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With the Blackhawks star center back in the lineup earlier today against the Penguins, it is an excellent time to talk about the hottest Connor Bedard NHL rookie cards!

The Canadian rookie sensation has been missing since January 5 after sustaining a jaw injury against the New Jersey Red Devils. However, fans must have been happy to see him back in action during the 4-1 defeat against the Penguins. It’s not the best result, but seeing Bedard back is certainly good.

Bedard is an offensive points-scoring machine at 5’10” and weighing 185 lbs. The Blackhawks are fortunate to have him back, and he will be looking to continue his red-hot form.

Because of his incredible potential, it is difficult for us collectors to ignore Connor Bedard’s hockey cards. This guide will walk you through 20 of the best Connor Bedard NHL hockey cards to buy on eBay, from rookie cards showing promise to unique designs celebrating his achievements.

Connor Bedard NHL Hockey Cards

Here are the most popular Connor Bedard hockey cards via eBay auctions. This list is based on most bids, overall cards sold, most valuable, and reader feedback.

Best Overall: Connor Bedard Young Guns RC #415 (Shop eBay)

#1. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck NHL Draft SP #SP1

2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck NHL Draft SP #SP1

On the front, Connor Bedard is centered, dressed in the iconic red Blackhawks uniform, while holding a draft puck. His pose indicates a victorious moment, likely referencing his first-round selection. The “Draft” emblem and NHL logo are prominently displayed, with reflective foil accents that catch the light.

The back of the card, with a red gradient background, features a text box summarizing Bedard’s accomplishments. The text particularly notes his standout performance in the WHL with the Pats. The back also includes the Upper Deck logo, confirming the card’s authenticity and collectibility within the 2023-24 Upper Deck series (be on the lookout for the 2023-24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Card Set, as it will contain the Bedard Young Guns RC).

The dynamic design, with its fiery tones and sharp graphics, underscores Bedard’s promising career. It’s a testament to his potential to leave a mark in the NHL.

#2. 2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now #52

2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now 52

The front of the card showcases Connor Bedard in the Chicago Blackhawks’ white away jersey, looking off to the side, with the “Topps Now” logo at the top and “Rookie” prominently displayed. The red and black color scheme gives a bold frame to the image, enhancing Bedard’s focused demeanor.

The back of the card, with a creamy background, contains the “Topps Now” branding and card number. It’s detailed with legal text and logos, ensuring authenticity. 

This card captures a milestone moment for Bedard, emphasizing his entry into the NHL with a classic design.

#3. 2023 Connor Bedard O-Pee-Chee – Premier Insert #P-91

2023 Connor Bedard O-Pee-Chee - Premier Insert #P-91

If you consider buying Bedard NHL hockey cards, you can’t forget about O-Pee-Chee!

On the card’s front, Connor Bedard is captured in motion, clad in the Chicago Blackhawks’ white jersey, the word “ROOKIE” boldly accentuated against a gold and red gradient backdrop. The O-Pee-Chee Premier branding adds a vintage touch.

The reverse side details Bedard’s career statistics and a noteworthy highlight of his first NHL goal, all presented on a classic beige background with the official NHL logo, signifying the card’s authenticity within the 2023-24 O-Pee-Chee series.

The card’s overall design is sleek and straightforward, but the choice of colors makes it pop. Moreover, it leaves fans with an exciting fact about Bedard’s first victims on the rink. Hint: it’s a team from Boston!

#4. 2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now 1st NHL Goal #5

2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now 1st NHL Goal

You will notice in this list of Bedard NHL hockey cards that many highlight a critical moment from his career. This Topps Now card emphatically follows that practice!

The front of the card captures Connor Bedard in the Blackhawks’ vibrant red home jersey, celebrating a momentous occasion. The occasion is his first NHL goal against Boston, marked by the “ROOKIE” label along the right.

The backdrop contrasts starkly with his jersey, making him stand out as the focal point.

The reverse side, while less visually engaging, serves a crucial purpose. It contains the card number, series, and essential licensing information set against a pristine white background. 

The card is a tangible celebration of Bedard’s transition from prospect to professional, marking his first NHL goal as pivotal.

The card is a keepsake for fans and collectors alike to commemorate the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a legendary career.

#5. 2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now Rookie Card RC #31

2023 Connor Bedard Topps Now Rookie Card 31

This card is the first rookie card in our round-up of the best Connor Bedard NHL hockey cards on eBay.

Connor Bedard glides across the ice in the throes of a game with enthusiasm. Dressed in the Chicago Blackhawks’ classic white jersey with bold red and black trim, he wears 18, a symbol of fresh talent in the rink. 

His focus is palpable, eyes locked on the puck, while his body leans into a powerful stride. The blade of his stick kisses the ice, ready to command the puck’s next move. To the right, the card’s banner proudly proclaims “ROOKIE,” a testament to the burgeoning legend he is becoming.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ emblem anchors itself at the bottom right, a vibrant splash of red, green, and yellow. The Topps NOW logo also crowns the scene. This is the 11-9-23 card, a date etched in history, marking a performance not easily forgotten.

Meanwhile, on the back, a sea of text nestles within the sleek, curving borders of the Topps design, a backdrop of NHL iconography and branding. 

The card’s emotional charge comes from the milestone printed on the front: “Youngest Blackhawks player ever w/ multi-goal game.” It is an accolade that whispers of his extraordinary talent, a glimpse of the greatness that beckons. 

Bedard is rewriting history with each flick of his wrist, each goal scored, a young star rising in the sky of hockey legends.

#6. 2023 Connor Bedard Topps NOW #1

With a beaming smile and a flush of success on his cheeks, Connor Bedard exudes the raw joy of the game on this Topps NOW card dated 10-10-23. Clad in the iconic white Blackhawks jersey emblazoned with the number 18, he captures the hopeful essence of a rookie’s dream.

The Blackhawks logo, a proud and fierce companion, sits neatly at the corner, mirroring the one adorning his chest, while his hair, tousled from the thrill of play, seems to echo the excitement of the moment.

This card frames a landmark in Bedard’s nascent career: “2023 #1 overall pick notches point in NHL debut.” The text, etched in bold against the stark white and the soft grey, speaks of a promise fulfilled, the kindling of a legacy. His hands, gloved and ready, rest on the top of his stick—a bridge between the player and his instrument of mastery.

On the reverse, the card’s design is a serene expanse of curves and the quiet prestige of the NHL and Topps logos, a testament to the hallowed tradition of the sport. 

The emotional resonance of the card comes not just from the image but from the knowledge that this is more than a debut; it’s a harbinger of the remarkable feats to come, a first point that marks the beginning of a storied journey.

#7. 2022 Connor Bedard UD Team Canada Juniors Rookie Finite #2

Clad in the proud red and black of Team Canada, Connor Bedard stands ready for action. The number 16 adorns his jersey, a beacon of his rising star in the hockey firmament. His gaze is shielded behind the cage of his helmet, yet the intensity of his focus is unmistakable. He’s poised, stick in hand, a sentinel on the ice, embodying the hope and determination of a nation.

The card itself, a tapestry of patriotic colors, highlights Bedard as a forward, a position charged with the spirit of offense. The Canada Juniors logo and the TELUS sponsorship signify his alignment with the national team, a dream for many, realized by few.

On the flip side, a tale of a prodigious talent unfolds: “The 2021 Under-18 World Championship served as Bedard’s hotly anticipated arrival at the international level, and he did not disappoint, recording seven goals and seven assists.” This statistic isn’t just a number—it’s a saga of passion, skill, and a young man’s journey to greatness. With dimensions of 5’9″ and 181 lbs, this card memorializes more than Bedard’s stature—it captures the breadth of his impact on the ice.

#8. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Game Dated Moments Rookie Debut #1

In the heat of competition, Connor Bedard’s image radiates with the intensity of a critical moment. Dressed in the black of Team Canada, he appears in mid-celebration, his body language exuding triumph. 

The number 16, prominent on his uniform, is a symbol of his role as a harbinger of victory. His eyes, full of fierce determination, peer out from under his helmet, and his mouthguard is visible, a small detail that speaks to the grit of the game.

The Upper Deck logo sits subtly at the top, while the bold, angular design at the card’s base heralds a date to remember: “Jan 2, 2023.” It’s a date that Bedard etched into the annals of hockey history, setting Team Canada World Juniors records, as noted by the shimmering silver text.

On the card’s back, set against the backdrop of a rink, are accolades that resonate with national pride: “With a first-period goal in his team’s quarterfinal victory over Slovakia at the IIHF World Junior Championship, Bedard set Canadian records for most points in a single tournament (19), as well as career goals (15) and points (31).” 

The card, a blend of red, white, and black, carries the logos of the IIHF, Team Canada, and the World Juniors, each a testament to Bedard’s journey on ice—a journey marked by broken records and the pure joy of a country behind him.

#9. 2023 Connor Bedard Artifacts Rookie Signature Apparel RC Auto /36 #SA-CB

This card is a treasure, a tangible piece of Connor Bedard’s journey, immortalizing him in mid-game focus. His black Team Canada jersey, adorned with the number 16, represents a young talent representing a nation’s hopes. The card is embellished with an authentic swatch of Bedard’s game-worn apparel, a red and white patch that beats like Canada’s heart.

Beneath the relic, Bedard’s signature flows with a blue that’s as deep as the dreams of countless fans. The title “2023 Upper Deck Artifacts Signature Apparel” frames the top.

The reverse of the card offers congratulations, a narrative of authenticity and pride. It confirms the presence of Bedard’s autograph and the use of the jersey in official play, sealing the deal of authenticity.

The Upper Deck Company’s assurance rings out, a promise that this is not just any card but a heartfelt keepsake from the mosaic of Bedard’s rising legacy. It’s a celebration of athletic prowess and a token of inspiration, a slice of the Canadian spirit captured forever in cardboard.

#10. 2021 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Team Canada #41

Connor Bedard appears in a dynamic stance, his red Team Canada jersey a blaze of patriotic fervor. He is mid-action during a game, his body angled in anticipation of the play. Of course, his focus is as sharp as the skate blades that cut the ice beneath him!

The background, a subtle blend of reds and grays, sets a stark and stirring stage, with the maple leaf, Canada’s emblem, rising like a shadowy titan below.

This card, number 41, is a visual ode to a blossoming career, with the name and number of Bedard emblazoned boldly, a promise of the legacy he is building. The metallic sheen of the NHL logo lends a touch of prestige, while the card’s edges fade to black, framing the scene with a sense of gravity.

On the reverse, a story of a defining moment unfolds: “Russia was first on the scoreboard in the Under-18 World Championship final on May 6, 2021, but it took Bedard just 11 minutes to open scoring for Team Canada with a first-period tying goal.” 

The card speaks to Bedard’s stature, not just in height and weight, but in the weight of his contributions to the sport. It highlights a first-period goal, a beacon leading to Canada’s first Under-18 championship since 2013.

#11. 2023-24 Connor Bedard O-Pee-Chee Marquee Rookie #582

2023-24 Connor Bedard O-Pee-Chee Marquee Rookie #582

Connor Bedard, centered and sure, stares down the competition on this O-Pee-Chee “Marquee Rookie” card. His Blackhawks jersey, number 98, is pristine against the rink’s backdrop, his posture poised for the puck drop. 

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The card, framed with geometric precision, uses the sharp contrast of blue and grey to highlight the player, with the words “Marquee Rookie” inscribed in a golden hue that promises a future as bright as its lettering.

In this moment, Bedard embodies potential, the center of gravity on the ice. The Blackhawks logo accompanies him twice, once on his jersey and then in the bottom left corner.

The card’s back is a ledger of Bedard’s early promise, detailing his impressive stats in a crisp, clean font. It reads like a prophecy of greatness: in three WHL seasons with the Regina Pats, he has tallied up an astonishing 143 goals and 271 points! 

Even in a black-and-white photo, Bedard’s eyes carry the weight of his ambitions and the pride of North Vancouver, his birthplace. Meanwhile, the “Marquee Rookie” title is a declaration that here stands a player who is both the present and the future of hockey.

#12. 2023-24 Connor Bedard Artifacts Retro Rookie Clear Cut RC #CCRR-1

Enveloped in the metallic sheen of this “Artifacts Rookies” card, Connor Bedard appears almost regal in his Team Canada black jersey. The holographic sparkle casts a futuristic glow, heralding the dawn of a new era with Bedard at its vanguard. 

His stance is commanding, stick-angled as if he’s about to carve destiny into the ice.

The card holds Bedard within a shield-like frame, suggesting he is a player and a protector of his team’s honor! The holographic NHLPA logo near the bottom glints like a seal of approval for his burgeoning career.

On the reverse, a softer, more ethereal Bedard is captured, reminiscent of hockey’s storied past with a modern twist. His statistics—height, weight, shooting hand—are listed with the straightforwardness of a scouting report. 

The word “ROOKIES” stretches across, highlighting the card’s series. 

#13. 2023-24 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Game Dated Moments Rookie Debut Gold /100 #1

Connor Bedard stands ready on the ice, captured mid-stride in the iconic Chicago Blackhawks uniform, number 98 prominent on his jersey. The golden backdrop of the card exudes a sense of prestige, complementing the gravity of the occasion: his rookie debut. 

The date “Oct. 10, 2023” marks the moment, a timestamp of his first step into the NHL limelight. That day, he recorded an assist, contributing to the Blackhawks’ victory over the Penguins.

The Upper Deck logo, nestled at the top, watches over like a proud patron. The card is part of the “Limited to 10” series, a rare collection celebrating pivotal game moments.

On the card’s reverse, a narrative of Bedard’s auspicious debut unfolds against a translucent image of the player in action. The text recounts how “the top pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, Bedard, set up the Blackhawks’ opening goal 15:37 into the second period,” leading to a rally of four straight goals. His stats are a testament to his potential, detailing his height, weight, and hometown, North Vancouver.

#14. 2021-22 Connor Bedard CHL Hockey Epack First Draft Rookie FD-1

Connor Bedard, portrayed in his Regina Pats gear, is the focal point of the “First Draft” card. It signals his inaugural selection and the beginnings of a promising career.

Meanwhile, the card is a contrast study featuring a geometric, art-deco-inspired background that creates a sense of depth and movement!

Indeed, it is one of the most visually appealing Connor Bedard NHL hockey cards I’ve encountered!

His poised demeanor, underscored by the “FIRST DRAFT” banner above, captures him during a maneuver on the ice. The banner is an acknowledgment of his exceptional entry into the WHL. The logos of the WHL, CHL, and the Pats add a touch of authenticity and pride.

On the back, the card solidifies Bedard’s significance with a bold declaration: “Selecting Bedard first overall at the 2020 WHL Bantam Draft proved to be a wise choice for Regina.” 

This statement is a tribute to his early achievements and a nod to his leadership in goals, assists, and points during his rookie season. The muted colors and straightforward design on this side of the card focus all attention on Bedard’s profile.

#15. 2021 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Team Canada #76

Connor Bedard, clad in the bold black and white of Team Canada, is mid-motion during a game on this card. The number 17 is also visible on his jersey. The action shot is set against a backdrop that fades from a fiery red to a smoky grey.

Meanwhile, the maple leaf symbol is visible beneath him, reinforcing his representation of Canada in the sport.

This card celebrates his remarkable journey, with the reverse side detailing his achievements. “Bedard was the first WHL player ever granted status as an ‘exceptional player’ by Hockey Canada,” the text emphatically proclaims. 

The tribute highlights his unique talents and the fact that he is the seventh player overall with exceptional status.

The card delves into his early record, emphasizing his title as the youngest player to compete at the IIHF U-18 World Championship while being a Canadian hockey beacon. 

With the iconic Team Canada and CHL logos anchoring the corners, this card is a snapshot of Canadian rookie talent.

#16. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Artifacts Clear Cut Rookie Tribute #CCRR-1

In the striking black and red of Team Canada, Connor Bedard is poised with determination on this rookie card. The image captures him in a moment of concentration, stuck in his hand, ready to engage in the next play. 

The background, a tapestry of silvery grays and muted blues, forms a shield-like pattern. This design choice seems to herald his arrival as a guardian of the sport’s future.

With its sleek design, the card places Bedard against a backdrop that suggests strength and prestige. The “ROOKIES” inscription at the top underscores his status as a burgeoning talent in the hockey world.

Flipping to the reverse, the card carries an ethereal quality, with a translucent image of Bedard that emphasizes his central role as a playmaker. His stats are proudly displayed, affirming his position: a 5’10” center who shoots right and hails from North Vancouver.

#17. 2021-22 Connor Bedard Upper Deck CHL They’re Exceptional #TE1

Amid our Connor Bedard NHL hockey cards collection, this one also stands out with its design elements.

On this dynamic “They’re Exceptional” card, Connor Bedard is in a moment of especially focused intensity. The card’s design is a powerful blend of sharp angles and contrasting colors with a dark background. 

Against the backdrop, the proclamation “THEY’RE EXCEPTIONAL” stands out in bold white letters, celebrating Bedard’s extraordinary talent.

The WHL Draft logo and the Upper Deck insignia are also on display, adding to the card’s air of exclusivity. It’s a visual tribute to a player who’s not just joining the ranks but redefining them!

The card’s back highlights Bedard’s exceptional status, granted by the CHL—a rare honor that sets him apart from his peers. His impressive stats from the 2019-20 season are also present.

#18. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck CDD Showcase Hot Commodities #HC1

Here is the only card on this list of Bedard NHL hockey cards that comes as part of a multi-card set!

The Connor Bedard card, part of a vibrant six-card promo set, shines in its own right. Set against an orange backdrop suggesting the glow of a setting sun, Bedard is pictured in his Chicago Blackhawks attire. His number 18 jersey is also visible.

The unique design of the card, featuring a crown-like top, frames him nicely. In addition, the orange color makes for an excellent background.

While other notable player cards are present in this set, Bedard’s captures our attention here.

These cards, marked with “COMMODITIES” and bearing the Steel City Collectibles branding, highlight the stature of these hockey standouts.

The other star players in this set are Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes, David Pastrnak, Alexander Ovechkin, and Auston Matthews.

#19. 2021-22 Connor Bedard Upper Deck CHL 2020-21 Star Rookies #401

Connor Bedard embodies youthful prowess on this “Star Rookie” card. Dressed in the Regina Pats’ white jersey with bold navy and red accents, he is skating during a moment of on-ice determination. His gaze is mainly following the elusive puck.

The “STAR ROOKIE” title gleams at the bottom, affirming his status as a standout among his peers. In addition, the Upper Deck and CHL logos, along with Pat’s emblem, are on display.

Meanwhile, the flip side highlights Bedard’s impressive stature: 5’9″, 181 lbs, and his right-handed shot. The card celebrates his impactful debut, noting his scoring of the first and final goals in a victorious game against Prince Albert. 

#20. 2023 Connor Beard Upper Deck Company Holiday Rookie Card #UDHC-2023

Rounding off our Connor Bedard NHL Hockey cards list is a festive tribute.

The festive spirit is evident on this Upper Deck “Happy Holidays 2023” card. Adorned in his Chicago Blackhawks jersey, Bedard is set against a cheerful backdrop of pine branches and vibrant red baubles. 

Meanwhile, the card’s design blends tradition and celebration, with the hockey star adding a touch of athletic charm to the classic Christmas decor.

The “Happy Holidays” greeting is ornately scripted in a style reminiscent of finely crafted wood carving. It gives the card a personal touch as if extending well wishes directly from Bedard himself!

On the reverse, a heartfelt message from Upper Deck expresses gratitude to collectors, partners, and associates. 

This card symbolizes the shared passion that binds hockey fans together during the most beautiful time of the year.


Long Term Outlook

In conclusion, Connor Bedard is a scorching property on the ice-cold rink!

Bedard has demonstrated high intelligence during his young career and possesses a well-rounded skill set. He has a natural goal-scoring instinct and can find the back of the net in various situations.

Honestly, given his wrist shot and incredible stats in the past, this kid could be looking at multiple Stanley Cups in the future. 

Therefore, keeping Connor Bedard’s NHL hockey cards at your wishlist would be wise!

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