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Jude Bellingham is a professional soccer player who has caused a stir with his performances for club and country. This article will explore what makes the young midfielder good, his top rookie cards, and their investment outlook.

Who is Jude Bellingham?

Jude Bellingham is an English football player who plays midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid and the English national team.

At 20 years old, he is one of the most electrifying young footballers in the whole world.

From knocking the ball about in Birmingham to smashing goals for fun in front of the Bernabeu faithful, Bellingham has come a long way. His sights are set on silverware with Real Madrid and Euro 2024 glory with his national team. 

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In fact, despite being a midfielder and competing with forwards like Alvaro Morata and Robert Lewandowski, he is the current top goalscorer in the league!

At the tender age of 16 years and 38 days old, Bellingham became the youngest player ever to appear for Birmingham City. It wasn’t long before he also became the youngest goalscorer in the club’s history. From that moment on, back in August 2019,  the records have tumbled.

  • One of the best young players in the game.
  • Played in the 2020 FIFA World Cup.
  • Real Madrid signed Bellingham to a contract worth just North of 100 million.
  • Being compared to Neymar and Messi.

He joined German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund in July 2020 after an impressive showing at the Euros with England. Dortmund definitely got their money’s worth as the lanky maverick scored on his debut, becoming the youngest-ever scorer in the club’s history.

An impressive 2022-23 campaign with Dortmund – one that saw him win Bundesliga Player of the Season – was enough to convince Real Madrid. The Englishman completed his move to the Spanish giants this past summer for an immense fee of €103 million. 

On the international stage, he has represented England at UEFA Euro 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

With 15 attacking returns in just 17 games for Real in the league, Bellingham shows no signs of slowing down. Now that he has won the Spanish Super Cup, he will be hungry for more silverware, especially the Champions League!

Is he the best young soccer player?

We are talking about a dynamic, box-to-box midfielder already drawing comparisons to legends like Steven Gerrard. Despite operating from the midfield, he is the top goalscorer in La Liga. But, in case stats aren’t enough, he also won the Golden Boy and Kopa Trophy awards last year in recognition of being the best under-21 player in the world.

So, yes, I think it’s safe to say he is among the best young soccer players, if not the best!

Signing for Real Madrid at a young age shows you are a high-caliber player. However, if you also consider Bellingham a mainstay in the national team despite his young age, you understand just how special he is. English fans are starting to dream about their first-ever European Championship triumph just because of his exploits! 

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Therefore, his numbers on the pitch and the confidence he inspires among fans make him an incredible young star.

Jude Bellingham vs Kylian Mbappe (Comparison)

Is Jude Bellingham a better player than World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe? Honestly, it is an unfair comparison!

To start with, both of them play in entirely different positions. Bellingham began as a defensive midfielder but has become a more attack-minded playmaker. Meanwhile, Mbappe has been an attacker, playing on the left wing or through the middle. So, it should come as little surprise that the latter has more goals than the former.

Jude Bellingham vs Kylian Mbappe (Comparison)

Bellingham has 45 goals and 33 assists in 201 games so far for club and country. Mbappe, on the other hand, has 270 goals and 120 assists in 350 appearances. While the difference is stark, one has to consider the Frenchman’s more fabulous playing time and position for context.

However, it’s not just their positions that make for an unjust comparison. Bellingham has played across three different leagues, each being tough. Meanwhile, Mbappe has only ever played in the French league, the least competitive of Europe’s top five leagues.

The French goal machine has played with some incredible players, from Paul Pogba in the national team to Lionel Messi at PSG. If you play with Neymar and Messi, you will score goals galore! 

While Bellingham has also played alongside some incredible players, Mbappe has arguably had the higher quality around him. That can change now, though, with the Englishman playing alongside some of the best talents in the world in Madrid.

In summary, while the stats and career accomplishments of both players are very different, we can’t really compare them. They have played in different positions and environments, a meaningful context to consider. However, they have one thing in common: they are lighting up the pitch with their skills!

Top Rookie Cards

Now, we will look at the best Jude Bellingham rookie cards on the market. Each of these nine cards features a distinct design that will make it stand out on your shelf.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Now Bundesliga RC #4

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2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Now Bundesliga RC #4

  • Ungraded Average Price: $5
  • PSA 10 Average Price: $40
  • Highest Sale Price:  BGS 10 sold for $55 (12/9/2023)
  • PSA 10 Supply: 34

The card features Jude Bellingham in the iconic yellow-and-black Borussia Dortmund kit.

The midfielder dribbles the ball with intent and focus during a match. His posture and gaze suggest that he is intensely concentrated on the game. The top left corner of the card features the “Topps Now” logo, signifying the brand of the card. Meanwhile, the top right shows the Bundesliga logo, indicating the league in which the player competes.

In the bottom section, there is a nameplate for Jude Bellingham. This nameplate is accompanied by a caption stating, “Assist on Bundesliga Debut,” which underscores Bellingham’s memorable debut. The date “19.09.2020” marks the event’s occurrence. You can see the Dortmund Club logo on the bottom left of the card.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Merlin Chrome RC #31

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2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Merlin Chrome

The card displays a focused image of Bellingham in action. He’s captured in his vibrant yellow and black kit, which stands out against the card’s dark background.

Bellingham is shown in motion as he progresses the ball during a game. His eyes are fixed on the play with a look of concentration. The bottom of the card bears the “Merlin” branding, a nod to the manufacturer. You can spot the player’s full name right below the Merlin logo.

The card is marked with “BVB 09,” the Dortmund logo in the upper left. The “RC” symbol right below it signifies Bellingham’s rookie status. Meanwhile, the upper right corner showcases the Champions League logo. This logo highlights that Bellingham is playing in the most prestigious European competition.

2020 Jude Bellingham Stadium Club Chrome UEFA Champions League #54

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2020 Jude Bellingham Stadium Club Chrome UEFA Champions League

The card features the English midfielder during a training routine. The background shows a portion of the pitch, with the goalpost visible. Against this backdrop, Bellingham stands out in his vibrant yellow jersey with black detailing.

In the image, Bellingham skillfully controls the ball on his left foot. This pose gives the impression of precise control and athleticism, which are hallmarks of his playing style. The “Topps Stadium Club Chrome” and the “RC” logos are visible on the top left. These logos suggest this is a famous soccer game series rookie card.

The iconic “Champions League” star ball logo is in the bottom right corner. To the left of this logo, you can find Bellingham’s name and role (“M – Borussia Dortmund”). Once again, the choice of white text allows it to contrast sharply against the darker background.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Finest UEFA Champions League #6

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2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Finest UEFA

This card features Jude Bellingham against a backdrop of swirling, holographic patterns that give an energetic vibe. The card’s design is futuristic, with silver and black accents that complement the bright yellow of the Dortmund jersey. Bellingham’s number, 22, is prominently displayed in black on his shorts.

Bellingham is portrayed mid-stride in an off-the-ball movement. His expression is of sheer focus, and his body language suggests readiness. The rookie card (RC) designation is in the top right, highlighting the card’s rookie status.

The Topps Finest logo is above the RC symbol, while the lower right corner features the club logo. The midfielder’s name is in print on an angled structure on the right of the card. The choice of colors for the nameplate – yellow and black – is a brilliant reference to the German club’s colors!

The design elements all highlight Bellingham’s potential and energy on the field.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Chrome Bundesliga Rookie Card Sapphire #31

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2020 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Sapphire Edition #31

This Topps card is perhaps the most visually striking one on this list.

The card comprises shades of blue with a vibrant, geometric design that provides a dynamic background to the central figure of Bellingham. The Borussia Dortmund colors are vivid in his uniform, with the familiar blend of black and yellow.

Bellingham himself is depicted in mid-stride, likely controlling or pursuing the ball. As with most Bellingham cards, his expression in this one is of utmost focus and determination. 

On the top left corner, you can see the Bundesliga logo, marking the league in which he used to play. Meanwhile, the Topps Chrome logo on the top right highlights the brand of the card. The “RC” symbol right below indicates this is a rookie card.

In the lower right corner, you can spot the Borussia Dortmund logo. The bottom of the card is complete with the midfielder’s name and position at the club (“M | Borussia Dortmund”). The text is in white, bold print against a dark backdrop.

This card captures the essence of Bellingham’s energetic and skillful presence on the pitch.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Chrome UEFA RC #68

 Topps Chrome UEFA Jude Bellingham Speckle Refractor rookie card

The card portrays Bellingham in his Dortmund kit. He looks to be tracking the ball or waiting to receive a pass. The card’s background depicts the stands and the pitch he is playing.

I particularly love the Speckle Refractor version of this card show above

The “Topps Chrome” logo, placed in the bottom right, highlights the manufacturer. The “RC” badge in the bottom left corner confirms it’s a rookie card. Meanwhile, the iconic Champions League logo sits in the top right. The overall design is sleek, modern, and focused on Bellingham’s role as a midfielder.

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Now UCL Soccer RC #65

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Now UCL Soccer

In my opinion, this card features the best photo of Jude Bellingham. As a result, the midfielder can be seen celebrating his first goal in the Champions League, becoming the youngest English goalscorer in the tournament’s history. Teammates Erling Haaland (now at Manchester City) and Marco Reus are celebrating with him. Bellingham is staring into the camera with a triumphant expression.

The card features the “Topps Now” logo on the top left, while the Rookie Card symbol sits right below. The Champions League logo on the top right highlights the competition in which this moment occurred. The visual is complete with the Dortmund club logo at the bottom and a commemoration of the moment to the right of it.

The commemoration features the player’s full name, the text “UEFA Champions League’s Youngest English Scorer,” the date (15 April 2021), and the matchup (Borussia Dortmund vs. Manchester City FC).

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Inception UCL RC No Number

2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Inception UCL RC No Number

The Inception UCL card captures Jude Bellingham in his Dortmund jersey with an intense gaze of concentration. The background blends green and yellow, creating a vibrant contrast with the player’s image.

At the bottom of the card, you can find the star midfielder’s autograph in blue ink.

The text “EMERGING STARS” is prominently displayed, highlighting Bellingham’s status as a promising talent. The RC logo next to the text indicates this is a rookie card. Meanwhile, the Champions League logo is on the top right of the card.

2022 Jude Bellingham Topps Rookie Card Final Boss Insert RC #FB-JB

Rounding off the list is a card with a very unique design reminiscent of a video game. It shows Jude Bellingham in his Borussia Dortmund kit, prominently featuring the words “FINAL BOSS” in a pixelated font. The background has a gradient of red and yellow with a digital, 8-bit style design, giving off retro game vibes.

The Champions League logo is in the top right corner, while the Topps Superstar logo is on the top left. The design of this card and the series to which it belongs further cements Bellingham’s superstar status in the game.

Jude Bellingham Rookie Card Checklist

Jude Bellingham RC Checklist

  • 2020 UCL  Prized Footballers RC #JB
  • 2022 Final Boss Insert RC #FB-JB
  • 2020 Inception UCL RC No Number
  • 2020 Topps Now UCL Soccer RC #65
  • 2020 Bundesliga RC #4
  • 2020 Merlin Chrome RC #31
  • 2020 Topps Chrome UEFA RC #68
  • 2020 Bundesliga Sapphire #31
  • 2020 Finest UEFA Champions League #6
  • 2020 Topps Chrome Yellow Mini Diamond /299
  • 2020 UCL Steve Aoki Singularity RC

Jude Bellingham Rookie Card Values

Jude Bellingham Rookie Card values/worth

The most valuable Jude Bellingham rookie card is the 2020-21 Topps Merlin Chrome UCL Autograph Gold /50. This card sold as a PSA 10 grade for $3,650 via eBay auctions on 11/7/2023. 

A BGS 9 graded 2020-21 Topps Finest UEFA Jude Bellingham Red Refractor Autograph rookie card sold for $3,339. This card was sold on 11/7/2023 via eBay auctions and had 25 bids.

Overall Outlook

Jude Bellingham trading cards have immense potential to increase in value over time. 

For one, the athlete is simply gaining popularity, especially since his big-money move to Real Madrid. Just last night, he assisted the first goal in his team’s eventual triumph over rivals Barcelona. And he is currently the top goalscorer in the league, which underscores his potential to bag some individual severe honors this year.

Investment Rating: 9.1 out of 10
Best Card: 2020 Jude Bellingham Topps Now Bundesliga RC #4 (Shop eBay)
Ownership Disclosure: 3x 2020 PSA 10 Topps Now Bundesliga #4

Moreover, playing for big clubs like Dortmund and Madrid means you have won the hearts of millions of fans. When a player has such a massive fanbase, the demand for his cards remains high throughout his career. Sure, injuries and other unfortunate events could impact that demand. But Bellingham is not an injury-prone player, and he looks set for a long-lasting career at some massive clubs.

Therefore, the young Englishman’s cards will continue to rise in value as his career progresses. With Euro 2024 coming up, we can expect a significant contribution from him on the international stage. A string of excellent performances in a prestigious international competition would send his cards skyrocketing in value. 

So, watch for those Jude Bellingham cards because they will deliver more than a bang for your buck!

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