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Jordan Addison’s rookie cards were among the top-selling football cards on eBay in 2023. If you had to name one player with the potential to be one of the best wide receivers in American football history, Jordan Addison would probably be that guy.

Representing Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL), the 22-year-old American is already living up to his lofty reputation of being a future world-beater in the competition.

He’s quickly seized the existing roster opportunity, with a hamstring injury ruling out his superstar teammate and reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Justin Jefferson.

Don’t let Addison’s slightly diminutive 5’11” and 175-pound stature fool you, as the undersized NFL wide receiver exhibits excellent ball progression ability at lightning pace.

Best Rookie Cards (Quick Picks)
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What’s even more impressive is Addison’s soaring value as a red zone target, having matched a long-standing rookie touchdown record. Registering six touchdowns in his first seven career games, he equaled an impressive tally only matched by Cincinnati’s Ja’Marr Chase in 2021 and Minnesota Vikings legend Randy Moss in 1998.

It’s safe to say Addison’s touchdown feat will be in the NFL history books for decades to come. The proverbial “icing on the cake” of his career (so far!) is an excellent addition to his other notable sporting achievement – winning the Biletnikoff Award with Pittsburgh in 2021 – honoring the most outstanding receiver in college football.

Sports trading card collectors looking to make some bucks will keep tabs on Addison’s performances because the athlete undoubtedly has the talent for Pro Bowl or All-Pro attainments that would significantly increase the value of his cards.

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This article will provide a comprehensive assessment of the finest Jordan Addison Rookie cards available in today’s market, whether you intend to amass an archive of collectibles or maximize the profits that retail trading opportunities can bring.


1. 2023 Jordan Addison Prizm RC #368

2023 Jordan Addison Prizm rookie 368

The first card we’ll discuss is this 2023 Jordan Addison Panini Prizm rookie card.

Straight away, you’ll notice the visual appeal of this card because of its silver border finish. The shiny color adds an element of gloss to the card that makes it truly stand out.

On the front end, Jordan Addison is pictured in a purple Minnesota Vikings jersey, holding the football with his right hand. If you pay attention to the finer details of this card face, you’ll also notice another great accompaniment, with the purple Nike emblem neatly embroidered on the left side of Addison’s game pants.

Conversely, the reverse design has many eye-catching features that collectors should be pleased with. The central section presents an interesting career background of the player, mentioning his Biletnikoff Award win in 2021, as well as highlighting his consensus All-American at Pittsburgh in 2022. The card also commends Addison for earning First Team All-Pac-12 honors the following year.

Beyond his accolades, the back of the card points out Addison’s impressive performance statistics for the University of Southern California (USC), where he registered 59 receptions and 8 touchdowns.

Aside from that, the strategic bottom placement of the NFL and NFLPA logos – printed on either side of Panini’s copyright notices – adds further authenticity to the card.


2. 2023 Jordan Addison Mosaic RC #337

2023 Jordan Addison Panini Mosaic Rookie card 337

Next, we have this Jordan Addison rookie trading card from the 2023 Panini Mosaic set. Serious NFL card collectors consider this a prized possession because its unique Mosaic parallel variety makes it highly sought after in the market.

Manufactured by Panini, the card has an outstanding front design that features metallic plated bordering, a full-color image of Addison in his Minnesota Vikings football uniform and a neat hexagonal banner including his name and team in print. The player is pictured mid-sprint with the ball firmly in grasp, perhaps needing to run only a couple yards further to make a touchdown for the Vikings.

The design on the opposite end is even more fascinating, as it switches up the border color for a fitting purple that matches the shade used on the Minnesota Vikings team logo.

More so, the description of Addison paints a picture of a player well on his way to NFL greatness, touching on his reception skills and earning flattering comparisons to some great players like Chris Carter, Randy Moss, and Justin Jefferson. In addition, the NCAA totals (i.e. 219 total receptions, 875 yards from scrimmage, 14.3 yards completed per game, and 29 touchdowns) listed at the bottom of the performance statistics table are also a fine complement.


3. 2023 Jordan Addison Donruss Rated Rookie #368

2023 Jordan Addison Donruss Rated Rookie 368

Here is an aesthetically pleasing Donruss-rated rookie card of Jordan Addison, containing certain visual elements seldom seen on a card of this type.

Firstly, the front side has barcode-like rectangular strips plastered on the right and left ends. Two of the rectangular strips are white, whilst the third comes in a symbolic yellow that matches part of the Minnesota Vikings emblem.

Meanwhile, the central area incorporates a fantastic image of Addison in action. You’ll see him holding the football with both hands as he scans the field ahead. The artistry of his arm tattoos is also made visible by the short sleeve fit of his Vikings jersey, and the wristbands on each hand visually complement the white-colored pants he’s wearing.

Turning our attention over to the reverse design, the card displays a different look altogether. Panini has gone for a light blue background color on this side, along with a standout logo placement showing the Viking head printed near the bottom.

Aside from that, the back-end recounts the Vikings’ pressing need for a wide receiver in the 2023 NFL draft, before providing a small snippet of Addison’s collegiate statistics that included 219 catches, 3,134 receiving yards, and 29 touchdown grabs.


4. 2023 Jordan Addison Prizm Rookie Image Variation Silver #308

This card is a short print rookie variation of the 2023 Prizm football trading card that features Jordan Addison of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Unlike the #368 card discussed earlier, this one has a different card number (i.e. #308) and shows a different image of Addison on the front. Football trading card collectors will also be keen to acquire it because of its distinctiveness on the front, as Panini has engineered a colorful special effect on the design that gives the card a rainbow-like sheen.

Additionally, the photo of Addison used as the main feature is well-taken. You’ll see the player posing for the camera whilst holding the football with both hands. On closer view, you’ll also notice Addison’s affinity for branded sports apparel with stylish white Adidas receiver gloves and the tight-fitting Nike pants he wears.

The other side of the card contains his impressive NCAA totals and statistics from his single season at USC, where he topped his team in receptions (59) and yards (875) to earn an All-Pac-12 First Team nod in 2022.

NFL and NFLPA competition logos in the bottom left and right corners of the reverse design add to the card’s overall authenticity, along with Panini’s standard copyright notice in the footer area.


5. 2023 Jordan Addison Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Portrait RC #10

Next is another 2023 Panini Donruss football trading card featuring Jordan Addison of the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s an original Rated Rookie #10 Canvas Portrait, coming in English language and standard size. As a short print and a parallel/variety edition with Donruss authentication, you can expect high demand for this item among football card collectors.

What’s unique about it is that Jordan Addison is pictured on the front without a protective helmet. This allows you to see the athlete’s full facial features, from his simple haircut to tiny stubble on his chin. His Vikings jersey displays his squad number (i.e. #3) in bright white font, whereas the NFL competition logo is neatly embroidered on his pants.

On the other hand, the reverse design features a significant color contrast. Panini has chosen a light blue background similar to the other Donruss rookie card previously discussed (i.e. #368), whilst touching on Addison’s excellence as a route-runner with a descriptive snippet that highlights the player’s explosive potential for NFL dominance as a wide receiver.


6. 2023 Jordan Addison Panini Mosaic Razzle Dazzle RC #28

The Panini Mosaic Razzle Dazzle card for Jordan Addison has a dazzling front appearance. As a short print, you immediately recognize the limited-edition value of this parallel from its unconventional design.

First, the cover features golden streaks and colorful blocks that bring the overall card design to life. The bold ‘RAZZLE DAZZLE’ font and the colorless Vikings logo printed towards the bottom are further elements that add a unique touch to the card face.

Beyond that, you’ll notice the artistic cutout of Addison on the front, which shows him running at full pelt with the football by his left side.

Turning the card around, you’ll meet a similar reverse design that uses the same golden streaks and color blocks. NFL and NFLPA logos rest in the bottom right corner, adding to the card’s authenticity.

But the main draw on this end has to be the apt description of Addison’s footballing ability. It describes the Vikings wide receiver as a player capable of leading the offense to greater performance heights by sprinting down the field and creating an easy-to-see target for his fellow quarterback on multiple occasions.


7. 2023 Jordan Addison Donruss Downtown RC #D-18

Here we have this highly sought-after Downtown parallel variety 2023 Donruss trading card featuring Jordan Addison of the Minnesota Vikings.

This #D-18 card is highly coveted because of its medieval design, which offers an interesting glimpse of a different time when Vikings ruled supreme.

It’s fitting that as a player representing the Minnesota Vikings, Panini have used an illustration of Addison in full running motion to evoke the strength, speed and power that Vikings exhibited back in the olden days. The front layout certainly leaves a lot to the cardholder’s imagination, as the snapshot of Addison running against a backdrop of fierce hammer-wielding warriors.

Conversely, the other side of the card has a much simpler design. The player’s name and field position are printed near the top, accompanied by a Minnesota Viking logo in the middle. A small snippet of text complements the overall reverse design, painting the picture of a young rookie wideout having plenty of space to showcase his talent and conquer opponents in the NFL.


8. 2022 Jordan Addison Select XRC Rookie #513

Another coveted card is the Select Jordan Addison XRC Rookie card of the Tie-Dye Prizm variety.

This one has a mix of rainbow colors on the front design, with each shade taking up a separate section of the cover’s visual real estate.

The picture of Addison is based on his performance in a particular game of the 2022 campaign, where he got the call-up to join the Minnesota Viking’s high-flying offense and perform the role of a playmaker.

You can see Addison gearing up to release the ball to a teammate with his right hand, checking his adjacent passing lanes to avoid any chance of an opposition interception.

Meanwhile, the reverse design delivers a premium feel through the blend of gold plating and hexagonal design, with the latter element offering a fascinating symmetry to the card’s overall layout on this side.


9. 2023 Jordan Addison NFL Debut RC #ND-14

Perhaps one of the most memorable cards for a football player to remember is one that recalls their professional NFL debut game. That’s exactly what we have here with this #ND-14 Jordan Addison rookie card of the Panini Mosaic variety.

For anyone who appreciates the intricate details of this parallel, this card is a prime collector’s choice. Its distinguishing factor is the landscape orientation, which showcases a wide-angle view of Addison preparing to make an attacking move with his blistering pace.

More so, the silver bordering on the front design gives an extra shine to the card, and the ‘NFL Debut’ banner at the top adds authenticity and significance to this piece of memorabilia.

The back end comes with a purple background color matching that of the Minnesota Vikings jersey, and an interesting touch is the presence of competition, manufacturer, player’s association and team logos in each of the four corners.

Finally, the card offers a fitting description of Addison’s talent level, mentioning that the rookie receiver left the NCAA ranks as the only three-year player in his draft class with at least 3,000 career receiving yards.


10. 2023 Jordan Addison Panini Phoenix RPA RC #RAJ-JA

Rounding out this top ten is an exceedingly rare Panini Phoenix Jordan Addison rookie patch autograph card. When searching, we only found a solitary eBay listing online, which tells you that few sellers or football card collectors own this item.

At first glance, you’ll notice Addison’s simple blue ink signature on the front, which is the hallmark of sports memorabilia authenticity. In addition, the silver color around the front edges gives it that limited edition feel.

The image depicts Addison as a player of interest under the beaming floodlights with the football in his possession. It tries to illustrate the focus of the moment is centered around his next move, which is fitting for such a talented NFL athlete.

On the contrary, the reverse end contains an interesting fact about the player. It states Addison to be the first USC wideout taken in the first round of the NFL draft since Nelson Agholor in 2015 (No. 20). Equally impressive is the fact that the card mentions Addison topping his college team in receptions (59) and yards (875) to earn an All-Pac-12 First Team call up in 2022.

Beneath that text snippet, there’s a fine print disclaimer that guarantees the authenticity of the enclosed piece of memorabilia, indicating that Addison’s autograph isn’t from any specific game or event.


Jordan Addison Rookie Card Values

Jordan Addison Rookie Card Values

Below I will discuss a variety of topics related to the values of Jordan Addison RCs. Please follow us on social media for more content!

Estimated Value(s)

If you would like an estimated value of your Jordan Addison card please email [email protected]. Include 2 photos at a minimum and a return email address.

Most Expensive

Regarding financial utility, the Jordan Addison card with the highest value on the market is the 2022 Select XRC Rookie Tie Dye Prizm #513. This bad boy sold via eBay auctions on 1/24/2024 for a mind-blowing $1,225.00. 

In ungraded condition, this item retails for a staggering $1,799.99 on eBay’s online marketplace.

Design-wise, this Gold Shimmer parallel has distinct gold-colored bordering with a glistening visual effect that adds weight to the premium quality of this card. A young Jordan Addison is shown holding an NFL football with his right hand; his eyes fixated on the field ahead.

The reverse design is less remarkable with the grayscale shading around the edges, but even so, it has a clean finish listing Addison’s performance statistics from his time at USC, and a positive media description that emphasizes his talent.

Best Budget Purchase

My pick for collectors looking to spend a bit less but still come away with a quality Addison RC?

best jordan addison budget rookie card

Check out the 2023 Jordan Addison Mosaic or Donruss Rated Rookie cards at PSA 10 grades. I particularly enjoy the Mosaic parallels.


Top Jordan Addison Autograph Rookie Cards

Here are a few contenders:

2023 Prizm Jordan Addison Silver Prizm Rookie Auto Autograph RC #368

First, we have this Silver Prizm rookie card #368, which recently sold on eBay for $195.

Its front and reverse layout is similar to the Gold Shimmer parallel previously discussed, although there are a few notable differences, such as the border colors and the player’s Panini-guaranteed autograph signature on the front.

2023 Panini Blue Mosaic Prizm Jordan Addison RC Rookie AUTO #337

Here is another fine Jordan Addison autograph card worth mentioning. This particular Mosaic parallel is visually stunning, with its front cover letting off an intense shine.

Whether you look at this card in the dark or beam some natural or artificial light onto it, you instantly see the silver and dark blue chromium highlights produce a glistening effect that elevates the card’s overall prestige.

The front and center image on the cover shows the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver making a darting run into opposition territory with the football firmly in possession, as the blue ink handwritten signature at the bottom increases the card’s retail value and confirms its overall authenticity.

On the opposite side, you’ve got a more laid-back purple background that blends in seamlessly with the picture of Addison in his purple Minnesota Vikings NFL game attire.

Jordan Addison 2023 Origins Rookie Autograph Vikings RC Auto /99 #112

Our final pick is the 2023 Panini Origins trading card that features the autographed rookie signature of NFL player Jordan Addison.

When it comes to rarity standards, it’s worth mentioning that the card is a short print from a limited set with only 99 print runs. It’s classified as an original licensed reprint manufactured by Panini; belonging to the rookie signatures parallel/variety.

Beyond the player’s autograph signature printed prominently on the front side, this card’s cover design will leave you in awe.

It artistically displays a young Addison with the football in hand against a backdrop of outer space infused with multiple colors, stars, and a crescent moon in the upper right corner.

The reverse design follows a similar theme, as the outer space background on the front is used again here.

Along with a table outlining Addison’s college stats at USC is a little snippet that recounts what the player had to say when asked whether he’d be able to replace the veteran Vikings receiver, Adam Thielen. The player demonstrated total confidence, downplaying comparisons between himself and Thielen; instead focusing on his capabilities.


Long-term investment outlook on Jordan Addison rookie cards

Overall, the future investment outlook on Jordan Addison’s rookie cards looks bright.

His elite early-age production levels during his sophomore campaign haven’t surprised professional observers, and his terrific route-running ability was well-established even as he settled into NFL life.

With the only notable concern being his small physical stature, Addison can prove the few doubters wrong to become a borderline perennial All-Pro and Pro Bowl player if afforded enough playing opportunities and qualified coaching.

Hitting these professional heights would undoubtedly boost his rookie card values, which should see more than modest increases over the next few years

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