.

Therefore, in this guide, we will take a look at the 13 best Patrick Mahomes rookie cards to own.

#1. 2017 Panini Prizm Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card #269


2017 panini prizm patrick mahomes rookie card 269

Patrick Mahomes is captured in his red-and-white Chiefs uniform on the front of the card. The #15 is ready to make a play during a game. He grips the football, preparing to unleash one of his signature throws. 

The iconic “Prism” logo crowns the top, while the “Rookie Card” emblem is placed prominently at the bottom, signifying Mahomes’ first season. The card’s border features a sleek geometric design with a cool silver and teal color scheme that complements the Chiefs’ red and white uniform.

Flipping to the back, the card continues its design with a red accent along the sides. The color contrasts the player’s stats and information presented in a clear, readable format. His achievements, height, weight, and a quote about his remarkable arm strength are featured, telling us about his early promise.

The back also includes the “Panini Prizm” branding at the bottom. The overall design on both sides of the card makes it classic and straightforward.

Nowadays, we talk about Mahomes in the same breath as the likes of Tom Brady and Joe Montana. However, even before his arm guided the Chiefs to two Super Bowl victories, it was getting a ton of praise.

Just take it from running back Charcandrick West, who told NFL Total Access back in 2017 that Mahomes has “a canon on him”!

#2. 2017 Patrick Mahomes Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Rookie Card #177


2017 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Patrick Mahomes 177

On the front of the card, Patrick Mahomes is depicted poised to throw the football, captured in the Kansas City Chiefs’ vibrant red uniform. Since he’s not wearing his helmet, you get a full sense of the intense focus on his face!

The card is illuminated by a futuristic blue backdrop with a honeycomb pattern, highlighting the quarterback’s concentration. The “Rated Rookie” logo is displayed prominently at the top left, suggesting his breakout potential. Meanwhile, the “Donruss Optic” logo at the bottom right corner indicates the card’s series.

The back of the card features Mahomes’ name and team in a sleek black design. A blue information box contains a quote about Mahomes’ draft to the Chiefs under coach Andy Reid, signaling high expectations.

The “Rated Rookie” logo once again appears but this time at the bottom. The usual NFL and NFLPA logos are also present to ensure authenticity. With its blend of futuristic design theme and athletic promise, this is one of my favorite Patrick Mahomes rookie cards.

Did you know that #15 is more than just a jersey number for Mahomes? He digs it because it carries some significance for him.

I actually like 15 a lot,” Mahomes said in an interview. “It’s kinda like, I got drafted 10th and I [wore] number five. And there’s not really any other quarterbacks that have 15.

The GOATs just think differently, don’t they?

#3. 2017 Panini Contenders Patrick Mahomes Rookie Autograph #303


2017 Panini Contenders Patrick Mahomes Rookie Auto 303

Finally, let’s discuss one of the best Patrick Mahome rookie cards featuring the coveted autograph!

On the front, Mahomes is in an action shot during a game, moving with the rock secure in his hands. He is wearing the familiar red-and-white jersey of the Kansas City Chiefs.  

Because this is a “Rookie Ticket” card, you see the branding to the top left, with the ticket graphic below it. I find the numbers on these tickets interesting because they typically have meaning. 

For instance, on this ticket, you see Section 225, Row 62, and Seat 15. Of course, 15 is Mahomes’s iconic jersey number! 

The quarterback’s signature graces the bottom in neat, black ink. The sign reinforces the card’s collectible value, particularly as an authentic piece by Panini America.

In terms of logos, the “Rookie Card” logo is present at the top-right.

The reverse side highlights Mahomes as the heir to the Chiefs’ quarterback legacy. It celebrates his consults with NFL legends like Brett Favre, underscoring his potential because of this guidance.

The golden-and-black backdrop radiates with his silhouette to the left and his name and team name on the right.

You know what they say: iron sharpens iron. Mahomes clearly applies this principle because he has taken advice from icons like Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, and Michael Vick!

#4. 2016 Select Silver Prizm XRC #2 Patrick Mahomes II RC

Patrick Mahomes II is ready to launch the football on the card’s front, framed by an ornate, holographic design. The “Select” and “Rookie Card” logos, at the top and bottom, respectively, accentuate his status as a standout newcomer.

The back, featuring a rich red pattern and gold accents, echoes the Chiefs’ colors. Along with the QB’s name and team name, it features a text box talking about his impressive arm strength.

The card’s design underlines his potential, particularly as a rookie, to excel against on-field threats with his significant passing ability.

The card’s text box actually highlights a bonkers fact. Did you know Mahomes was chucking the rock 80 yards downfield on his pro day? No wonder he was making waves early on with that arm on him!

#5. 2017 Panini Flawless Patrick Mahomes RC #132

The Panini Flawless series was making it on this list! Moreover, this particular card is truly one of the most luxe-looking Patrick Mahomes rookie cards.

The front of the card features Mahomes poised to launch the pigskin downfield. His action shot is set against a clean white background with royal blue detailing. His full name is visible to the right within the blue Flawless banner. Meanwhile, the quarterback’s autograph is in blue ink at the bottom, standing against the white backdrop.

On the back, a quote about Mahomes’ work ethic and a nod to his mentorship by godfather LaTroy Hawkins is highlighted. In addition, you get to see the Chiefs logo and a Certificate of Authenticity for the enclosed sapphire and autograph.

Coach Andy Reid admires his starting quarterback’s talent and personality. He says, “Mahomes is respectful, but he’s not in awe.”

#6. 2017 National Treasures Patrick Mahomes RC #161 Autograph Patch #/99

Patrick Mahomes is showcased on the card’s front, preparing to throw the football with intense focus. Below this image, you can see the quarterback’s bold autograph in blue ink. Meanwhile, a clean print of his full name is below it.

All of these elements are set against a white background, with a distinctive yellow-and-red jersey patch to the right. This patch and the autograph contribute to making this one of the most valuable Patrick Mahomes rookie cards!

The back of the card details Mahomes’ college and NFL Combine achievements. The text box is framed by red geometric shapes set against the white background. It also includes the NFL and NFLPA logos, with a Certificate of Authenticity from Panini America. 

The card is both a collectible and a testament to Mahomes’ early promise as a quarterback.

Did you know that Mahomes is only the third quarterback to be the first-round draft pick for the KC Chiefs? He is in excellent company with Todd Blackledge (1983) and Steve Fuller (1979).

#7. 2017 Immaculate Collection Patrick Mahomes RC #104 Autograph Patch #/99

The front of the card captures Patrick Mahomes poised to pass the football, with a vibrant Rookie Card emblem and his autograph featured prominently. A large, eye-catching patch with the Chiefs’ colors adds a unique touch.

On the back, a quote from his teammate praises Mahomes’ leadership and personality, highlighting his early influence on the team. The design is simple yet elegant, with the Chiefs logo and an authenticity guarantee of the patch and autograph.

At some point, Mahomes may have been a wide-eyed rookie, but his leadership potential was never in doubt. Take it from Kareem Hunt, who identified the two-time Super Bowl MVP as a “good leader” from the get-go.

#8. 2017 Patrick Mahomes II Panini Prizm Illumination RC #3

Another one for the collection of Panini Prizm Patrick Mahomes rookie cards! However, this is Illumination, so expect to see a dazzling design.

On the front, Patrick Mahomes II is captured in mid-throw, with a focused gaze downfield. The “ILLUMINATION” and “PRIZM” logos above and below him shine, matching the card’s holographic sheen.

The back features a grayscale image of Mahomes, with a quote about his promising start with the Chiefs. The “PRIZM” branding is again evident, alongside the NFL and NFLPA logos at the bottom, indicating official licensing. 

The rookie card reflects Mahomes’ potential through its design and commentary.

Speaking of dazzling things, Mahomes doesn’t shy away from shiny things in life. In fact, after winning Super Bowl LIV, the quarterback proposed to high-school sweetheart Brittany Matthews with an 8-carat diamond ring!

#9. 2017 Patrick Mahomes Panini Donruss The Rookies #7

The card features Patrick Mahomes poised to throw the ball. Clad in the Chiefs’ red and white uniform, he grips the football firmly with both hands, ready for a pass. 

The player’s stance is dynamic, with his left foot forward, suggesting movement. The card’s front has a glossy finish that highlights the athlete against the green field background. A reflective gold border frames the image with deeper red and white tones at the corners.

On the back, a bright yellow background draws attention, with bold red and white accents mirroring the team’s colors. The text box beneath his name describes his impressive arm strength and potential as a rookie. 

The bottom of the card provides branding elements such as “THE ROOKIES,” “PANINI,” and official NFL and NFLPA logos.

While Mahomes spent most of 2017 playing second fiddle to Alex Smith, he did get his chance in the final game of the regular season. During that game against the Broncos, he impressed with his arm, completing 22 of 35 passes for 284 yards!

#10. 2017 Panini Select Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Premier Level #103

The front of this card displays Patrick Mahomes in his trademark position, ready to throw the football. He is wearing the team’s red jersey with the #15 prominently displayed, along with white pants. 

The card’s design has a sophisticated black background with geometric patterns, giving it a modern feel. A distinctive red and gold border outlines the card, with the “SELECT” branding at the top in bold white letters. 

The “Rookie Card” logo is visible below the image. Meanwhile, Mahomes’ name is visible in gold capital letters, with “CHIEFS” below it in smaller font.

On the back, the card features a white and gold scheme with red accents that echo the team colors. The top third features the Chiefs’ arrowhead logo with the familiar “KC” in the center. Below, the card provides Mahomes’ name in bold black letters and his position as “QUARTERBACK”. 

The text briefly overviews Mahomes’ early promise, mentioning his performance in the preseason and his drafting in 2017. It concludes with a nod to his potential for stardom. The card includes the “PRIZM” logo and mentions the brand details in black text along the bottom.

“Mahomeboy” proved to the Chiefs that he was the right pick from the get-go. In the 2017 pre-season, he completed 63 percent of his passes for 390 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions!

11. 2017 Patrick Mahomes Panini Rookies & Stars Stellar Rookie #5

The front of the card features Patrick Mahome Chiefs’ red and white uniform, set against a vivid stellar background that radiates outward. The image depicts him preparing to throw the football, with his eyes focused downfield. 

On the back, the design continues the starry theme with red and purple hues converging behind the same shot of Mahomes.

The upper right corner features the Chiefs’ logo. Meanwhile, Mahomes’ name and position are prominently displayed in bold dark lettering against the white backdrop. The descriptive text underneath highlights his record-breaking collegiate achievements and mentions his athletic lineage. 

The card also includes official NFL and NFLPA logos, as well as the “2017 PANINI – ROOKIES & STARS FOOTBALL” branding.

Did you know Mahomes played baseball as well while at Texas Tech? After all, his father was an MLB pitcher from 1992 to 2003!

#12. 2017 Donruss Optic Gridiron Kings Patrick Mahomes RC #2

Rounding off our list of the best Patrick Mahomes rookie cards is a certified Gridiron Kings beauty.

On the front of this rookie card, Mahomes is making a play in his Kansas City Chiefs uniform. His focus is clear as he readies a pass. 

The “Rookie Gridiron Kings” banner tops the design with a textured background that gives a tactile sense of depth. The card boasts a gold and red palette, signaling its premium status and reflecting the franchise colors.

The back of the card, framed by bold Chiefs red and gold, offers a succinct narrative of Mahomes’ promising abilities. The text particularly praises his notable arm strength, which, of course, we know about all too well!

The Chiefs logo is centrally placed right above the card’s descriptive text.

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