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With the kind of season he has had, owning a Puka Nacua rookie card could be like owning a piece of gold.

From breathtaking dives to smashing franchise and league records, the rookie is a freight train of a wideout!

Standing at 6-foot-two and weighing 205 lbs, Nacua’s strong frame helps him win his physical battles at the line and in traffic. After an impressive stint with the BYU Cougars, he was selected by the LA Rams in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL draft.

As far as his rookie season exploits go, Nacua has done enough to be nominated for Offensive Rookie of the Year. With 1,486 yards and six touchdowns, he played a key role in guiding the Rams to the Wildcard Playoffs.

In this guide, we will examine the best Puka Nacua football rookie cards to invest in, including the most valuable ones on the market.

If you are a Rams fan or think the rookie will keep making waves on the big stage, read on!


1. 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Prizm RC #357

2023 Puka Nacua Panini Prizm Rookie Card

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The card displays Puka Nacua in full stride as he clutches the football, ready to dash downfield. The #17 is just about visible on his jersey in yellow font. He’s decked out in the team’s vivid blue and yellow uniform, adding a pop of color against the black borders. 

Speaking of the border, it features a high-tech, geometric design, giving the card a modern, edgy look. 

At the bottom, the silver “PRIZM” logo shines, while the top right corner proudly features the “Rookie Card” emblem. This symbol, of course, signals Nacua’s newcomer status in the big leagues. 

The player’s name is clearly stated at the bottom in a white font against a black backdrop.

Meanwhile, on the flip side of the card, you can find a zoom-up of the main image. However, the most important thing is the piece of text right below it. 

The text highlights how the rookie wideout was balling during his final two years at Brigham Young University. Across those two seasons with the Cougars, Nacua caught 91 passes for 1,430 yards and 11 TDs. 

Yep, no wonder the Rams took a shine to him!

The reverse design is complete with a row of stats for Nacua’s 2022 BYU season right below the text. Finally, logos for the NFL, NFLPA, and Rams are also visible.


2. 2023 Panini Prizm PUKA NACUA Color Blast Rookie Prizm #CB15

2023 Panini Prizm PUKA NACUA Color Blast Rookie Prizm

This Puka Nacua rookie card is among my favorites because of its blast of vivid colors.

It features the Rams #17 in a dynamic action shot, firmly gripping the football during an in-game route. He sports the team’s striking blue and gold uniform, which stands out vividly against a stunning background.

The backdrop seems to explode with a dazzling array of bright colors on a white canvas. Since the action shot is in the midst of this color explosion, it gives off an impression of movement and energy. 

The “Rookie Card” logo is prominently positioned in the top left corner, with the Panini Prizm logo at the bottom. Meanwhile, the “Rams” name is present on the top right. Nacua’s name is in bold display at the bottom, anchoring the visually electric design that makes this such an appealing card!

But that’s not all, because the reverse side of the card tells us something very interesting. It notes that the star rookie’s real name is Makea Nacua and that Puka is Samoan for “fat and chubby.” Apparently, that’s what he was like as a baby!

The rest of the design involves the usual logos, especially the Rams logo at the very top.


3. 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Donruss Rated Rookie #357

2023 Puka Nacua Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Card

This Puka Nacua rookie card spotlights the wide receiver as he makes runs forward with intensity. He appears to be training, based on the background. Nacua is wearing the blue Rams uniform with the #17 visible in white font on his jersey. 

The bottom left features the “Rated Rookie” logo, indicating his status as a promising up-and-comer. The card is from the Donruss series, as shown by the logo in the top right. Blue and yellow borders frame the photo, mirroring the franchise colors and adding a modern look to the card.

Nacua’s name and team are clearly stated at the bottom, completing this snapshot of an athlete poised for NFL action.

Meanwhile, on the back side of the card, you can spot his name in bold red font. Right below, his position is mentioned in a smaller blue font. According to the text box, teammate Cooper Kupp is incredibly fond of the rookie wideout.

He’s got a great feel for attacking leverage, how to stick things, his timing on when he needs to show up for things and he’s asking the right questions, too,” said Kupp of Nacua.

A glowing endorsement from none other than the Super Bowl LVI MVP!


4. 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Absolute Kaboom RC #K8

2023 Puka Nacua Panini Absolute Football Kaboom rookie card

How do you resist a Puka Nacua rookie card from the insanely good Kaboom series? Answer: you just don’t!

The dazzling card features Nacua in his white-and-blue Rams uniform in a powerful running pose. The combination of the wideout’s animated portrayal and the “Kaboom” graphic in the backdrop makes it look like a page out of a comic book! And, given his potential to be an NFL GOAT, he could definitely be the Superman his fans need.

The holographic background features a dynamic zigzag pattern, reflecting a kaleidoscope of colors that add to the card’s energetic feel. The “Rookie Card” label is displayed to Nacua’s left, and the Rams logo is on the top right.

Meanwhile, the rookie’s name stands out in bold lettering against a sharp, angular design in the bottom-left corner.

The reverse side features the same design but without the dynamic background. Instead, the same shot of Nacua is present amidst a red backdrop with the “Kaboom” graphic right above it.

By the way, I was digging into this card and found something staggering. The “Gold” variant of this rookie card is going for as high as $17,000!


5. 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Phoenix Rookie Color Burst RC  #200

This card captures Puka Nacua during a mid-game rush, firmly holding onto the football. The rock is secure in his left hand, while his gaze is focused ahead. The rookie is wearing the white-and-blue franchise uniform.

The card’s background features a vibrant prism of blues and purples, forming a sleek, angular design that gives off dynamic vibes. The “Rookie Card” logo is smartly placed in the bottom left corner, while the Rams logo anchors the bottom right. Both of these logos manage to pop against the holographic backdrop. 

Right below the franchise logo, Nacua’s name is on prominent display.

However, it’s the flip side of the card that truly caught my attention. It features a zoom-up of Nacua’s shot to the left within a diamond frame. To the right, you can see a white text box featuring his name in blue font and some incredible insights.

According to the text, the rookie loves his sleep, going so far as to call it his best friend. He follows a strict regimen that sees him hit the hay at “9, 9:30 at the latest.”

Well, at least now I have an excuse for not making it to the NFL!


6. 2023 Puka Nucua Panini Certified Rookie Signatures #RRCS16

2023 Puka Nucua Panini Certified Rookie Signatures #RRCS16

This Puka Nacua rookie card depicts the Rams WR during a mid-game rush, undoubtedly trying to cover as many yards as possible. He is holding the pigskin in his right hand as he makes a determined run ahead.

You can also see that Nacua is wearing blue gloves. Interestingly, he hasn’t always worn gloves during games, including when he pulled off this unreal diving catch against the Ravens!

The card’s design features Nacua framed within an oval, set against a background with a holographic rainbow effect. The “Rookie Roll Call” declaration below the image highlights his rookie label.

His autograph is prominently featured in the lower half, directly on the card. The presence of Nacua’s signature undeniably makes this a valuable collectible.

The “Panini Certified” designation at the top and the “RC” logo in the upper left emphasize the card’s status.

Below the autograph, Nacua’s name stands out in bold white lettering against a black background. The card borders and the geometric design behind the player accentuate the futuristic look.

As for the reverse side, there is nothing particularly outstanding as it features the same design theme. The usual logos and the rookie wideout’s action shot, name, and team logo are present.


7. 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Absolute Rookie Auto /199 #189

2023 Puka Nacua Panini Absolute rookie card

This card showcases Puka Nacua during a determined run as he cradles the ball in his gloved hands. He is wearing the white-and-blue Rams uniform with the #17 just about visible on his jersey.

The logo at the top highlights that this Puka Nacua rookie card belongs to the Panini Absolute Football series. Meanwhile, the “Rookie Card” emblem is in the top right corner, spotlighting the wideout’s first NFL season. 

Nacua’s autograph is centrally present in bold, blue ink. Right below, his full name is on display in an interesting cream font that is actually hard to make out against the white background!

The card’s background has a futuristic feel, with layered blue and white geometric shapes. You can actually make out “ROOKIE” right behind him in the backdrop, not once but thrice!

Meanwhile, the reverse side features a zoom-up of the same shot to the top left and the Rams logo to its right. The text box narrates an anecdote that tells us how humble and focused the young wide receiver is!

Did you know that Nacua had no idea he had broken a record when he became the first rookie to amass 10+ catches and 100+ yards in back-to-back games?

I got things to improve on, so it’s cool and all, but the most important thing is getting that W,” the young wide receiver expressed.

When you see a rookie with such an elite mentality, you just know he is destined for greatness.


8. 2023 Phoenix Puka Nacua Contours RC Refractor #CON13

This Puka Nacua rookie card depicts the star receiver in a running stance against a reflective, prismatic background that catches light and color vividly. The “Rookie Card” emblem is in the upper-right corner, signaling his new arrival status. 

Meanwhile, his name, “PUKA NACUA,” is placed boldly at the bottom, with the team name “RAMS” directly below. 

The angular lines and holographic effects give the card a modern, energetic feel that I really dig. Moreover, Nacua’s central image emphasizes his athleticism in a creative way.

On the reverse side of the card, you can see the “Contours” designation in big, blue font. As always, a zoom-up of the main image is present, along with the relevant logos. However, once again, it is the text box that deserves a shout-out!

The text pays homage to the fact that Nacua is just the second player in NFL history with 100+ yards in three of his first four outings. Honestly, at this point, the records will keep tumbling as long as the young buck keeps rolling!


Puka Nacua Rookie Card Values

The three most valuable Puka Nacua rookie cards are all in the neighborhood of $3,000!

Firstly, we have the 2023 Prizm Rookie Autographs Prizm Green Shimmer SSP /5 #357, which recently fetched a staggering $3,340. As the name suggests, what really makes it stand out is a shimmering green backdrop combined with the rookie’s autograph.

Next up is the 2023 Panini Prizm RPA 8/10 Gold Color Patch Auto, which was recently sold for $3,150. I wouldn’t say there is anything particularly striking about the design unless you are a sucker for gold variants. But since it’s an extremely rare card with just 8/10 copies, it became an absolute catch!

Finally, the 2023 Panini Absolute Football RC KABOOM SSP Case Hit Super Rare rounds off the honor list with a price tag of $2,900. You already know that Kaboom cards are a visual delight – this one combines the visual element with its rarity to produce a very valuable card.



  • 2023 Puka Nacua Rookie Auto Silver Prizm #357
  • 2023 Puka Nacua Absolute Rookie /199 #189
  • 2023 Phoenix Football Puka Nacua Rookie Auto
  • 2023 Prizm Puka Nacua Gold Rookie Patch Auto
  • 2023 Panini Donruss Puka Nacua Optic Preview Rated Rookie #357
  • 2023 Puka Nacua Panini Certified Rookie #RS16
  • 2023 Leaf Metal Jumbo Puka Nacua Auto /6
  • 2023 Phoenix Puka Nacua Contours Silver Rookie
  • 2023 Certified Puka Nacua Rookie Card /20 #143
  • 2023 Panini Absolute Rookie Spectrum Auto
  • 2023 Donruss Football Red Press Proof Puka Nacua Rated Rookie
  • 2023 Leaf Metal PUKA NACUA XRC Rookie
  • 2023 National Treasures College Materials Signatures Puka Nacua Redemption /99
  • 2023 Panini Phoenix Puka Nacua Pink Auto RC /99
  • 2023 Donruss Football Puka Nacua Blue Press Proof Rated Rookie #357
  • 2023 Panini Phoenix Puka Nacua Archetype SSP Case Hit Rookie #ARCH-10
  • 2023 Panini Phoenix Puka Nacua Fire Forged Rookie Silver #FF-8
  • 2023 Panini Phoenix Puka Nacua Hot Routes Orange
  • 2023 Panini Prizm Puka Nacua No Huddle RC
  • 2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Puka Nacua Rookie #197
  • 2023 Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Puka Nacua Yellow Press Proof


Investment Outlook

When we talk about the potential of a Puka Nacua rookie card, we talk about an athlete with a solid future. I mean, even “solid” might be an understatement, given his record-breaking season!

With guidance from Cooper Kupp himself, Nacua thrives in Sean McVay’s offensive system. He is confident yet humble, and he isn’t afraid to execute breathtaking plays to catch the rock. The Pro Bowl player will undoubtedly have his sights set on continuing his hot form next season.

Therefore, his rookie cards will most likely continue their positive trajectory as well!

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