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Victor Wembanyama’s rookie cards are on fire after he was crowned San Antonio’s savior and next in line to the throne, following David Robinson and Tim Duncan. The Spurs drafted Victor Wembanyama with the first overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

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Wembanyama played professional basketball with the Metropolitans 92 and led the league in scoring, rebounds, and blocks. Many experts have called Victor the best prospect since LeBron James. He has been named an LNB All-Star twice, winning All-Star Game MVP once, and is a three-time Pro A Best Young Player.

\Top 10 Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards

Best Card: Victor Wembanyama Prizm Rookie Card (shop eBay)

Run Down

  • Age: 19 years old
  • Previous Teams: 2019–2021 Nanterre 92 | 2021–2022 ASVEL | 2022–2023 Metropolitans 92 | 2023–present San Antonio Spurs
  • Listed height: 7 ft 5 in
  • Listed weight: 210 lb
  • Position: Power Forward
  • Scouting: He is a productive scorer in the paint, with an incredibly soft touch and a variety of post moves, and excels in the pick-and-roll

Updated 1/14/2023:  Wembanyama’s already playing at a level that will make it difficult for the Spurs to take things slow in their rebuild. This kid is taking the NBA by storm, and they are having severe issues defending against him. He’s ready to win right now, and San Antonio needs to do whatever it can to ensure he’s surrounded by enough talent to complement his talents sooner rather than later.

Fact: Victor Wembanyama became the 6th-fastest player in NBA history to hit 100 blocks. It only took him 35 games!

Inssane Fact: On Monday he logged 27 points, 15 rebounds, 10 blocks and 5 assists put him in rare company among rookies to record 25/15/10/5 in a game.

Crazy Fact: On March 1st, Wemby recorded 25+ points, 10+ rebounds, 5+ assists, 5+ blocks, and 5+ 3PM in a game. Wemby was also rookie of the month.

He has been so good so far that Ex-NBA player Metta World Peace predicts Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama will score over 100 points in a single game at some point in his career.

Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card at a Glance

  • Best Overall: 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Card #136 
  • Most Expensive: 2023 Panini Prizm Rookie Orange /49 Victor Wembanyama #136 PSA 10
  • Budget Pick: 2023 NBA Hoops Rookie Card #298 
  • Top Design: 2023 Panini Prizm Manga RC #3
  • Favorite Parallel: 2023 Prizm Blue Seismic RC #136

2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Manga

victor wembanyama prizm base rookie blue

Who in the world is Victor Wembanyama?

Victor was born on January 4, 2004, in Le Chesnay, France. He is listed as 7 ft 5 in (2.26 m) and weighs 210 lb (95 kg).

As a great example of an ultra-modern player, Victor Wembanyama has few basketball cards to choose from as he is only 19 years old and just arrived in the US. We’ll provide a few of the best options, but this article will be updated every so many months as his rookie cards roll out over the next several years.

His father, Félix, was a world-class track and field star competing in the high, long, and triple jumps. His mother, Elodie de Fautereau, is a basketball coach and former player. You might say this kid was destined to play in the NBA with those genetics.

Wembanyama emerged as one of Europe’s top prospects at age 14, and experts worldwide were predicting a first-overall pick in his draft class by age 16.

The Spurs drafted him on 22 June 2023 with the top overall pick. Several milestones were made with the pick, including becoming the first French player to be drafted with the first overall pick, the second European player to do so (following Andrea Bargnani in 2006), and the Spurs’ third first-overall pick ever after David Robinson and Tim Duncan (he has big shoes to fill literally).

Will Victor Wembanyama will score over 100 points in a game?

Yes, and more than one game!

At some point in the next ten years; he will score more than 100 points in at least two games.

Having played pro ball in Europe, he should have no problem fitting into the NBA. These players usually develop quicker than players coming out of college (see Luka Doncic).

Best Wemby Rookie Cards (Updated 3/6/2024)

Below are our current top ten Victor Wembanyama RCs. Please note this will change as more sets are released in 2024.

A significant theme in Victor Wembanyama’s cards is the lack of Panini-branded cards. Panini is by far the largest and most popular brand in basketball cards. The Victor Wembanyama Prizm RC will be one of the most popular cards upon its release.

1. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Rookie Card #136

2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Rookie Card 136

If you will only buy one Wemby rookie card, let this one be the one. The 2023 Wemby Prizm Rookie Card is numbered #136 and shows Victor dribbling the rock, which looks lackadaisical. Did he hit his homegrown before the game? Not that it matters much, as nothing can stop this kid from the rim.

I would wait a few more weeks to purchase this Wemby card. The price will likely decrease as more PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 grades hit the market.

  • Highest Paid: $1,025 for a PSA 9
  • Lowest Buy Now Price (no grade): $65
  • Average Buy Now Price (no grade): $120


2. 2023 Victor Wembanyama NBA Hoops Rookie Card #298

Shop eBay

NBA Hoops Victor Wembanyama rookie

Looking to save a few hundred bucks but still come home with a great Wemby rookie card? Consider the budget NBA Hoops RC shown above.

  • Average Auction Price (no grade): $9
  • Highest Paid: $705 Gravity Tribute /75
  • Average Auction Price (PSA 10): $60


3. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Rated Rookie Card #220

Shop eBay

2023 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Rated Rookie

Donruss Rated Rookie is affordable and one of the oldest cards in the game.


4. 2024 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Hardwood Masters Diamond SP RC #3

2024 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Hardwood Masters Diamond SP RC #3

I’m impressed with the Donruss set this year.


5. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Draft Picks Silver RC #2

2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Draft Picks

  • Ungraded Average Price: $12 to $18
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $230 to $260
  • Highest Sale Price: $12,500 Gold Parallel PSA 10
  • PSA 10 Supply: 435

For now, the Wembanyama Prizm DP Silver is my top rookie card pick for this future superstar. Panini Prizm cards constantly outperform almost every other card in the market regarding ROI and are usually the most popular in basketball.

Pro-Tip: Look to buy lots of cards that grade well. The profit margin is exponentially more significant when sending raw cards in for grading yourself.

Victor is taking what appears to be a mid-range jump shot in the photo. This is one of the weaker photos, but the Prizm brand makes up for it.


6. 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowmans Best U Refractor RC #51

Victor Wembanyama RC 2022-23 Bowmans Best U Refractor #51 Spurs Rookie

  • Ungraded Average Price: $300
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $600
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,220 Diamond Refractor /299
  • PSA 10 Supply: 78

If the Victor Wembanyama Bowmans Best U card has a PSA 10 grade, be prepared to pay in the low to mid-hundreds. The base card will be much less but still holds some value. The refractor is much less common than the base card.

Wembanyama is pictured charging hard toward the net. We can only assume the result, but I’m betting on a slam dunk.  His name is centered at the bottom, while the Bowman U logo is slapped in the top left corner.


7. 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman’s Best University Refractor Auto Spurs SSP #BOA-VW

2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman’s Best University Refractor Auto Spurs SSP #BOA-VW

  • Ungraded Average Price: $900
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $2,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $5,089 Blue Refractor /150
  • PSA 10 Supply: 32

The card is the hottest and most expensive of his rookie/prospects cards. Some of the high-end parallels peak out at around $10k.

Some have called this the Wemby High School photo card. I can see why Victor smiles like a kid when taking a class photo. I would be more inclined to call it the Victor grade school card. His name is in the bottom right corner with his Euro team logo above. The auto is centered. A great autograph card but not seen often at auctions.


8. 2023 Victor Wembanyama SI For Kids Rookie Card #1053

2023 Victor Wembanyama SI

  • Ungraded Average Price: $200
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $800
  • Highest Sale Price: $4,163 2023 Sports Illustrated SI For Kids SIFK #1053
  • PSA 10 Supply: N/A

Out of all the early Wembanyama basketball cards, this is definitely one to invest in. Numbered #1053, the 2023 SI for Kids RC shows Wembanyama going up for an uncontested slam dunk while sporting his purple Metropolitans 92 knit.

His name and team name are printed at the bottom of the card, while the words “Sports Illustrated” are printed in the top right-hand corner. We have bought several of these cards, all at PSA 9 grades. Please note obtaining this card at a PSA 10 grade is not impossible, but very difficult.

Please note the above is just a sample from consumers who sent their data into PSA Cards and is not an all-inclusive list. However, it shows how difficult it is to obtain a high grade.


9. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Topps Allen Ginter RC #271

  • Ungraded Average Price: $10
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $100
  • Highest Sale Price: $660 Foil Filagree PSA 10
  • PSA 10 Supply: N/A

Topps A&G cards have been around for a minute and are one of my favorite sets to collect. I love the portrait style design and the 2023 2023 Victor Wembanyama Topps Allen Ginter does not disappoint. I have this card in PSA 10 and PSA 9.


10. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Slam Deck Equipes de France

  • Ungraded Average Price: $15
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $70
  • Highest Sale Price: $238
  • PSA 10 Supply: N/A

A sleeper pick.

I could see this card being popular five years after his France rookie cards became popular again. The card has no number and shows Wemby holding a basketball while mugging for the camera. His European stats are shown at the bottom. He is decked out in a dark purple France National jersey.


11. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Kaboom Rookie Card #1

2023 Victor Wembanyama Kaboom Rookie Card #1

KABOOM! are some of the coolest cards in the sports card niche. They can be polarizing, as I know some people who can’t stand them. These collectors are usually the older “get off my lawn” type, but whatever I get, not everyone likes change.

The KABOOM wording runs across the bottom of the card, and his name is placed at the bottom right. Wemby is so tall it appears a stiff breeze could know him of those skinny legs. But looks can be deceiving as Wemby has the strength of Goliath. Don’t believe me? Visit YouTube and watch his best dunks.


12. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Hoops SHEESH RC #23

Victor Wembanyama Hoops SHEESH

The SHEESH card is one of the better inserts from the 2023 NBA Hoops basketball card set. What is not to like about the word “SHEESH” in all caps running along the bottom portion of the card? Wemby is pictured taking a free throw with a double image.

NBA Hoops wording is printed in the top right corner, while the RC logo is published in the top left. A solid insert card I would love to have in a PSA 10 grade.


What is the most valuable Victor Wembanyama Basketball Card?

most valuable Victor Wembanyama rookie Card

His most expensive card sold on eBay auctions was the 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Rookie Orange /49 RC. This card sold for $10,100 and had 34 bids.

The term “number match” refers to the jersey number of the given player matching the card number produced. For example, a 2021 Luka Doncic Prizm Basketball Card 11/99 would be considered a number match as Luka wears number 11.

Victor Wembanyama Card Values (#2 to #5)

  • $17,760 – 2023 Panini Prizm Rookie Orange /49 Victor Wembanyama #136 PSA 10
  • $16,877 – 2023 Wemby Panini Prizm Basketball NBA Rookie Mojo Prizm 24/25 RC
  • $12,500 – Prizm Draft Picks 2023 Gold Parallel /10 RC PSA 10  #2
  • $12,200 – Panini 2023 The National Silver Pack Prizm Rookie PSA 10
  • $12,100 – 2023 Prizm Victor Wembanyama Green Pulsar /25 PSA 10 Gem MT #136

If you would like an estimated value of a Victor Wembanyama basketball card, please DM us on Facebook, and we will provide an estimated value. Be sure to include several photos of the card in your DM.

Victor Wembanyama rookie card checklist2023-24 NBA Hoops Basketball Victor Wembanyama Yellow Parallel rookie card

Bottom Line


In our opinion, this kid will be a beast in year one. Not only should he easily win Rookie of the Year, but he should do wonders for the overall Spurs record. Invest in the SI for Kids or the 2023 Victor Wembanyama Slam Deck Equipes de France basketball card only, or wait for Panini cards to be released.

  • Ownership disclosure: 3 2023 Victor Wembanyama Slam Deck Equipes de France Rookie RC PSA 10 and 8 SI for Kids RC PSA 9
  • Long-Term rating: 9.89 out of 10
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