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Bowman Chrome Prospects are always some of the most sought-after cards annually, as they can turn into some serious cash if the prospect in question becomes a star. Topps will have the player’s most coveted rookie card, but Bowman will almost always have the player’s first card in the form of the prospect card.

Examples of this include the 2017 Ronald Acuna Jr. Bowman Chrome #BCP127 and the 2016 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome #BCP17. These cards went from $40 to $50 to $500 to $700 at a PSA 10 grade in a little less than a year. In particular, I remember the Tatis Jr. card selling for slightly over $700 at one point, and it was one of the hottest cards in the hobby.

This highly anticipated set always promises new and exciting cards featuring some of baseball’s top young stars, including many players just starting their journey toward stardom.

10 Cards for 2023

Here are ten Bowman Prospects baseball cards that are must-haves heading into 2023.

#1. 2019 Julio Rodriguez Bowman Chrome 1st #33

The 2019 Julio Rodriguez Bowman Chrome 1st #33 is a highly sought-after baseball card trending in the collecting community. This card features Julio Rodriguez, an up-and-coming outfielder for the Seattle Mariners. His rookie card is a must-have for collectors looking to add a valuable piece to their collection.

Julio has a laser-focused attitude while at the plate, and this Bowman Chrome card does an excellent job showing this skill as he looks ready to take the ball deep. The card features a full-color image of Rodriguez on the plate and is printed on chrome technology. Its vibrant colors and beautiful artistry make it a popular choice among collectors.

A Bowman Chrome logo is printed in the top right-hand corner, numbered #33. The card comes in various high-end, expensive parrelles that are in high demand and constantly go for hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) via eBay auctions.  The 2019 Julio Rodriguez Bowman Chrome 1st #33 is a valuable asset for any collector and is an excellent long-term investment.

#2. 2020 Jordan Walker 1st Bowman Draft Chrome #BD-57 

jordan walker bowman chrome 1st

This is a MUST-OWN card heading into 2023 and is almost guaranteed to be worth more at the end of the season vs. the start. In other words Jordan Walker’s rookie cards are a surefire bet, in our opinion.

Jordan Walker’s 1st Bowman Draft Chrome card is numbered #BD-57  and shows a cool, smiling Walker digging in at the plate in the home St. Louis Cardinals uniform. Get your hands on this card before Walker becomes a household name and is on ESPN, MLB Tonight, and all the other nightly sports shows!

#3. 2020 Jasson Dominguez  Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP8

2020 Jasson Dominguez  Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP8

We feel the 2020 Jasson Dominguez  Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP8, along with the Walker card named above, are the two cards with the highest upside in terms of ROI over the 2023 season. We would not be surprised to see Walker win the Rookie of the Year in the National League while Jasson Dominguez takes home to Rookie of the Year award in the American League.

Both have power, the ability to hit for a high average, and teammates that can assist them in their development (i.e., Judge, Stanton, Arenado, Goldschmidt), which often goes overlooked.

He currently stands at 6’2 and weighs 195 lbs, making him one of the most physically impressive prospects in the game. Dominguez has a great combination of power and speed. He can hit for power to all fields and use his plus speed by stealing bases and taking extra bases. His swing is short and compact with an easy, repeatable load. His defensive skills are also impressive, as he can play all three outfield positions and cover a lot of ground in the outfield.

Dominguez is an exciting player to watch, and his Bowman Chrome Prospects BCP8 card will become a collector’s item for years.

#4. 2019 Corbin Carroll Bowman Chrome #BDC125

The 2019 Corbin Carroll Bowman Chrome BDC125 features one of the most promising young prospects in Major League Baseball. CBSSports has to say this about the youngster: “Carroll possesses top-of-the-scale speed, empowering him to be a high-quality defensive outfielder. He hits for more power and swings and misses more than his small, slight frame suggests he should. Nevertheless, Carroll has potential All-Star thanks to his wide array of tools”.

We weren’t familiar with the kid, but after deep diving into him, we feel he is a fantastic investment option with some serious upside along with the Diamondbacks in general, who will no longer be a floor mat for the rest of the league in 2023.

#5. 2019 Gunnar Henderson Bowman Chrome Draft 1st #BDC22

GUNNAR HENDERSON 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft 1st RC #BDC2

Gunnar has a solid 2022 cup of coffee in the MLB and looks to expand his performance in 2023.

The Baltimore Orioles selected Henderson with the 22nd overall pick, making him the first-round pick for the second consecutive year. With a strong arm and a knack for finding holes in opposing defenses, Henderson looks to be an exciting asset for the O’s organization. As he begins his professional career, there’s no doubt he’ll be one to watch.

We expect him to hit .270 with 20 to 25 homers, a dozen steals, and 80 to 90 RBIs. This would make for one hell of a season for a kid who is only 21 years old.

6 to 10

#6. 2020 Bobby Witt Jr Bowman Chrome 1st #BCP25
#7. 2022 Elly De La Cruz Bowman Chrome #BCP50
#8. 2020 Anthony Volpe Bowman Chrome #BCP139
#9. 2018 Jarred Kelenic Bowman Chrome Draft #BDC-6
#10. 2018 Triston Casas Bowman Chrome #BDC-171

Final Thoughts

We feel the above cards have an excellent shot at returning double digits in the 2023 MLB season, and in particular, the Walker and Jasson Dominguez cards could be in the neighborhood of 20 to 30% ROI.