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Cards are super valuable in the world of sports memorabilia. However, they’re not as valuable as error cards. Error cards are the rarest gems that collectors wish to have. Mistakes can be costly, but it’s crazy how errors on a card make it more expensive. Sometimes, a misprint or incorrect detail slips through quality control and ends up in the hands of a fan. Then when checking the card, they’re like, “oopsie daisy, that’s not correct!” Such mistakes can be swept under the carpet if they involve less-famous players, but if the cards are related to Michael Jordan, that’s gold!

Imagine a piece of history in your hands that’s not just about one of the greatest basketballers, a legend, but also a testament to human error. Even Michael Jackson would be so surprised if he saw the card and asked you, “Is that even real?” you’d nod and take it back with his fingerprints on it, with a smug grin.

The thrill of these error cards is that they are few and rare. Whoever made them would realize their mistakes, so only a few were made, and the correct counterparts were more. The error cards are more valuable and, therefore, more expensive than the regular ones, sometimes over ten times more expensive. Talk of the power of rarity and Air Jordan’s legendary charm!

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Error cards are so rare to find; we’ve only seen three. Something tells me many more are out there, but we have only managed to document three. You can let us know if you are holding one that’s not listed here. Each card is a unique snapshot of Michael Jordan’s incredible career and someone sleeping at their job.

Well, that sleep was well deserved. Error cards are more valuable than the correct ones. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Jordan error cards and take a trip into these prized possessions. Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, and this here is your chance to find a piece of treasure with a picture of the iconic Michael Jordan.

1. 1992 Michael Jordan Upper Deck #453 Error Card

1992 Michael Jordan Upper Deck #453 Error Card

You are flipping through a stack of basketball cards, and bless you! You bump into a card showing Michael Jordan soaring high for one of his unforgettable dunks. The card is the 1992-93 Upper Deck #453, which looks fantastic. But wait a minute!

The gold foil in the upper right corner – the years printed on it are 1985 and 1990. Didn’t MJ win his slum dunk titles in 1987 and 1988? Yeah, that’s right, and you are among the lucky few holding a rare error card. How did it happen?

It turns out that it was a simple mistake of image swapping. If you compare it with other cards on PSA’s website, Dominique Wilkins’s image should have been on the card. There’s a card with his face and the wrong years being held somewhere by someone we don’t know!

Ungraded copies of this error card are like finding a needle in a haystack. Collectors hunt for them day and night, and the prices are nothing below $50. If you find one in mint condition, you could as well be sitting on a goldmine worth $1000 or more! A card like this sold for $2,875 in February 2021.

The correct version of the card, though, is almost valueless. The card celebrates MJ’s back-to-back wins in 1987 and 1988. It’s a beautiful card and will be more valuable in the coming years. Let’s return to the error card that will be far more costly when the correct card picks a good value.

Despite the Upper Deck #453 error, the error card is more than just a collector’s item. It’s a reminder that mistakes happen in the world of iconic basketball cards, and sometimes this can mean value. A minor error can create unique pieces of history, capturing the imaginations of fans and collectors alike. So, keep your eyes open for the Upper Deck #453 card. It’s a hidden gem.

2. 1995-96 Skybox Premium Michael Jordan #15 Error Card

1995-96 Skybox Premium Michael Jordan #15 Trading Card

The 1995-96 Skybox Premium Michael Jordan #15 Trading Card is unique in sports memorabilia. The card features the iconic image of Michael Jordan soaring high as the opponent stares at him in awe. Most cards are okay, but we have seen at least one with an error, which is rather intriguing.

On the face of the card, it shows Jordan in his best element, defying gravity for a perfect shot. However, the real surprise is after you flip the card. The statistics section has the wrong details. Instead of his block totals, there’s an inflated figure of 6972 blocks, which is outrageous. That’s almost double what Hakeem Olajuwon, the athlete with the most blocks in the history of the NBA, has scored. In case you didn’t know, Hakeem’s career blocks stand at 3830.

Coming across this card is like discovering a stamp with an upside-down plane, but it doesn’t diminish the card’s value. In fact, due to its allure and rarity, it fetches a higher value than the correct one. The error trading card is not just a unique snippet of Michael Jordan’s prowess on the court and his remarkable career but also a testament to human error.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The ungraded version of this card can go for up to $10, but a pristine PSA 10-graded one is quite the bank alarm trigger. According to sales data, as of 2021, a couple of them have been sold, the most expensive for a staggering $888. That’s quite a price difference!

And the difference reflects how the highly graded card is more important to collectors, and rarity makes the card more valuable. If you add “error” to the mix, every collector scrambles for it. It’s like finding a rare coin you wouldn’t trade for anything.

This card is more than just a piece of sports memorabilia. Owning it is like holding a unique historical piece and a footnote in the corridors of the dressing rooms. It’s a reminder that mistakes happen even in the highly polished world of professional sports. When they do, it doesn’t mean punishment for anyone but triggers a unique fascination that captivates the fans and collectors.

Next time you come across a trading card, flip it backward and look closer. You never know. You might stumble upon a hidden gem. Unexpected treasures like this add spice to the hobby and turn ordinary into extraordinary.

3. 1993-94 Topps Michael Jordan #23 Error Card

Another card not an ordinary one in MJ cards is the 1993-94 Topps Michael Jordan #23 card. At first glance, it is another card among many, with the legendary basketball icon. However, if you grab your glasses and take a second and more precise look, right there, you’ll see not one but two errors.

The first error is labeling Jordan as a forward instead of a shooting guard. What else makes us adore Jordan, if not his ability to make good of the basket? But the second error is even more outrageous.

The card lists Jordan’s birthdate incorrectly. It suggests that he made it into the NBA when he was 16. No one has ever done that, and it’s unlikely anyone will. So, even for someone as phenomenal as His Airness, making it to the big leagues at that age is like a snowball’s chance in Hell.

There are many speculations as to why this card came out like that. Some say it was a simple oversight error, while others think the editor made the mistakes deliberately. Whatever the reason, it adds value to this intriguing card. Despite the blunders, PSA has not labeled the card as an error. Regardless, collectors are having a field day hunting for this card. Ungraded copies can go for as low as $5. However, the PSA 10 graded ones can fetch more than $200. Holding this card is like having a piece of property sitting on an undiscovered oil reserve. Once it gets graded, you’ll be smiling at the bank.

But here is what makes the card even more special. The card holds an emotional significance for Jordan fans. It was released during trying moments when he batted gambling allegations, lost his father, retired from basketball, and took his brief surprising detour into basketball.
The Topps #23 card is not just a piece of cardboard. It’s a testament that no one’s perfect, including Jordan himself. It’s also a snapshot of Jordan’s career. So, if you are a seasoned collector and come across this card, you better keep it because it’s one of the most special.

The Takeaway

The Michael Jordan cards with misprints and incorrect stats are few and rare. In professional sports, precision is crucial, and errors and mistakes are too costly, but there can be a sudden twist of events. Instead of error cards ending on the bench, they are outside the stadium, playing hard to get. The Topps card #23 shows that even though Michael Jordan hung up his tops at 30, his still a star. Holding one of these cards is like carrying a lottery ticket that has already hit the jackpot. After all, who wouldn’t want an imperfect piece perfectly celebrating the perfectly imperfect legend?

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